The Legend and History of Nusa Penida

The Legend and History of Nusa Penida

This article on the legend and history of Nusa Penida, we present to travel friends who are curious about the history and folklore (legend) of Nusa Penida Bali.

But did you know travel? 3 Nusa in Bali which consists of Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan?

Yes, the three archipelagos are separated by the Badung Strait from the big island of Bali, or commonly called the mother island.

In addition to its natural beauty, Nusa Penida is also interesting with its history. Likewise with the history of 2 other nusa.

Nusa Penida immediately ceremoy

The Legend and History of Nusa Penida

For the history of Nusa Penida itself, it is certainly very interesting for tourists who visit.

Because, even here there are still special rituals at temples on the island of Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida itself is an area that has become a district Klungkung Bali.

Among the three islands mentioned above, Nusa Penida is the area that has the largest area.

There are quite a number of recreational areas and tourist attractions here so that visitors can enjoy a variety of marine tourism which is certainly beautiful.


Before we discuss more about the history of Nusa Penida, it is better if we discuss first about its geographical location.

Now for those of you who want to visit Nusa Penida then you can go through four main ports such as; Sanur Beach-Denpasar, Benoa, Padangbai Harbor and Kusamba-Klungkung.

Or you can also read in our other articles "Tips on How to Get to Nusa Penida".

Regarding the sea transportation above, of course you don't need to worry anymore because the four ports already provide fast boats with the best facilities so you can safely arrive at your destination on the island of Nusa.

Fast boats can be rented with tickets as a means of public to private transportation.

After discussing the geographical conditions and the road to the location above, now is the time to focus on discussing the legend and history of Nusa Penida

We start from the legend of the folklore of Nusa Penida

The Legend of the People of Nusa Penida

Once upon a time in the year Saka 50, Ida Bhatara Shiva with his wife, Dewi Uma guess (down) to earth and his followers such as Tri Purusa, Catur Lokha Pala and Asta Gangga.

Lord Shiva with the magic Goddess Uma Legend and History of Nusa Penida

Down in a mountain which is now called Mount Mundhi. On Mount Mundhi, Ida Bhatara Shiva and Sakti Ida Dewi Uma transformed from Meraga (Be-Body) Gods into humans.

Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati

In addition to descending on the peak of Mount Mundhi, Ida Bhatara Shiva also descended at a place in Saka 55, which is now called Tunjuk Pusuh.

however Goddess Kwan Im first descended in the year Saka 45 had a palace in a cave. Then Goddess Parvati followed down to earth in the year Saka 60.

Now the place is named Giri Putri Cave who became the Pusering Jagat while Dewi Parwati who had the title Bhatari Hyang Giri Putri as the water keeper in the Giri Putri Cave.

The Uniqueness of Goa-Giri-Putri-Putri-Nusa-Penida

In addition to having a palace at the Goa Giri Putri Temple and the Tunjuk Pusuh Temple, they also have a palace at the Batu Medau temple.

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Hamlet Jempungan

Ida Bhatara Shiva transformed into a man, became a Pandita (priest) with the title Jumpan hamlet. From this incarnation, the land of Mount Mundi became the forerunner of the name Nusa Penida.


Nusa Penida's real name is Manusa Pandita, manusa is a person named Jumpand Hamlet is a Pandita/priest.

** The word dukuh in the Old Javanese Dictionary by Zoetmulder (1994:233) means hermitage in the forest, living in the forest and in the Balinese Dictionary (Simpen, 1985:59) the word dukuh means wang mdwijati, adan soroh hamlet.

Manusa Pandita

From the word "Manusa Pandita“This is what gradually turned into Nusa Penida.

Puncak Mundi Temple Nusa Penida

While the magic of Ida Bhatara Shiva, Dewi Uma, was transformed into a woman named Ni Puri who was the wife of Dukuh Jumpungan.

The descent of Ida Bhatara Shiva and his wife to earth from Shiva Lokha in addition also brought followers as many as 150 human beings. 

The descent of Ida Bhatara Shiva and his magic to earth, along with his followers, was the beginning of the new existence of the first humans on Nusa Penida.

Building a village and boarding school

Dukuh Jumpungan and its followers began to build a residence called Padukuhan in the area around Mount Mundhi which is now flat, the location is called Rata Village.

Mount Mundhi

Meanwhile, at the top of Mount Mundhi, a boarding school was built surrounded by gardens from 8 water sources called Asta Gangga, which came from Shiva Lokha, who came down with Ida Bhatara Shiva.

