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Rent a motorbike in Nusa Penida | Rental Price Rp. 50 thousand Penida

Rent a Motorcycle Rental in Nusa Penida

Rental Motorbike Rental in Nusa Penida or Scooter Hire Nusa Penida is an effective mode of transportation on an adventure to explore one of the 3 booming Nusas on the island of Bali.

Starting from dirty bikes, trail to large cc automatic scooters. Trail Motorcycle Adventure with Dirt Bike Go Travela Tour to find an exciting adventure!

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Motorbike Rental In Nusa Penida

Motorcycle Rental in Nusa Penida is the best way to explore the island of Nusa Gede or commonly called Nusa Penida.

Gotravela which is one The Largest and Most Trusted motorbike rental service in Bali Also present to serve needs motorbike rental in penida for you, our loyal customers.

Nusa Penida Island is a small island area located in the southeastern part of mainland Bali which is usually called golden egg the island of Bali.

Come on, travelers, watch the Vblog below...


By renting a motorbike with us, you can also order from our other beautiful t-shirt merchants by contacting our customer services.

You can explore tourist destinations that are currently Instagrammable and booming in Indonesia, Bali, Nusa Penida, such as; Klingking beach, Angel billabong, broken beach and others.

Type of scooter bike with a high speed engine min. We offer 125 cc to face the extreme terrain of your adventure in Nusa Penida.

Gotravela Promo Prices in Penida

Rate below based on Rupiah – Indonesian currency & All Market


HONDARental Rate
Vario 125ccIDR. 60.000
Vario Esp 110 ccIDR. 50.000

Single Scooter

YAMAHARental Rate
LEXI 125ccIDR. 80.000
YAMAHARental Rate
NMAX 155ccIDR. 100.000

Dirty Bike / Dirt Bike

Kawasaki & HONDARental Rate
KLX 150ccIDR. 200.000
honda crf150lIDR. 150.000
Motorcycle Rentals in Nusa Penida
Motorcycle Rentals in Nusa Penida
Motorcycle Rental Includes:
Terms of Motorcycle Rental in Nusa Penida
  • The price above is for 1 day rental (either for or less than 24 hours)
  • All motorbike units are the latest 2017 and above.
  • Price does not include fuel
  • Willing to leave identity, if necessary (Sim or e-KTP)
  • Price includes helmets (Max. 2 helmets/1 motorbike)
  • Have a Driver's License (SIM)
  • Booking at least 2 day before the day
  • Motorcycle damage is borne by the renter according to the condition of the damage
How to book

How to order
1. Contact Go travela cs by WhatsApp
2. Fill in the Booking form correctly and clearly given by CS
3. 5 Tips on how to book on Go Travela Indonesia Customer Services

Name : …………..
Phone number : ………….
Date/Hour Rental : …………..
Finish Date/Time : …………..
Delivery Address : …………..
Pick-up Address: …………..
Number of Helmets : …………..
Motor Type : …………..
FB & IG Name : ………….
FCopy E-Ktp + Sim : …………..

Reservations :
Office: +62 (361) 4457739
WhatsApp: +6281999565666 (Go Travela cs 1)
WhatsApp: +6281239952013 (Go Travela cs 2)
E-mail : gotravela.id@gmail.com

infographic How to Order Gotravel

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to get / find motorbike rental services in Harbor penida?

There are many motorbike rental service providers in Penida, both at hotels and at the Penida port.
However, finding an affordable price is a little difficult, especially if you only rent for 8 hours.

How is the condition of the motorbike in Nusa Penida?

The condition of the motorbikes in Nusa Penida is quite good even though there are many from old years.
For the condition of the Gotravela motorbike, please read Service & Gotravel motorcycle condition with a 2020 motorbike.

What is the average motorbike rental rate in Penida?

Many motorbike rental services in Penida provide quite high terms and prices, around Rp. 75.000 to Rp. 100.000 per day.

Are there motorcycle taxis in Nusa Penida?

There are also motorbike taxis ready to take you to tourist attractions with a tour duration of 8 hours. Prices start from Rp. 200.000 per person.

How much does it cost to rent a dirt bike / trail in nusa penida?

The price of a dirty bike or similar trail is Rp. 200.000 per day.

Road Conditions in Nusa Penida?

Thankfully, currently the regional government is intensively building and improving infrastructure. For more details, read here road and terrain conditions in penida.

