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Car Rental In Ende

Rent Car Ende

Car rental in Ende, Central Flores is the best solution for tourists who want to see Kelimutu, the 3-color lake and the footprints of the exile of Bung Karno, the first President of the Republic of Indonesia.

A vacation to the eastern archipelago, which is quite far away, requires an adequate mode of transportation. Ende Car Rental is the answer for transportation rentals in this beautiful central flores.

Ende Car Rental Podcast

Avanza Rentals in Ende

Car Rental Ende Flores Tengah

flores island the eastern tip of the Republic of Indonesia presents the charm of incomparable natural and sea beauty.

Many things will be amazed you can start from the beauty of nature, sea, mountains, culture to the history of the land of Flores. When you visit central flores, you will get so many unforgettable experiences in your life.

Ende Tourism

Not only that, there are also beautiful Central Flores tourist attractions in every district along the island of Flores, such as;

  • Larantuka
  • Bajawa
  • Maumere
  • Labuan Bajo
  • Ruteng

By exploring the nature & tourism of the island of Flores, of course you need extra good stamina. This is because the terrain of the island of Flores is still natural and natural.

Kelimutu Car Rental in Ende

Therefore, with a field that different will spur your Adrenaline in adventure during traveling and Ende Car Rental with us.

Yuk, check rental price penawan us this:

Go Travel Rental Prices

MPV type Ende

1. Toyota Innova

Cars & Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 500.000 / 6 hours
• IDR 750.000 / 10 hours

2. Innova Reborn

Cars & Drivers + BBM:
• IDR 550.000 / 6 hours
• IDR 850.000 / 10 hours

Airport Transfers H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport to Hotel/Town
Transfer Destinations/Car/One way
Apt – Town/HotelIDR. 150.000
Town/Hotel – AptIDR. 150.000
Terms & Conditions Rent Car ENDE
  • End-to-end car rental prices are based on Indonesia rupiah.
  • Use Only For Kab. Ende and In The City Tour Program.
  • Full day (10 hours maximum limit) | using till 21:00 PM.
  • Half day (06 Hours maximum limit) | using till 21:00 PM.
  • Standard city car.
  • Maximum car 6 Passengers.
  • Included fuel/gasoline/gasoline.
  • Booking min. 2 days before arrival.
  • Free pick up and drop off from H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport.
  • Rent not available for Ruteng, Maumere & Labuan Bajo areas.
  • Extra additional for out of town use.
  • Not allowed to bring pets.
  • Does not include additional parking fees, tolls and tips.
Our driver will contact you 12 hours before pick up. If you book an Ende car rental less than the above time, our driver will contact you immediately!

How to book

Send a chat via WhatsApp or email to check availability. Wait for further confirmation with the format:
Name : …………..
Number of people : …………..
Car Type : …………..
How many days of use : …………..
Tour Date : …………..
Office: +62 361 445 77 39
Reservations :
Whatsapp book hours:
09Am to 08Pm
email: gotravela.id@gmail.com


Gotravela Car Profile Ende Flores

Visiting East Nusa Tenggara is a new tourist destination for many domestic and foreign travelers.

With the priority of understanding the terrain of the Flores road, passenger conditions, prices that are not too low, and providing so many travel and tour packages.

Go Travela is here as Indonesian Transportation Rentals Timur.

Car Rental In Ende flores central

Likewise, in ende car rental, we are a service that always prioritizes quality, safety and excellent car conditions during your trip.

Car Condition

Rent a Car Ende when traveling near or far. It's good for mutual comfort, you and the driver to make sure to check the condition of the car together.

However, if you find a shortage, it's a good idea to ask the driver again or ask for a replacement unit.

The type of car we rent for Central Flores is not a cheap class car or in bad condition.

This means that the cars we have with the latest units and excellent engines and regular service to make you comfortable during the trip.

FAQ Regarding Ende Car Rental, the best type of mini bus, commuter that has a passenger capacity of more than 7 people, you can consult and ask the sales team of Gotravela.

Frequently Asked Questions Rent Car Ende

How much does it cost to rent a car in Ende?

The price of renting a car or renting a car ende is certainly very varied if we order directly there.
Opened with the highest price and there will be tough bargaining.
However, by booking online at gotravela you get the best price IDR. 550rb per 10 hours.

Can I order a car in Ende to go to Lake Kelimutu?

Yup, that's right, to go to Lake Kelimutu the closest location is from the city of Ende and renting a car with us makes it easier for you to get to the location or stay in Moni.

How to book online at Go Travela?

Booking a car rental in eastern Indonesia with us is very easy. Just order online by Whatsapp or contact the Cs number listed above.

Are There Ende Car Rental Packages?

We also provide Ende car rental packages for various destinations, the best tourist destinations in Ende Regency.

Car rental packages and plus all-inclusive tour programs are the most popular tour packages for new travelers.

Like ; Kelimutu Tour 2 Days 1 Night | Explore the Beauty of Kelimutu Riung

The provision of this package is more affordable and simple because the traveler will not be confused when it arrives.

Just contact us and consult which tour package is right for you.

There are at least 5 tourist destinations in the city in 1 day by using an ende car rental with us.

Do you want to spend time with ende car rental services plus tour packages around the island of Flores? Of course not!

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Thus, we offer this Ende city car rental product to you, hopefully it will be useful for those of you who are looking for a mode of transportation for your vacation when you are in eastern Indonesia.

Use our services, which are well-known professionals and experts in central flores tour car rental.

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