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Legendary Culinary in Manado 12 Recommendations You Must Try

legendary culinary delights in Manado

The legendary culinary delights in Manado are one of the most popular in the country, see the full list below!

Legendary Culinary in Manado – There are many reasons to visit Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi Province.

Apart from several well-known tourist attractions such as the Bunaken Marine Park, various legendary culinary delights in Manado with delicious and distinctive flavors are reasons to return to this "Tinutuan City".

Manado is known as "Tinutuan City" because one of its typical foods is Tinutuan or known as Manado Porridge. When visiting Manado, you can try various other menus, which are no less delicious than Tinutuan.

Come on, get to know more about the legendary culinary delights in Manado which offer unique flavors and will definitely make your holiday to Manado even more memorable!

Legendary Culinary in Manado

1. Pamphis

Many of Manado's culinary delights are made from fish because of its location close to the sea.

One of them is called Pampis. This legendary culinary delight in Manado is made from shredded skipjack tuna and cooked with Manado spices, giving it a unique savory taste.

Apart from skipjack tuna, it is not uncommon for this typical Manado culinary dish to be served with tuna as the main ingredient. Pampis is a delicious side dish with warm white rice.

However, this typical Manado food is very popular, if it is processed into lemper or panada filling which is used in typical Manado bread.

2. Woku Belanga Chicken

Woku Belanga Chicken is one of the most popular legendary culinary delights in Manado. It is so named because this traditional Manado dish is made from chicken seasoned with "woku" spices and baked in a clay pot.

woku chicken
Woku Chicken (Source: Endeus TV)

The processed "woku" seasoning in this typical Manado food is produced from various kinds of spices, including red chilies, green chilies, shallots, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, turmeric, lime leaves, basil leaves, pandan leaves, spring onions, tomatoes, and lime juice.

Because it uses so many spices, it's no surprise that this typical Manado food has a very spicy and savory taste. Apart from using chicken as the basic ingredient, this special food spice is used to process fish.

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3. Panic

Travelers who like the unique, legendary culinary delights in Manado must try the next dish. Even though it is considered excessive, bat-based Paniki is one of Manado's popular culinary delights. Bat meat is cooked with coconut milk and spices, giving this dish a characteristic spicy and warm taste.

4. Dabu-Dabu

Furthermore, Dabu-dabu is one of the most popular legendary culinary delights in Manado and many consider it a symbol.

Dabu-dabu is a typical Manado chili sauce where chopped chilies are mixed with fresh tomatoes, shallots and other ingredients to give a refreshing spicy taste.

Travelers in Manado can taste various Dabu-dabu preparations, including lemong Dabu-dabu, grilled dabu-dabu, and other Manadonese specialties.

5. Tinutuan

As previously mentioned, one of Manado's most popular culinary specialties is Tinutuan or often called Manado Porridge.

typical Manado tinutuan
Typical Manado Tinutuan (Source: Goodnewsfromindonesia)

This legendary culinary dish in Manado is made from basic ingredients of rice, corn, yellow pumpkin or sweet potato, and green vegetables seasoned with various spices and served with salted fish, nike cake, corn cake, and sambal roa.

This typical Manado dish is famous for its savory taste and is a popular breakfast choice for Manado residents. This typical Manado culinary dish is usually served with other Manado dishes, such as Brenebon soup. This Manado culinary dish is so popular that it has earned the nickname "Tinutuan City".

6. Brenebon Soup

The next legendary culinary choice in Manado that you can try when visiting Manado is Brenebon Soup. The main feature of this soupy dish is the use of red beans as the main ingredient.

Apart from red beans, this typical Manado food includes chicken or ribs as other ingredients. Brenebon soup is seasoned with various spices, including cloves, giving it a delicious aroma and savory taste when served.

8. Fish in Sour Sauce

Another legendary culinary dish in Manado made from fish that is just as delicious as other typical Manado culinary delights. Fish in Tamarind Sauce is a fish-based soup.

This typical Manado culinary delicacy, as the name suggests, has a spicy and sour taste that is both delicious and fresh. This typical Manado culinary dish can be prepared with various types of fish, including mackerel and snapper which can be processed into Manado fish in delicious sour sauce.

If you are not a fan of spicy culinary delights, most of the eating places that serve this legendary culinary delight in Manado will probably adjust the level of spiciness so that you can still enjoy the deliciousness.

9. Klapertart

Even though it is known as a legendary culinary dish in Manado, Klapertart is actually a culinary heritage dish from the Dutch colonial heritage. Dish Gourmet This Manado traditional is made from coconut, flour, milk, eggs, butter and other ingredients.

Klapertart (Source: Endeus TV)

This typical Manado culinary delicacy, which is often served cold, has a sweet, savory taste and creamy texture, delicious and melts in the mouth.

10. Chicken Stuffed with Reed

If you are looking for legendary culinary delights in Manado, this Manadonese Typical Bamboo Stuffed Chicken is a must try. In the original language, “buluh” refers to bamboo.

And as the name suggests, Alang Stuffed Chicken is a food made from chicken cooked in bamboo with spices such as lemongrass, ginger, chili, lime leaves, turmeric, etc. before being grilled until cooked.

Because it is made from burnt bamboo, typical culinary delights such as Chicken stuffed with Manado bamboo have a distinctive aroma and delicious taste.

11. Gohu

The next legendary culinary delight in Manado is North Sulawesi style pickled fruit. Gohu is usually made with papaya, but can also use cucumber or pineapple.

The fruits are then soaked in a solution of water, vinegar, lemon, cayenne pepper, ginger, brown sugar and salt. This typical Manado menu served cold is very suitable to eat on a hot day, because it tastes very refreshing.

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12. Skipjack Fufu

The next typical Manado culinary dish is Cakalang Fufu. So Cakalang Fufu is not a menu item, but a common food ingredient in Manado. Cakalang Fufu is made from smoked skipjack tuna and can be used to make various delicious dishes.

Cakalang Fufu is usually shredded and eaten as a side dish, or sprinkled as a topping to accompany other Manadonese specialties. This traditional Manado culinary dish is very popular as a souvenir, because it is durable enough to carry on long trips.

Above are several typical Manado culinary choices that have unique and delicious flavors. Because the majority of this food can only be found in North Sulawesi, don't miss the various legendary culinary offerings in Manado above when you visit, can't wait to try it, Travela? Put it on your Bucket list!


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