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Gili Air Tour

gili water tour

Gili Air tourism has extraordinary natural beauty. The charm of Gili Air Lombok's marine life is also very varied. Truly a diver's paradise!

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The beauty of Lombok is second to none. This island is a favorite tourist spot for many people because it has an amazing charm. One of them is Gili Air Lombok tourism. Not only domestic tourists, there are also many foreign tourists who vacation here.

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Gili Air is one of the 3 dyke which is famous for its beauty. In addition, the charm of the underwater world also attracts many people to continue exploring.

Gili Air Lombok Attractions

1. Paradise for Divers

The underwater beauty of Gili Air tourism has been widely known. Therefore, many tourists who want to come here to see the marine life firsthand.

In fact, many say that this place is a paradise for divers. Tourists can rent diving or snorkeling equipment here. There are also many operators ready to be your guide. So if you've never done snorkeling or diving, don't worry. There is a guide ready to accompany you.

Beginners will usually be invited to a place with calm waves and shallow depths.

There are several spots with special underwater scenery. Namely Frogfish point, Air Wall, Malang Reef, Air Slope, and Segaluh. In those places you can see a lot of fish swimming and coral reefs.

2. Quiet Beach Atmosphere

In addition to diving to enjoy the underwater beauty of Gili Air, you can also take a walk around the beach. Typical beach air with soft breeze make you feel comfortable.

You can also chat with local residents. The locals are very friendly towards tourists.

This calm natural atmosphere makes many foreign tourists love it. So don't be surprised if you will see a lot of foreign tourists here.

If you want to spend the night, this island provides lodging facilities. There is also a cafe or restaurant that provides a variety of food menus.

The uniqueness of Gili Air

Gili Air has a uniqueness that is different from the other two Gilis. The following are the characteristics of Gili Air Tourism.

1. Located in the Far East near Lombok

Of the three dyke, Gili Air is located at the eastern end. This position makes it the closest to Lombok. Located in Gili Indah Village, Winner District, North Lombok.

2. There are Sasak and Bugis tribes

The local population on this island are those from the Sasak and Bugis tribes. Every traveler can interact with them. The residents are known for their hospitality.

3. Calm Atmosphere

Many tourists like the quiet atmosphere. They are looking for a quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the city to calm the mind. This is where Gili Air is the perfect place for you to vacation with a quiet atmosphere.

4. There is a Mangrove Forest

On the beach, you will see a mangrove forest area. This creates a beautiful and cool atmosphere. Many enjoy the beach by relaxing near this mangrove.

5. Easy Access

Getting to Gili Air is not difficult. You can leave from Harbor Lombok Ward. There are even return tickets, making it easier for you if you don't want to spend the night on Gili Air Island.

The journey time to cross by boat is about 25 minutes. If using a fast boat, it only takes about 5 minutes. But the price is quite expensive.

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The charm of Gili Air tourism is so amazing. Its natural beauty makes anyone feel at home here. Although it is only a small island, the facilities here are quite complete. This makes it easier for tourists during their vacation.


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