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Car Rental In Larantuka

Car Rental In Larantuka

Car rental in Larantuka is now easier and saves time if you do it online. Car rental is available including a driver starting from half day to full day rental.

Compare the best options from Go Travela's various trusted car rental partners and find the best cheap car rental services in Larantuka.

We provide quality services for the convenience of activities eastern Indonesia travel and your religion and your family in Larantuka.

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Larantuka Car Rental Map

Car Rental In Larantuka

Indonesia has 17.504 islands which are rich in natural resources, natural potential, culture and diversity.

A sub-district in eastern Flores, East Nusa Tenggara province. Larantuka which is also the capital city of East Flores Regency, has a cultural tradition and is closely related to the spiritual harmony of Christianity with celebrations Holy Week Santa Samana his.

Rent-Car-Larantuka - Rent a Car In Larantuka

Larantuka nature is like a mother who always accompanies and is always together in the life of the community, Larantuka nature always accompanies, every tradition is so integrated with the pattern of life.

Larantuka Tourism, East Flores

"Bale Nagi"This typical expression of the Larantuka community will always stick in the minds of tourists when they hear these words.

The beauty of the island of Flores from west to east will never end to give memorable memories to anyone who has ever traveled to the eastern tip of Indonesia with us car rental services in Larantuka.

Asam Beach One car rental larantuka

Starting from the hospitality and local wisdom, culture, customs to religion, it is stored neatly in the history of this flower island.

For tourist spots in Larantuka, you can find travel friends in 20 Tourist Spots in Larantuka, East Flores.


Summary of Indonesia Transportation Rental Go Travela

Go Travela is a company Car Rental Services in Eastern Indonesia and Bali is the cheapest and most trusted.

Rent Car Transport larantuka car rental

With an easy rental process and low prices, Gotravela provides various types of cars, including Avanza cars, Innova cars and other types of cars.

We are ready to take you and your group to your destination. Our cars are spread all over Indonesia from Jogjakarta, Bali, Lombok to the eastern tip of the island of Flores.

So in our offer article, you just need to find a trusted car rental in Larantuka with us.

Larantuka Car Rental Prices

Types of MPV Car Larantuka
1.Grand Innova

Cars & Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 450.000 / 6 hours
• IDR 750.000 / 10 hours

2. Innova Reborn

Cars & Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 550.000 / 6 hours
• IDR 775.000 / 10 hours

Transfers Airport to Hotel/Larantuka City

Transfer Destinations /Pax/One way
Apt – City/HotelIDR. 60.000
City/Hotel – AptIDR. 60.000
  • Car rental prices in Larantuka are based on IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
  • Use Only For Larantuka Tour Program.
  • For Full Day 10 Hours & Max Limit. time 21:00.
  • For Half Day 06 Hours & Max Limit. time 21:00.
  • Car Type MPV Standard according to the column above.
  • Maximum car 6 Passengers.
  • Included fuel/gasoline/gasoline.
  • Minimum reservation 3 days prior to arrival.
  • Free pick up and drop off from Larantuka Airport Gewayantana Airport
  • Not for areas outside the Larantuka city regency, such as Boru, Maumere, Lamanabi and others.
  • Use outside the city is subject to an additional fee.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Car rental in Larantuka does not include parking, tolls and tips.
Our driver will contact you 12 hours before pick up. If you book a car rental in Larantuka less than the above time, our driver will contact you immediately!

How to Book a Car Rental

Please send a message via SMS, WhatsApp or email to check availability and wait for further confirmation, with the format:
Name : …………..
Number of people : …………..
Car Type : …………..
How many days of use : …………..
Tour Date : …………..
Office: +62 361 4754 416
Whatsapp book hours:
09Am to 08Pm
email: gotravela.id@gmail.com

infographic How to Order Gotravel

FAQ Larantuka Rent Car Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, there will be many common questions about car rental in Larantuka, including:

Why do you need a car rental in Larantuka?

According to the East Flores regional government website. Topographically, the landscape of East Flores is a hilly and mountainous area.

With an area of ​​more than 5.000 km2, to reach tourist destination spots, Larantuka car rental transportation is needed.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Larantuka?

The price for renting a car in Larantuka is around IDR. 2 per 550.000 hours fullday with driver. For more details, see the Larantuka Car Rental Price table above.

How to book Larantuka Rent Car on GoTravela?

Booking a car rental in east flores with us is very easy. All you have to do is order online Whatsapp chat or Call at the number listed above.

Another option is to send an email to gotravela.id@gmail.com or also call directly to our office center.

Is it necessary to book a car rental online before arriving in Larantuka?

Yes, you have to, because ordering a Larantuka car through GoTravela is the right way. In addition to ensuring the type of car of choice, it also provides an opportunity to compare other best offers.

So after arriving in Larantuka, you don't have to bother looking for other modes of transportation at uncertain prices (cheating prices).

With us you will be warmly welcomed by our driver team and sit behind the wheel of our experienced and professional driver.

Read also terms and conditions for renting a car in gotravela

What about Payments & Cancellations?

We have several different bank payment options for terms of payment, Cancellation terms and others on GoTravela.
You can read here How to order and payment methods.

Reasons to Use Car Rental Services in Larantuka with Us

There are many reasons why travela should use our services for cheap car rental in Larantuka. We provide advantages in the form of car rental with clean and professional facilities that will certainly make you safer and more comfortable and explore eastern flores.

Here are the reasons why you should use our car rental services.

1. Quick response

Our car rental services in Larantuka serve reservations 24 hours non-stop according to your needs. Travela can rent or rent any type of car, from MPV Cars, minibuses, Grand Fortuner cars, Toyota Alphard, or Toyota Camrys. All Larantuka car rental options are available in full at our place.

With this advantage, you don't have to spend a lot of time waiting. In addition, we will provide the best service with professional and experienced customer service.

2. Go Travela drivers dominate the terrain

For you tourists who come from outside the island of Flores, you can use our cheap car rental in Larantuka along with the driver and fuel.

You just sit back and choose the tourist destinations that you will visit and our drivers are ready to take you to your destination professionally.

Our drivers already know the roads in Larantuka and East Flores very well. So, you don't have to go around the streets to find the location of the tourist attractions to be visited. Because renting a car without a lock like that will be detrimental because it takes a lot of time, for example, going to Oa Beach in Wulanggitang outside Larantuka City.

3. A well-maintained and clean fleet of cars

Our fleet of cars are all clean, well-maintained, and even smell good. We do all these treatments to make each of our customers feel at home while using the car we rent.

Our fleet is also supported by high performance engines, does not break down on the road, and even our fleet has the most complete type. You can choose the type of car according to your wishes.

4. Affordable price

Like the price list you have seen above, you are already with us Larantuka rental car services that provide affordable prices.

Likewise with us, our services do not hesitate to provide cheap car rental promos in Larantuka which are certainly interesting for everyone.

5. On time

We provide a guarantee in the form of on-time tourist pick-up. We will pick you up on time.

An hour before you arrive, we will already be waiting for you. This is our best form of service to consumers who use our services.

6. Special service

Just like the special Larantuka, we will also provide a truly special car rental service for you.

Why do we say special? We will not make travela complicated while using our services. Anyone who rents a car with us, we will provide a guarantee of happiness for you.

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Look for a really quality car rental service in Larantuka to make your holiday in East Flores more enjoyable.

Use our services, which are well-known professionals and experts in rental car tours in Nagi Larantuka.

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