How to ride a motorbike in Nusa Penida?

Because of the extreme road conditions, you have to understand it first Tips for riding a motorbike in Penida!

Does motorbike rental in Nusa Penida provide a First Aid Kit / P3K?

Yup, for all Penida motorbike rental units, we provide a first aid kit/P3K for emergency precautions.
If things happen that are not desirable because the terrain conditions in Penida are quite extreme.
provide a first aid kit

How to get to Nusa Penida

This is the most appropriate and easy way to get to Nusa Penida if you are in Kuta or Denpasar. You can also explore Nusa Penida by renting a motorbike.

  1. Heading to Sanur Harbor
    Of course you have motorbike rental in bali. From your hotel to Sanur harbor and park your motorbike in sanur.
  2. Buy Penida Fast Boat Tickets
    Meet the counter fast boat to nusa penida your favorite at Sanur Harbor and register immediately. To get promo prices for fast boat E-tickets, you can check the Google search engine!

    Duration of crossing Crossing the Badung Strait only 30 minutes and your destination port is Toya Pakeh for West Penida and Sembalun port for East Penida.
  3. Rent a motorbike or car in Nusa penida
    Once you arrive at Penida Harbor, you can rent a motorbike at the harbor with varying prices offered.
  4. Explore West Penida
    To export Penida Barat Kelingking, Broken Angel Bilabong and Crystal Beach, the duration is quite time consuming. 7 hours. For more clarity, you can read tips for riding a motorbike on this page too.
  5. Motorcycle Return
    You can return your motorbike directly to the port after 7 hours of exploring. Around 04.00 pm or 4.30 pm you must be at the port to register your return ticket. Go straight to the boat counter in Penida to register your return ticket!
Gotravel Services in Nusa Penida

With the professional and friendly service of our team, Gotravela automatic motorbike rental can be your friend during your holiday in Nusa Penida.

Our team will be happy to give you directions and suggestions on which tourist attractions you should visit in Nusa Penida.

First Aid Kit

We also prepare P3K / First Aid Kit in every gotravela motorbike unit. We try to maintain the Security of our clients, in case any untoward Event occurs, by providing this service.


We try to keep our clients safe, in case an Unwanted event occurs, by providing this service.

Periodic Services

The latest motor condition (Year 2017 and up) and always carry out regular checks and services at an official repair shop to ensure the motorbike is in prime condition when you rent it.

To make service easier for our customers, we offer scooter hire in Nusa Penida at affordable prices according to your needs.

Motor Type

Cheap motorbike rental in Nusa Penida with gotravela Now providing motorbikes such as Honda New Vario 125 cc, Yamaha Lexi 125 cc and Dirt Bike Kawasaki KLX 150 cc/ HONDA CRF150L with a tough engine to face extreme road and terrain conditions.

So this type is suitable for use in heavy terrain and adventure.

Cheap Motorcycle Rental in Nusa Penida automatic scooter type, young people released in 2017 – 2019 to explore the island of Nusa Penida.

The condition of the motorbike is good and the suspension is also comfortable. The rental duration we offer starts from 8 hours to 24 hours/one day.

Getting to know Nusa Penida

Badung Strait

Nusa Penida Island is separated by the Badung Strait, so if you want to vacation/tour to Nusa Penida, you must first cross the Badung Strait by sea by fast boat to Nusa Penida.

Travel buddies can also buy fast boat tickets for crossing to Penida with gotravela!

Nusa Penida Pier
Nusa Penida Pier Br. Nyuh

By using Motorcycle Rentals in Nusa Penida Apart from being more economical and practical, renting a motorbike in Nusa Penida is the best way to explore this island compared to using four wheels or a car.

Apart from renting motorbikes in Nusa Penida, we also provide Rent a car in nusa penida and port transfers to your hotel staying in Penida.

Geographical Conditions of Nusa Penida

Hills and coral limestone are soil conditions on this island, one of which is the highest hill named Mount Mundi which is located in Nusa Penida District.

The water source is "springs" and rivers are only found in the mainland area of ​​Klungkung Regency and flow throughout the year.

Meanwhile, in Nusa Penida District there are no rivers at all. The water sources in Nusa Penida District are "springs" and "rainwater" which are collected in cubangs by local residents.

Klungkung Regency has a tropical climate. The wet months and dry months between Nusa Penida District and mainland Klungkung Regency are very different.

