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Ostina Fast Boat Gilis Crossing Bali-Lombok Cheaper!

Visiting Bali is fun, but it will be more impressive if you can visit Lombok all at once in a series of tours.

Even though they are located in two provinces and even two different islands, these two favorite tourist spots are easily accessible.

This is thanks to the existence of rental services fast boats bali gili in both areas. It is Ostina Fast Boat Gilis which provides services across Bali to Lombok and vice versa at a cheaper price.

Operating every day, Ostina Fast Boat Gilis serves crossing routes from Bali, namely from Harbor Padang Bai towards Gilis and Bangsal Harbor in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.


Tickets below based on Rupiah (Indonesian Currency) are valid for all markets, both domestic and overseas!


Padang Bai/Lombok/Gili's

from That's it IDR/Pax
padangbai Gili's/ward 250K
Gili's/ward padangbai 275K


Additional charges for Shuttle Kuta/Denpasar/Sanur to Padang Bai IDR. 50.000 per pax (and vice versa by ostina fast boat gilis).

Ostina's Daily Schedule

Every Day

Padang Bai – Gili: 09.30
Gili/Ward – Padang Bai: 11.30:XNUMXam


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Ostina Fast Boat Gili


Ostina Padang Bai . Route

Padang Bai is a village in a coastal area located on the east side of Bali, while Bangsal Harbor is the entrance and exit for ferries and fast boats from and to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara which is opposite.

Interestingly, this ship also transits the famous trio of dykes in Lombok, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. With this complete route, the beautiful Ostina Fast Boat Gilis is priced at an affordable price (the full price is listed on this page).

Therefore, taking the Ostina Fast Boat Gilis is the best choice for those of you who want to make the crossing from Bali to Lombok and vice versa with the most complete route at the best price.

Ostina's Drive

Speaking of specifications, the Ostina Fast Boat has a length of 23 meters. The ship which uses aluminum material is equipped with 6 new 16HP Volvo D750 engines to support its performance.

The combination of a new engine and lightweight aluminum material makes this ship that has a passenger capacity of up to 100 people more agile in sailing.

Complementing the ferocity of the runway, the ship which has a speed of up to 30 knots is also equipped with a number of safety equipment ranging from radio communications, life jackets and fire extinguishers to provide security for tourists.

Operated by an experienced crew, Ostina Fast Boat Gilis will take you on an enjoyable cruise from the Island of the Gods to Lombok or vice versa. Not to forget, in order to make all passengers comfortable during the trip, the Ostina Fast Boat is equipped with a cool air-conditioned cabin.

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Bali – Gili's

If you are the type of traveler who is 'lazy' on the trip, believe me throughout the cruise you will not be bored because there is entertainment from the TV that is ready to accompany you. However, if you are the type of traveler who prefers to be active and doesn't want to miss a moment during a cruise, including when traveling to tourist destinations, enjoying the view on the rooftop can be an option.

Another thing you can also do to enjoy the scenery along the cruise with Ostina Fast Boat Gilis is to sit at the back of the boat.
Meanwhile, considering the location of Padang Bai and Lombok which are not too far away, the Ostina Fast Boat cruise from Padang Bai to Lombok either to Bangsal Harbor or Gili Trawangan only takes 1,5 hours.

This time is much shorter than if you use the ferry which can reach 4-5 hours away. Therefore, for those of you who want to get around Bali as well as Lombok in a short time, taking the Ostina Fast Boat is the best solution.

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