Build a boat

Because the island of Nusa Penida is surrounded by a very wide ocean, Ida Dukuh Jumpungan thought of building a boat.

In the year Saka 60, Ida Dukuh Jumpungan meditated at the peak of Mount Mundhi. It was from the power of his adnyana that a very beautiful and huge boat emerged.

After the boat was finished, the boat was lowered from the peak area of ​​Mundhi towards the North and reached the sea, right on the coast of the Bodong area which is now called Tukat Bodong, and the boat was used to sail to enjoy the beauty of the ocean with his wife.

Give birth to a boy

And then in the year Saka 90, Ni Puri gave birth to a son who was named I Merja. I Merja is not very happy sailing.

He prefers to meditate doing tapa brata yoga semedhi at Batu Beya asking for the safety of the world and the entire universe.

At this time the earth of Nusa Penida became prosperous, safe and sound, gemah ripah loh jinawi, thanks to the leadership of Dukuh Jumpungan.

After Dukuh Jumpungan was 95 years old. He did semedhi yoga at the top of the mountain and now stands the Puncak Gunung Mundhi temple as Ida Dukuh Jumpungan's stana.

And Ida Dukuh Jumpungan's wife, Ni Puri, also did semedhi yoga in a place when she was 230 and moksha in Saka 280.

Now in its semedhi place stands the Batu Melawang temple as the palace of Ida Ni Puri.

Bethel Cave Ni Puri

It is also said that Ni Puri also did semedhi yoga and with the power of Adnyana Ida was able to make Betel Cave from the west of the island of Nusa Cenik to the east of the island of Nusa Cenik.

** Nusa cenik is another name for nusa ceningan

By making a hole starting from the west, in the west the island of Nusa Cenik is called Batu Melawang. Meanwhile, in the east of Nusa Cenik island, because the passage from Bethel Cave is visible (ninggias) from the island of Nusa Gede, from the east of Nusa Cenik island, precisely around the cave, it is called Batu Banglas.

Bethel Cave is the payogan palace of Ida Batara Ciwa and Dewi Uma. In addition to that place as a palace / payogan as well as a place to store heirlooms belonging to I Renggan.

Merja and Nu Luna

Told after I Merja grew up married to Ni Luna. Which Ni Luna comes from Indra Loka, who came down to earth with his sister Dewi Rohini in the year Saka 97.

The place where Ni Luna and her sister dropped off is now called the Sukun area.

In addition to their sister, they also brought 125 followers, all of these followers pretended to be Denawa (Ksatria indra loka), while Ni Luna and her brother from the Gods became human.

Dewi Rohini was taken by Empu Agni Jaya as a wife who lived in Jungut Rock. It is also told that Empu Agni Jaya has 2 adopted sons named Hyang Naon and I Rundan who are now the palace of Pura Sakenan Jungut Batu.

Giving birth to I Renggan

I Merja at the age of 160 did semedhi yoga at Batu Beya and moksa in the year Saka 250.

Meanwhile, I Merja's wife, Ni Luna, did semedhi yoga in the Batu Banglas area at the age of 153 and moksa in the year Saka 250. Now stands a temple as the palace of Ida Ni Luna, namely Pura Batu Banglas.

From their marriage (I Merja & Ni Luna) I Renggan was born in Saka 150. I Renggan married I Merahim who was born in Saka 160.

I Renggan

Once upon a time, the legend and history of Nusa Penida continued from a young man named I Renggan. Where he likes to do asceticism or Tapa Brata Yoga Samadhi.

He meditated at the Mount Mundhi Pasraman, Nusa Penida.

Because of I Renggan's diligence in performing Tapa Brata, Ida Dukuh Jumpungan, who had moksha and was in Shiva Lokha, was pleased to come down to earth to meet him.

Ida Dukuh Jumpungan gave all the supernatural powers and gifts that were passed on to her grandson, I Renggan.

Because getting a gift from Ida Dukuh Jumpungan so that I Renggan was able to make weapons in the form of kris, spears and other weapons.

apart I Renggan likes to be imprisoned, he also likes to sail across the vast ocean. So I Renggan was given a magic boat from the power of Adnyana Semedhi Ida Dukuh Jumpungan in Saka 60 years ago.

I Renggan The Legend and History of Nusa Penida
Hit Nusa Penida

I Renggan's unparalleled power made him arrogant. Because he felt he was powerful, I Renggan wanted to show off his power and the power of his grandfather's boat to the world.

