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15 Legendary Foods of Gorontalo That Are Appetizing

Gorontalo's legendary food

Looking for recommendations for legendary Gorontalo food? You have to Bilenthango to Ilabulo, it's really appetizing!

Makanan Llegendary Gorontalo – Gorontalo is one of the interesting tourist destinations in Indonesia. Not only because of the unique culture and tourism, but because of the culinary delights. What are the legendary foods of Gorontalo? Check out the list here.

Of the many typical foods in Gorontalo, there are some that are the most delicious and unique. This recommendation is not only based on taste, but because of the uniqueness of the food.

Here are the most delicious and unique foods in Gorontalo that are most recommended and must be tried, Travela!

Gorontalo Legendary Food

1. Putungo Vegetables

Putungo is a processed banana flower typical of Gorontalo. Putungo vegetable contains banana flowers that have been boiled and then mixed with coconut and fish meat.

Gorontalo's legendary putungo vegetable
Gorontalo's typical Putungo vegetable (Source: Fibercreme)

What characterizes this food is the sauce. This vegetable sauce is made from a mixture of milu and corn. If you go to Gorontalo, you must try this culinary delight.

2. Iloni Chicken

One of North Gorontalo's most famous legendary foods is iloni chicken. So, Iloni is grilled chicken with typical Gorontalo spices.

Making this chicken is not much different from grilled chicken in general. It's just that before grilling, the chicken is seasoned first and then left to sit until the spices are absorbed. This seasoning is what makes this grilled chicken different from grilled chicken in general.

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3. Tuna Satay

One of Gorontalo's most recommended legendary foods is tuna satay. Gorontalo is famous as a producer of the best fish, one of which is tuna.

The method for making tuna satay is the same as satay in general, only it is made from fresh tuna meat. Because it is made from fresh fish, the taste of this satay is soft and the spices are more easily absorbed. You can try this satay as a lunch menu in Gorontalo.

4. Binte Biluhuta

One of the legendary Gorontalo foods that you can only find in this city is Binte Biluhuta. This food is made from boiled corn then cooked with shrimp and shredded skipjack tuna. The seasoning for this food is very typical, namely spices and other seasonings.

Usually Binte Biluhuta is served as a complement to porridge. However, if you don't like porridge, you can also replace it with rice. The taste of this food is very distinctive and delicious, you will definitely be addicted after trying it once.

5. Bilenthango

The next legendary Gorontalo food that you must try is bilenthango. So, Bilenthango is a fish dish that is half fried and half cooked.

Bilenthango from Gorontalo
Bilenthango (Source: Fimela)

The cooking method is quite unique, namely by using a frying pan covered with banana leaves. Because of this processing method, Bilenthango has a very distinctive taste. The fish used is usually grouper or tilapia.

The best way to enjoy Bilenthango is with warm rice and chili sauce. So, if you go to Gorontalo, don't forget to hunt for this food, okay?

6. Nike fritters

If usually perkedel is made from potatoes and eggs, in Gorontalo there is a unique perkedel, namely perkedel nike. This perkedel still uses potatoes as the main ingredient, but is mixed with Nike Fish.

Nike fish is a small freshwater fish shaped like an anchovy and can only be found in Gorontalo. The taste of Fried Nike is very delicious, especially when eaten with warm rice. You can add chili sauce or sauce as a complement.

7. Brenebon

The next most recommended legendary Gorontalo food is brenebon. So, Brenebon is shaved ice made from red beans as the main ingredient and is very famous in Gorontalo. Not only red beans, in this ice there are also slices of pudding and milk. The ice used in this drink is finely shaved ice.

Gorontalo's typical brenebon
Brenebon (Source: Endeus TV)

Those of you who are walking around on a hot day in Gorontalo, can try this ice to cool your throat. Not only refreshing, this ice is quite filling.

8. Ilabulo

Gorontalo's legendary food, Ilabulo, is a cake made from sago, chicken, liver and eggs. These ingredients are mixed with typical Gorontalo spices to produce a very delicious taste.

Uniquely, Ilabulo is made by wrapping it in banana leaves and then steaming it. Once cooked, Ilabulo will be grilled before serving. This food is very delicious eaten warm.

9. Sit down

Duduli cake is almost the same as dodol cake which comes from Jakarta and West Java. Duduli is made from sticky rice, coconut milk and brown sugar which is cooked for a long time until it thickens.

Once cooked, the cake will be wrapped in woka leaves. Woka leaf wrapping is what makes this food have a unique aroma and very distinctive taste. You can make this cake a souvenir from Gorontalo.

10. Openwork

Kerawang cakes are actually the same as ordinary dry cakes, but this cake is special because it can only be found in Gorontalo. Apart from that, openwork cakes also have other advantages in their beautiful and unique shape.

The openwork cake is in the form of two parts, the top of which is painted by hand, so that it forms a picture of various leaves and flowers.

11. Tili Aya

One of Gorontalo's legendary foods that is almost extinct is Tili Aya. So, Tili aya is a cake made from a mixture of coconut milk, brown sugar and eggs. This dough is then printed in a baking dish and steamed until cooked.

Usually the people of Gorontalo eat Tili Aya as food during sahur in the month of Ramadan. However, currently this cake is quite difficult to find.

12. Lalampa

Gorontalo's typical lalampa cake is not much different from lemper. The ingredients used are almost the same, namely sticky rice and coconut milk. But what sets this cake apart is the filling.

Lalampa usually contains shredded tuna that has been cooked with typical Gorontalo spices. This cake is usually steamed first and then baked. What makes it even more delicious is that the wrapper is made from banana leaves.

13. Karawo Cake

Apart from duduli, the legendary Gorontalo food that you can take home is karawo cake. This cake is almost the same as dry cakes in general, only this cake is given a typical Gorontalo karawo motif.

Apart from that, the taste of this cake is very delicious and crunchy. Those of you who are confused about what souvenirs to bring from Gorontalo, can choose this cake.

14. Sabongi Cake

A typical Gorontalo cake that you must try is sabongi. So, Sabongi can be said to be the combination of Gorontalo. Because this cake is made from grated cassava.

What differentiates sabongi cake from combro is the filling. Sabongi cake contains bananas that have been sliced ​​into small pieces. This cake is very delicious to eat while drinking coffee when in Gorontalo.

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15. Saraba

Gorontalo also has a unique specialty drink, namely Saraba. This typical Gorontalo drink is made from Javanese sugar and ginger. The taste of this drink is not much different from bandrek.

You can easily find this drink at night, because there are lots of saraba sellers in Gorontalo.

For Travela who are planning a holiday to the city of Serambi Medina, the list of legendary Gorontalo foods above is a must add to your Bucket List, guaranteed you won't regret it!


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