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Eucalyptus Beach

white wood beach

Kayu Putih Beach is adjacent to Kayu Putih Temple. That is why this beach is named so. Kayu Putih Beach has the original name of Loloan Yeh Poh Beach.

Photo by @tarinaminusta

Maybe if you look at the photo of the Kayu Putih beach, it seems familiar. Isn't that right? The location of this tourist attraction is often used as a location for FTV shooting.

That's right, because of its beautiful charm, this place is used as a shooting location. In addition, Kayu Putih Beach is also often used as a kite festival. Usually this festival is held in August.

Usually the tourists come in the afternoon to this beach to see the charm of the sunset.


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So what is the charm of this Kayu Putih Beach tour?

Kayu Putih Beach Tourist Attractions

You can enjoy various interesting things at Kayu Putih Beach. Here are some of them:

1. Kite Festival

In August there is a kite festival. Not only from Bali, but the participants came from various regions in the country.

In fact, there are also festival participants who come from abroad. The kites of the participants varied greatly.

2. Take pictures of Ria

This beach has a unique thing that is different from other beaches. Here, you will see the occurrence of a lagoon on the beach. The lagoon is the meeting place between salt water and fresh water.

Usually tourists take advantage of the beautiful scenery on the white wooden bridge to take pictures. Beautiful photos can be uploaded to social media accounts.

3. Enjoying the Sunset

You can enjoy a charming sunset view at Kayu Putih Beach. This beautiful panorama will usually be used by visitors to take pictures. Photos with sunset background will look very beautiful.

4. Enjoy Culinary at La Laguna Bali

Who does not know La Laguna Bali. This restaurant is very familiar in the ears of tourists. This restaurant is famous for its price that caters to the people upper class.

Most of the visitors who come are foreign tourists. Various menus available are Western style to Asian Style.

5. Overnight at Villa Avalon Bali

One of the recommended places to stay is Villa Avalon Bali. The location is very close to Kayu Putih Beach. From this villa you can walk to the beach.

The facilities offered are very complete. Starting from a large parking area, breakfast, swimming pool, wifi, to being allowed to bring a pet dog.

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Price of admission

This tourist attraction is one of the beaches that has an interesting charm. If you come here, there is no fee charged to enter the beach. Therefore, this spot is very popular with tourists backpacker.

Location of Kayu Putih Beach

Kayu Putuh Beach is in Gang Bintang Laut, South Denpasar, Bali. The location is not far from Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport.

In addition, it is also close to several beautiful beaches such as Kuta Bali Beach, Double Six Beach and Batu Belig Beach.


What are the facilities available at Kayu Putih Beach? It turns out that even though there is no entry fee, there are several facilities you know. All of that to support the comfort of the tourists.

1. Restaurant

Satisfied walking around the beach, you can culinary around the beach. There are luxury restaurants to affordable restaurants that you can choose from. Please choose according to your budget.

2. Lodging

If you want to spend the night, you can choose several lodging places. The choices are varied. There are luxury hotels to backpacker-style lodging.

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3. Basic Facilities

There are toilets and parking areas at this attraction.

Wow, the facilities are super complete too. So even though there is no charge when entering the location of a tourist attraction, it does not mean that the place is not comfortable.

Instead, the supporting facilities are complete so that the tourists feel comfortable. How about you, are you interested in coming on vacation to Kayu Putih Beach?


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