Everything that was hit by Ida Dukuh Jumpungan's boat will disappear and disappear without a trace.

So to test his magic he plans to hit the island of Nusa Penida with his boat. But before I Renggan hit Nusa Penida Island, he did yoga samadi asking for the blessing of his grandfather, Dukuh Jumpungan.

Dukuh Jumpungan returned to earth to give I Renggan his blessing. (The place where Dukuh Jumpungan descends, now stands a temple called Pura Penida).

Nusa Gede & Nusa Cenik

After receiving the blessing, I Renggan and his men started their actions against the island of Nusa Penida. And in the year Saka 200, I Renggan managed to hit the island of Nusa Penida so that it was split into two parts, and formed a loloan, which was called Loloan Penida.

The two parts which are bigger in the south are called Nusa Gede, the smaller one is called Nusa Cenik.

With this success, I Renggan and his 1500 men became very proud. They celebrated their success by partying in the boat.

I Renggan continued to sail southward to the Indian Ocean, sailed westward to Nusa Dua and had a brief stop there. Sailing to the East until he wanted to hit the island of Lombok, right at the bako-bako, but that didn't happen.

Plans to Hit Bali Island & Mount Agung

Continuing the voyage to the north until at Padang Bai. This is where I Renggan has a plan with his men to hit the island of Bali, starting from Padang Bai to the north splitting Mount Agung.

Besides planning to hit the island of Bali. He also has a plan to make the Balinese people uproar starting from Padang Bai by creating terror and fear here and there.

Burning insects and flying fleas

I Renggan began to meditate and released his magic to mobilize flying insects and fleas to attack all plants in Bali.

People became panicked and scared. Seeing this, the king in Bali, namely right on Mount Agung with the title Ida Hyang Toh Langkir, the incarnation of Bhatara Vishnu who came down to earth in Saka 40 on Mount Agung, responded to the insect with the magic of Adnyana Ida.

Ida Hyang Toh Langkir created a fire that managed to burn the flying insects and fleas deployed by I Renggan.

All charred burned to ashes, because of the many insects that burned so that the ashes formed, a hill called Pawon Hill.

Seeing this, I Renggan did not want to give up and began to meditate again making bigger plans.

The big plan is to make an earthquake and with the magic of the boat plans to hit Mount Agung starting from Padang Bai.

Knowing the plan, Ida Hyang Toh Langkir became very angry. Then cursed I Renggan with the boat to drift away and drown.

Drowning the Magical Boat I Renggan

So Ida Hyang Toh Langkir began to meditate with the power of adnyana to create a hurricane. So that the boat I Renggan uncontrollably swayed in the middle of the sea, and finally drifted ashore on the Nusa Cenik bias.

The front end of the boat forms the Nusa Cenik platform, while the back faces downwards. Meanwhile, the sail from the boat was dragged by the wind to the west, swayed and collapsed in the middle of the island of Nusa Cenik.

From the laying of the sail to form the sea, which separates or divides the island of Nusa Cenik into two parts, to the south of Nusa Ceningan and to the north of Nusa Lembongan, it is also said that the lifeboat (college) from the I Renggan boat was hit by waves and stranded in Gumblong Bay and is now water. devil eyes (tears devil) Lembongan.

I Renggan Moksa at Nusa Ceningan

So after the boat sailed at Nusa Cenik, I Renggan settled and imprisoned on the island of Nusa Cenik, namely in Bakung. After I Renggan was 150 years old, he did tapa brata yoga, semedhi and moksa in the year Saka 300.

Now stands a temple which is named Pura Bakung as the palace of Ida I Renggan with the title Gede Pangerurah.

Meanwhile, the wife of I Renggan, namely Ni Merahim, has been doing tapa brata yoga semedhi in the Bodong Nusa Gede area since the age of 90 and moksha in the year Saka 250, and now there stands a temple which is named Pura Dalem Bungkut as Ida Ni Merahim's stana.

Meanwhile, all the heirlooms on the boat are stored in Betel Cave, Nusa Cenik island. To maintain the sanctity and sanctity of the island of Nusa Cenik or Nusa Ceningan according to Bisama Dukuh Jumpungan, the island of Nusa Cenik is guarded by Prati Sentana Ida Dukuh Jumpungan.

