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Rent Scooter Matic Canggu

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Provide automatic scooter rentals for Canggu, Tanah Lot, Kuta, and other areas around Bali. Rental price scutter Canggu is competitive, the unit is prime and ready to deliver motorbikes to Canggu.

rent scooter matic canggu
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Introducing, we Gotravela Indonesia is an online tour & travel service that also provides professional and reliable motorbike rental services in Bali.

During holidays in Bali especially canggu beach area ?️, you can rent a motorbike with us. Your holiday will be even more enjoyable because you can go here and there comfortably.

Rent an automatic scooter in the Canggu area

Canggu is an area in Bali that has natural tourism potential. In this area you will find many rice fields combined with the beach.

Following are several beach tours in Canggu Bali.

1. Brawa Beach

One of the tourist attractions that has extraordinary charm is Brawa Beach, Canggu. This beach has a unique brown sand.

Many people visit here every afternoon to enjoy the beach atmosphere. Not only local residents, but visitors from outside the city also often visit here.

2. Echo Beach

This beach may also be familiar to your ears. echo beach ?️ Very popular with tourists from abroad. Around the beach you can find bars, shops, restaurants and other hangout places.

Canggu scooter rental

For the English article, you can check the link Rent Scooter Bali Canggu ?️.

Choosing to rent a motorbike will be more profitable in terms of time efficiency. The Canggu area is famous for its traffic jams.

If you don't remember traffic jams, you can ride a motorbike. You can use narrow village roads as an alternative route when there is traffic jam.

The advantages of renting a scooter in Canggu

Here are some of the advantages of renting an automatic scooter from Canggu, together with "Gotravela Scooter Rental".

1. Safe and Comfortable

We guarantee the safety and comfort of every customer. This is one of our advantages. Each unit of our motorbike is well cared for so that it remains in prime condition. Motor condition is well maintained.

2. Trusted

Customer trust is our priority. We have experience as a motorbike rental service for many years.

Our customers come from all over the archipelago on holiday in Bali. In fact, many foreign nationals also rent motorbikes here.

scooter rental canggu

Canggu Scooter Rental Prices

Mio 110cc (2004)IDR. 35K/Day
New Vario 125cc (2022)IDR. 75K/Day
New Honda Beat 110ccIDR. 70K/Day
Yamaha FreeGo (2023)IDR. 70K/Day
YAMAHA NMAX 155 cc (2023)IDR. 130K/Day

For prices, you can check the link list price ? Rent a motorbike in Canggu Bali.

We are ready for those of you who stay in hotels around:

  • Rent a motorbike around Canggu Love Anchor
  • Rent Motor Matic near Munduk Catu
  • Automatic Scooter Rental around Old Man's Batu Bolong Beach
  • Rent a Motor Matic near Hidden Villa & Hidden River Cottage
  • Automatic scooter rental around Finn Beach
  • Rent a motorbike near Canggu beach
  • Rent Matic Scooters around Bali Climbing
  • Matic motorbike rental near Eden Guest House Canggu
  • Rent a Matic Scooter around Villa Silvana
  • Rent a Motor Matic near COMO Uma Canggu
  • Motorbike Rental Matic around Citadines Berawa Beach
  • Rent a Matic Scooter near Sense Canggu Beach Hotel
3. Easy Rental Process

If you want to rent a motorbike here, the conditions are very easy. You only need to complete a few documents. We are ready to deliver the motorbike for you to use immediately.

4. Affordable Price

Rent a motorbike is cheaper than renting a car. This is what makes many people choose to rent a motorbike. Vacations can save the budget.

Especially for those of you who have a tight budget while on holiday in Bali. Renting a motorbike could be the best alternative.

5. Includes 2 SNI Helmets and 2 Raincoats

For the convenience of customers, we rent motorbikes complete with helmets and raincoats. Even 2 helmets and 2 raincoat at a time.

Well Maintained Motorcycle

An important factor that must always be considered is the maintenance of the motor. Moreover, the motor is used for long trips.

Of course, checking the condition of the motor and periodic servicing is important. This is for the convenience and safety of renting Canggu automatic scooters.

Just imagine if on the way the motor suddenly broke down. Of course it can cause tenants to feel annoyed, right?

Cook wants to go on vacation to a tourist place, but the motorbike stops on the road. Your time can be wasted.

Therefore, we Gotravela Indonesia always guarantees that the motorcycle unit is well maintained. We always do service regularly.

We provide the best service to our customers. Until we can exist until now.

Let's read too

If you want a vacation to Canggu Bali, we can rent a Canggu scooter at Gotravela Indonesia. Let's book now.


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