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GWK Cultural Park Alam Sutra

GWK Cultural Park Alam Sutra

GWK Cultural Park Alam Sutra – It's not wrong to call Bali a tourist paradise. How come?! Not only does it captivate with its natural and cultural beauty, the Island of the Gods also fascinates the eyes of every tourist with its artistic and cultural beauty.

Apart from temples and old historical buildings, this island across from Banyuwangi Regency, East Java also has a beautiful and magnificent place, namely Garuda Wisnu Kencana Tickets or GWK Cultural Park Alam Sutra.

Giant Cultural Park Alam Sutra Cultural Park

As the name suggests, GWK Cultural Park Alam Sutra is a cultural park with a statue of God Vishnu riding a Garuda bird as the main icon. Unmitigated, this statue has a height of up to 121 meters.

This size even beats the height of the Statue of Liberty in the United States which is stuck at only 93 meters.  Wow!

GWK Bali 1

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Giant Garuda Head

Apart from the statue of Lord Vishnu Riding Garuda, in this 200 hectare tourist park complex there are also other giant statues. One of them is the towering statue of the Garuda Head with a height of 18 meters.

GWK BALI EGG of Garuda

The place where this statue stands is called Plaza Garuda, which is a large corridor with carved limestone pillars and forms a very wide open space.

This open space that goes by the name lotuspond This then became an important spot at GWK Cultural Park Alam Sutra for holding various major events, both national and international.

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GWK's Long History

It doesn't seem like an exaggeration to call GWK Cultural Park a masterpiece of Indonesian art in the modern era. Conceived directly by a native Balinese artist, I Nyoman Nuarta in 1989 ago, the construction of this cultural park was winding.

Apart from taking a long time, the construction also experienced 'difficult times'. After laying the first stone in 1997, construction was halted in 1998 due to the monetary crisis. Luckily, in 2013 PT Alam Sutera Realty Tbk.

Acquired 82% shares of this cultural park, so that redevelopment can proceed. Because of this acquisition, there is an attachment to the name Alam Sutra behind the GWK Cultural Park.

The construction of this iconic statue was finally completed after more than 2 decades following its inauguration and was inaugurated on September 22 2022 by President Joko Widodo. 

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Enjoy the Beauty of GWK

Apart from enjoying the sculptural masterpieces, you can also see the Kecak Dance Performance at GWK. Travela buddy No need to worry about missing out, because the show is always available every day, starting at 18.00 WIT.

Meanwhile, to enjoy various interesting buildings or other beauties from this cultural park, Travela buddy can choose to Use shuttle bus which has been provided.

So interestingly, it's not wrong if GWK Cultural Park Alam Sutra is a tourist attraction that must be visited when going to Bali. Explore the beauty of this mega cultural park further by coming directly. Don't forget, contact Gotravela Indonesia to get tickets to GWK at the best price. (y)


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