To the west of Ni Puri, to the east of Ni Luna, to the north of I Renggan, to the south of I Undur, as well as the guardian of Asta Gangga's tirta, who is in Bongkol Bebuwu, who has the Tri Sakti will, while across the ocean to the south guarded by Ni Luh Nanda and across the sea to the north by Ni Darmain, Ni Diah Ranggaeni, so as not to be polluted by the sanctity and sacredness of the island of Nusa Cenik.

Apart from being kept on the island of Nusa Cenik, the heirlooms of I Renggan are also stored in Gili Gede, Gili Maya Nusa Lembongan, which is guarded by the pepatih Gede Mecaling and Sang Ayu Mas Rajeg Bumi.

Ida Dalem Sawang

After landing the boat at Nusa Cenik, I Renggan's 1500 crew members all swam using the broken boat, returned to Nusa Gede island, not staying on Nusa Cenik island with I Renggan. After swimming for a while, they finally landed in Bias Muntig, carrying the wreckage of the boat.

Seeing this, Ida Dalem Sawang, the son of Dewi Rohini, who was born in Saka 160 as a king in Nusa Gede, became very angry and cursed or restrained all of I Renggan's 1500 men for not following I Renggan to settle on the island of Nusa Cenik.

Wong Samar

So Dalem Sawang began to meditate on his supervisor to Durga Dewi, then immediately I Renggan's subordinates became wong samar who took the form of Bhuta Kala and took the form of scary.

While the wood chips from the boat were also pressed into a sacred wood called boat wood, then the wood chips grew big in the Bodong area.

From the Dalem Sawang pastu, the contents are as follows:

"Whoever wants to bring Durga Dewi as his supervisor to Dalem Nusa should use boat wood as a prelingga sarwa mecaling because the boat wood comes from the driver Ida Bhatara Siwa (Dukuh Jumpungan). So Sidi, Sakli, mighty him."

After his men, I Renggan, were put together into wong samar and then assigned to be the pengabih or samar troops from Dalem Sawang.

** This time we will not discuss the story of Dalem Sawang in the Legend and History of Nusa Penida, my friend, but we will jump to the next generation of I Renggan & Ni Merahim.

Big Mecaling

The Legend and History of Nusa Penida continues.

From the marriage of I Renggan with Ni Merahim, two children were born. One male and the other female.

The boy's name is I Gede Mecaling born in the year Saka 180, the girl is named Ni Tole born in Saka year 185, was taken as a wife by Dalem Sawang who became king in Nusa.

I Gede Mecaling has a wife who holds the title Sang Ayu Mas Rajeg Bumi. I Gede Mecaling also enjoys doing tapa brata yoga semedhi since childhood.

In the year Saka 250 I Gede Mecaling did yoga semedhi at PED, the supervisor was addressed to Bhatara Shiva.

Because of his perseverance I Gede Mecaling did yoga semedhi asking for Wara Nugraha to Lord Shiva.

Kanda Sanga's Grace

Tapa semedhi I Gede Mecaling made Ida Bhatara Shiva pleased to come down to earth from Shiva Lokha. And gave a gift to I Gede Mecaling in the form of a gift from Kanda Sanga.

After receiving the gift of Kanda Sanga, I Gede Mecaling immediately changed. His body became big, his face became scary, his fangs became long, his voice shook the whole universe.


With such a great change. Then suddenly the universe became shaken, noise, fear, horror caused by the appearance and voice of I Gede Mecaling that roared day and night caused an uproar in the world. Marcapada.

Seeing and hearing this, the gods also became confused. Because not a single human being on earth can beat the supernatural powers that Ida Bhatara Siwa received from 'I Gede Mecaling.

Not even the gods can match, let alone defeat the supernatural powers of I Gede Mecaling which comes from the two fangs.

Cutting the two fangs of I Gede Mecaling

At a time when all became confused both in Marcapada and in Swargaloka. Ida Bhatara Guru has plans to invite the gods to hold a Paruman (deliberation).

In the Paruman it was agreed that Ida Bhatara Indra was appointed to come down to earth to overcome I Gede Mecaling who had caused a commotion in the universe.

Ida Bhatara Indra devised a strategy to conquer I Gede Mecaling. For years Ida Bhatara Indra carried out his tactics with all deceit and finally in the year Saka 290, Bhatara Indra succeeded in cutting off the two fangs of I Gede Mecaling.

After the fangs of I Gede Mecaling were cut, it made him no longer howl and the universe became safe again.

