Sindhu Market in Sanur Bali, Favorite Spot for Foreign Tourists

Sindhu Market in Sanur Bali

Bali has always fascinated, not only by its natural beauty, but also by its culture. The beauty of beaches, mountains or villages whose customs are still preserved has indeed succeeded in attracting many tourists, both domestic and foreign. However, you know Travel buddy if there is a place that is no less interesting than these places? Yes, is Sindhu Market in Sanur Bali which is a favorite spot for foreign tourists.

Generally, foreign tourists know about the existence of Shindhu Market in Sanur Bali, this is known from site search sites or recommendations from their tour guides. “This is my first time to Bali and this place (Pasar Senggol Sindhu) is very interesting. I think the place is very cool and authentic," said one foreign tourist from Germany, Riana (35) as quoted by Gotraela Indonesia from detik. travel (12 / 9 / 2022).

Favorite for Culinary Tour

Sindhu Market in Sanur Bali is indeed another destination visited by many foreign tourists. They usually come for culinary tours. Yes, in this market there are indeed many traditional Indonesian foods—which not only come from Bali, but also from various regions in Indonesia. Muhammad Basuri Alwi (28), a goat satay seller at this market, said that more foreign tourists visit this place than local tourists. “The visitors at my place are 60 percent foreign and 40 percent local. The foreign guests were mostly from Australia and France,” he said.

Most favorite goat satay

Although many snacks are sold, the Sindhu market goat satay in Sanur Bali seems to be the 'hunt'. The reason is, compared to other culinary carts, sellers of satay menu and goat curry are more visited by buyers from foreign tourists.

Riana, who first came to Sindhu Market in Bali, also admitted that she likes eating satay. "This is also my first time trying satay and I really like it," he said. He even praised the taste of the satay he tasted, besides the taste that shook the tongue, it was also not expensive. “This satay tastes good and is not spicy. So I can try it with my son too. So, I'm really glad I tried it and I don't think there's a problem with the price either because it's still pretty cheap,” he added.

The owner of the Al-Khuzaimah satay even admitted that he even had customers from abroad. “I also have regular customers from Australia who happen to be married to people here. Most of them are here," he said. "On average they say it's delicious and fits their tongue. In fact, there are guests who also like to dip fried bananas into peanut sauce because they say it's delicious," he said with a laugh.

Besides 'falling in love' with the taste of the satay, foreign tourists who buy goat satay at Sindhu Market in Sanur Bali are also interested in how to cook it. Not a few among the Caucasians who try to burn their own goat satay on charcoal. (y)

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