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Acehnese Legendary Food | 22 Culinary Verandas of Mecca

Aceh's legendary food

Aceh's legendary food is famous for its abundant spices and distinctive taste. The following is a list of the most popular traditional Aceh menus and their deliciousness is second to none.

Aceh's legendary food – Aceh is one of the most diverse regions in Indonesia in terms of culinary delights.

Acehnese culinary is famous for its distinctive flavors and strong spices, popular among many people both inside and outside Aceh.

Popular Acehnese culinary delights such as Mie Aceh and Ayam Tangkap are well known among Indonesians everywhere, but there are many other Acehnese dishes on the menu that are no less delicious.

Are you curious about the recommendations for this delicious legendary Acehnese food? The following are typical Acehnese culinary delights that are sure to tempt Travela's taste buds.

Acehnese Legendary Food

1. Aceh Noodles

Surely Travela knows, Mie Aceh is one of Aceh's most famous culinary icons.

This classic Acehnese dish is served in two variations, fried and with sauce, and equipped with various toppings such as crab, meat and seafood.

2. Keueung Sour Sauce

For soto lovers, this legendary Acehnese food should be on your bucket list when on a culinary tour to the city nicknamed Serambi Mecca.

Sour Keu Eung seriously literally means Asam Pedas, and as the name suggests, this typical Acehnese food has a delicious spicy and sour taste.

3. Catch Chicken

Travelers must try Ayam Tangkap, another popular Acehnese legendary food made from fried chicken pieces.

The characteristic of this Acehnese food is teumura leaves and green chilies sauteed with chicken and sprinkled with fried onions. Of course, this typical Acehnese culinary delight will provide a unique experience for Travela when eating fried chicken.

4. Sie Itek Soup

Yes, this Acehnese food has its own recipe with various kinds of spices, so that Travela has a unique experience when eating this duck preparation.

5. Hostel fees

Ungkot Kemamah is a legendary Acehnese food made from tuna that has been boiled and dried beforehand.

This traditional Acehnese dish is then cooked using coconut milk, potatoes, green chilies and various spices, to produce an appetizing taste.

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6. Aceh Martabak

The next most popular Acehnese culinary specialty is Martabak Aceh. This Martabak is unique because the skin is made from Cane Bread.

With a savory and slightly spicy taste, this legendary Acehnese food might be a suitable snack to accompany a Travela afternoon with a cup of coffee.

You don't need to travel to Aceh to taste the delicious Aceh Gayo coffee, you can buy it at the Marketplace.

7. Aceh Rujak

Want to taste refreshing Acehnese culinary specialties? Rujak Aceh is the solution.

Made from rumbia fruit which is often found in Aceh and sprinkled with rujak sauce, this traditional Acehnese dish is generally served cold with shaved ice cubes, even more delicious!

8. Cooked Satay

Sate Matang is a typical Acehnese culinary dish, especially in the Matang area. What differentiates this traditional Acehnese food from other satay is the use of beef or goat meat coated with typical Acehnese spices before grilling.

This legendary Acehnese food is sprinkled with delicious soto sauce, making it even more appetizing to eat.

9. Pliek U Sauce

The next legendary Acehnese food is a vegetable dish with soup which is commonly found in Veranda of Mecca, has a deep philosophical foundation.

Pliek U soup symbolizes the strength of family and the diversity of the Acehnese people who are united in one large cauldron.

10. Adee Cake

So Adee Cake is a traditional Acehnese cake which is only found in Aceh, especially Pidie Jaya Regency, has a soft and sticky texture with a sweet taste.

Apart from being delicious as an accompaniment to coffee and tea in the afternoon, this traditional Acehnese food can also be used as an alternative Acehnese souvenir for relatives.

11. Timphan Cake

Timphan is a variant of the next traditional Acehnese cake. Timphan has a chewy texture and is made by wrapping it in young banana leaves. It is one of Aceh's traditional culinary delights which is only available during Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha.

12. Marijuana Chili Sauce

Despite its name, Sambal Ganja is a typical Acehnese food that does not contain marijuana at all.

It is called Ganja because this traditional Acehnese chili sauce is said to be able to make anyone who consumes it addicted, how about Travela? Interested in trying it and ready to get addicted?

13. Bohromrom

Bohromrom, also known as Kue Boh Duek Beudeh, is a classic Acehnese cake made from sticky rice flour sprinkled with grated coconut.

First impression, this typical Acehnese cake is similar to Klepon, but apart from the similar taste and presentation, the color of Bohromrom is less green and slightly brownish. You have to try it, Travela!

14. Pineapple Pacri

Next, Pacri Nanas is another popular Acehnese pineapple-based dish.

This legendary Acehnese food is made with spices such as pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves, red chilies and onions. It has an attractive appearance and a very unique taste.

15. Beulangong Soup

Aceh Besar's typical soup made from goat or beef, cooked with Belangan and jackfruit, is one of the foods served at Aceh's Great Kenduri Celebration.

16. Sabang Starling Noodles

Apart from Aceh Noodles, Travela can also taste various delicious noodle culinary delights when visiting Aceh.

This Sabang Starling Noodle is a traditional North Acehnese food with a chewy texture and a savory broth topped with pieces of meat, boiled egg and juha bean sprouts.

17. Bhoi Cake

Furthermore, Bhoi Cake which comes in various attractive shapes is a popular legendary Acehnese food.

Apart from being a popular souvenir, this traditional Acehnese cake is often given as a gift at Acehnese weddings.

18. Tasak Telu

Tasak Telu is a traditional South Acehnese food which is prepared from boiled duck meat with various spices to produce a distinctive savory taste.

One of the characteristics of Tasak Telu is the soft texture of the duck meat, making it easy to chew.

19. Acehnese Goat Curry

Goat Curry is a curry food that uses natural spices and is often found in mainland Aceh. The processing method, usually done in large quantities using a large cauldron, is a characteristic of this typical Acehnese food.

When served with spices and heated, the aroma of goat in this traditional Acehnese food is completely absent.

20. Meuseukat

This next typical Acehnese menu will remind you of dodol because of its similar shape and texture. Meuseukat, a traditional Acehnese culinary dish made from flour and pineapple, is now increasingly difficult to find.

21. Keukarah Cake

With its distinctive shape and crunchy texture, this legendary Acehnese food is very suitable to accompany a cup of warm coffee in the afternoon. This typical Acehnese traditional culinary is also suitable as a typical Acehnese souvenir for the family at home.

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22. Acehnese Jerky

Unlike dendeng in general which is made from beef, this legendary Acehnese food is made from deer meat that is cooked until dry.

With a delicious savory taste, this typical Acehnese food is not only famous among the people of Aceh, but has also become a favorite souvenir.

Are you interested in trying some of the legendary Acehnese food recommendations above? Makes you drool, right? I'll add it to my bucket list, make sure you try it when you visit Aceh, Travela!


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