After successfully cutting the fangs of I Gede Mecaling, Ida Bhatara Indra lived in Batu Banglas, and in Saka 400 Ida Bhatara Indra moved to the island of Nusa Lembongan right in Ancak Sari.

Pancha Taksu

It is said that after I Gede Mecaling's fangs were cut off by Ida Bhatara Indra, then I Gede Mecaling returned to doing semedhi meditation at PED.

This time the supervisor was directed to Ida Bhatara Ludra. Because of I Gede Mecaling's persistence in doing semedhi, Ida Bhatara Ludra was pleased to come down to Marcapada to give I Gede Mecaling a blessing.

Panugrahan was given the name panugrahan Panca Taksu:

  1. Taksu Magic
  2. Balian Taksu
  3. Taksu Bangger
  4. Grubuk Repelling Taksu
  5. Taksu held a Celebration

It is said that after Dalem Sawang moksa, all the 1500 wong sama became I Gede Mecaling's camouflage reinforcements.

Because I Gede Mecaling continued to be king in Nusa Penida at that time with the title Papak Poleng.

Meanwhile, the wife of I Gede Mecaling who holds the title Sang Ayu Mas Rajeg Bumi and holds the title Papak Selem

The two of them became the rulers and guarded the island of Nusa Penida with all their troops from Bebutan and wong Samar so that the island of Nusa Penida became sacred until now.

I Gede Mecaling Moksa

I Gede Mecaling did yoga semedhi in PED, at the age of 320, and moksa in Saka 400, and now stands a temple called Pura Dalem PED.

Meanwhile, Sang Ayu Mas Rajeg Bumi meditated on meditation in Byas Muntig at the age of 245, and moksa in the year Saka 425.

And from the marriage between I Gede Mecaling and Sang Ayu Mas Rajeg Bumi, four children were born. 

  1. Named I Gotra is a male, born in Saka 200.
  2. A daughter who was given the nairia Ni Darmain, was born in the year Saka 203.
  3. A boy named I Undur who was born in Saka 205.
  4. A girl named Ni Diah Ranggaeni who was born in Saka 210 and at the age of 50 did semedhi and moksa in Saka 260 on the island of Nusa Lembongan which is now named Pura Sakenan as the palace of Ni Diah Ranggaeni.

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Thus the legend of the folklore chronicle Nusa Penida | The Legend and History of Nusa Penida. We apologize profusely if there is something wrong or lacking in the delivery of this article.

History of Nusa Penida

After discussing the legend of Nusa Penida above, it is now time for us to focus on discussing the history of Nusa Penida and its unique facts. Nusa Penida which is a place of detention of the Gelgel Dynasty.

The Gelgel dynasty itself is one of the kingdoms on the island of Bali. This kingdom is said to have once controlled Lombok.

Gelgel dynasty

On the island of Nusa Penida, there is a place for prisoners of the Gelgel Dynasty who are thought to have been imprisoned in the early 18th century – during the era of domination in the hands of the Majapahit kingdom.

Klungkung Palace Legend and History of Nusa Penida

Investigate a calibaration, it turns out that before the arrival of Majapahit, it was the Gelgel dynasty that succeeded in controlling the Nusa Penida area.

This dynasty conquered Nusa Penida by killing its last king, Dalem Nusa.

Although he is the ultimate king, his name will not be lost in the history of Nusa Penida.

The Dalem Watu Renggong Agreement

From the history of the use of Tridatu Thread, it can be seen that in the 14th to 15th centuries, the King of Bali who was in power at that time was Dalem Watu Renggong and succeeded in controlling Dalem Nusa or Dalem Bungkut.

With this, there was a certain agreement between Dalem Nusa and Dalem Bali which stated that later Dalem Bali would get power from Dalem Nusa.

In addition, there is also an agreement that Ratu Gede Macaling will always protect all Balinese people or Hindus.

Nusa Penida Ceremony

However, in 1621, it was discovered that Dalem Sagening (Bali) had given an order to I Gusti Ngurah Jelantik to direct the Gelgel troops who would later conquer the rebellious ruler of Nuda Penida.

Kyai Jelantik

At the end of its history, Nusa Penida was back to normal and peaceful. This is because Kyai Jelantik succeeded in quelling a major rebellion in Nusa Penida.

For this reason, Dalem Di Made finally gave an award to Kyai Jelantik.

This is a brief summary of the legend and history of Nusa Penida. Hopefully this insight will enrich your repertoire of history about Bali, certainly complementing your experience of traveling in Nusa Penida.

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