Condition Info and Driving Tips in Penida

Considering that public transportation is very rare in Nusa Penida and the road conditions to tourist attractions are difficult and quite challenging, then motorbike rental in Nusa Penida is the best way.

The terrain is a small, winding road with several places where there are gaping holes, as well as chalk and dirt roads that are still gravel, so we have to be careful when driving, especially during the rainy season.

Until there is a joke in local terms, if you haven't scratched (fallen) in Nusa Penida, it means you haven't gotten souvenirs from Nusa while riding a motorcycle in Penida. But all will not happen if we are more careful in driving a motorcycle in difficult terrain.melii is my adventure

Actually, tourist destinations, especially in the western part of Nusa Penida, are close to each other. However, due to winding and twisting roads, as well as steep roads and steep descents, the time taken can be 50 minutes to 1 hour from one location to another.

The road conditions are steep, steep and ravine

The cliffs are steep on the side of the road and winding make sure you are careful when riding a motorcycle.

The road to the tourist place or location is also far from people's homes, therefore we recommend filling it up with gas first before exploring this island.

Of course it will be troublesome if you run out of gas in the middle of the forest/hill road.

Tips for riding a motorbike in Nusa Penida:
  1. If using a motorbike in Nusa Penida. You have to really understand how to ride a motorbike properly with tough road conditions.
  2. understand traffic signs
  3. Make sure your motorbike is full of gasoline
  4. When a steep descent you use the rear brake and never use the front brake.
  5. Make sure when you climb the gas pedal fully so that the motor doesn't stop in the middle of the incline.
  6. Use a GPS or Google map, because it is very difficult to find people to ask where you are going.
  7. It's good to use a helmet for safety, although there is no recommendation to use a helmet there.

Motorbike Nusa Penida

Cheap motorbike rental prices in Nusa Penida with us, facilities include 2 helmets and a raincoat.

But you also need to know that only on the island of Nusa Penida you are not required wear a helmet, aka helmet-free.

But for the sake of mutual safety, it's a good idea to ask our team for a helmet when you hire a Scooter hire Nusa Penida with us.

Gotravela Unit Unit Locations

Based on the location of our Nusa Penida motorbike rental unit and scooter hire, we are in Port Banjar NyuhToya Pakeh West Nusa Penida where is this port near the pontoon Quicksilver Cruises.

There are also anchored several fast boat companies from Sanur such as:

  • El Rey Junior
  • Maruti Express
  • The Angkal Fast Boat
  • Gogun Express
  • Dwi Manunggal and Angel Bilabong

We also provide Car Rental in Nusa Penida


So travelers don't make the wrong choice of a fast boat because every fast boat has its own pier and in Nusa Penida, according to what we know, there are 4 docks that are located and located differently and far apart.

For more details, travelers can read Harbor in Nusa Penida.

The center of tourist destinations on the island of Nusa Penida is in the western part of Nusa Penida such as Klingking beach and the famous Broken beach.

So below I describe the tourist destinations in Nusa Penida.

South side

  • Banah Cliffs
  • Temeling Natural Pool
  • Segaring Waterfall and many more 

West Side

  • Broken Beach
  • Angel Billabong
  • LoveTree
  • Klingking Beach
  • Cliff's Manger
  • Crystal Bay 


  • Atuh beach
  • Suwehan beach
  • Teletubbies Hill, Nusa Penida
  • Goa Giri Putri and Dewi Kwan Temple im
3 Nusa Bali

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Other Promo Tour Packages that we offer

If a traveler plans to explore the island of the gods, Bali? Travelers can also rent a motorbike in Bali with a free delivery service at Ngurah Rai airport or the hotel where you are staying.

If you don't have a plan/planning for which destinations to visit on the island of Bali or feel that tourist activities in Bali are expensive?!

Don't worry & be confused, because we have a variety promotional products which will be your frugal travel reference while on this island of the gods:

So with the reference to our promo package above, the advantage is that besides being able to arrange your visit route, you can also properly manage your tour budget while on the island of Bali.

Ok, traveler, that's what the Motor Rental page offers in Nusa Penida or Scooter hire in Nusa Penida. Hopefully this offer and information is useful for all travelers.

Enjoy exploring our website and have a vacation, "Your satisfaction is our happiness".

“Rent Motorbike Rental in Nusa Penida | Dirt Bike Penida Bali”


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