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Port of Serangan

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A picnic in Bali isn't complete if you don't continue your trip to Lombok. Yes, the two islands do offer stunning natural scenery and cultural diversity.

Even though they are far apart, you don't need to worry anymore. The reason is, there is a Port of Serangan that connects the two.

Best Solution reach Lombok and Gili Islands from Bali

The island of Lombok is adjacent to the island of Bali. You can reach this island by plane or ship. However, you cannot reach it by air transportation if you want the Gili Islands.

Being a separate group from mainland Lombok Island, you need to cross it by boat to get to the islands with 3 famous Gilis namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Considering that, it would be better for you to use sea transportation when you want to go to the two beautiful islands across from the Island of the Gods. Well, Port of Serangan is the best solution for that.

Way to Port of Serangan

Through this port, you can reach Lombok Island and the Gili Islands in just 2 hours and 30 minutes. The cool thing is, the Port of Serangan is also not too far from the center of the crowd on the Island of the Gods.

If you are in the South Denpasar area, Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Nusa Dua, also Jimbaran, then it only takes 20 minutes to reach it.

Don't worry about getting to this place from your accommodation, as there are plenty of taxis to choose from.

Apart from that, you can also contact Gotravela Indonesia to pick you up directly for a safer and more exclusive service. You can also simultaneously order fast boat tickets from Bali to Lombok or the Gili Islands.

Interesting Tourist Areas

Apart from being strategic, Serangan Port also has a beautiful view.

Besides being known as a port, Serangan is a beautiful island.

There are many interesting spots here.

You can enjoy views of the sunrise and sunset as well as taking pictures with a stunning sea view as a backdrop.

More than that, in this area there are also interesting water games, ranging from banana board, jet ski, canoeing, also parasailing.

In this area there is also the Sarangan Turtle Bali Island. As the name suggests, this place is a turtle conservation area, an endangered animal that is protected.

Complete Facilities and Good Service

Interestingly, Port of Serangan is equipped with various facilities to support user convenience. Some of them are restaurants, friendly and warm staff, so that it makes you comfortable to make crossings, both to Lombok and the Gili Islands.

From here, you can choose to use local boats, ferries and fast boats. However, the latter type of boat is the best choice for crossing. Gotravela has various recommendations for the best fast boats Bali to Lombok and Gili Islands.

Well, hopefully the information about Serangan Port can help you reach Lombok more easily, especially to the Gili Islands.

Don't hesitate to contact Gotravela Indonesia to get holiday packages or Bali to Lombok or Lombok to Gilis fast boat tickets at the best prices. We look forward to your arrival on this Paradise Island. Have a great adventure.


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