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Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in Bali for Tourists

tips for riding a motorbike

Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in Bali Indonesia

Bali's natural landscapes both in the mountains and on the coast are equally beautiful. This island, which is located in the east of Java, also has a diverse and unique culture.

Riding a motorcycle in Bali is the best way to explore Bali's nature freely. However, there are some important things to note if you want to ride it yourself.

What's that? Here are some tips for riding a motorcycle in Bali for tourists, especially foreign tourists.

Use a Helmet When Riding a Motorcycle

Using a helmet is the first tip for riding a motorcycle in Bali. You don't need to bother looking for your helmet because renting a motorbike at Gotravela Scooter Indonesia includes helmet facilities with Indonesian national standards. Don't forget to wear a helmet properly. Latch the safety strap until it clicks to lock completely.

Here are also Tips for renting a motorbike in Bali for foreigners and this is also ? if you want to know how much the motorbike rental price in Bali Kuta is.

Don't ride too fast

Second, controlling the speed are tips for riding a motorcycle in Bali which are no less important. Bali has a varied topography, some are hilly, uphill, downhill, also flat.

scooter rental jimbaran bali

The road conditions are not always smooth, there are potholes in the road that sometimes appear suddenly due to heavy rain. sometimes also slippery because of the rain or indeed because the area is so humid. So, even if you are a racer, don't ever race in Bali.

Obey traffic

The next tip for riding a motorcycle in Bali is obeying traffic. Renting a scooters in Bali without an international license is not a big problem, but keep the traffic orderly, please! Pay attention to road signs and be tolerant of other road users.

Turning on the turn signal when going right or left also make sure not to violate the traffic light. Not only inviting the police to stop you, but this violation will also endanger yourself and others.

 Riding on the left-hand side of the road

 For those of you who are used to driving in the right lane, the possibility of riding a motorbike in Bali requires a little adjustment. It's not just about walking on the left side, but maybe also about the buttons on the vehicle. Like changing the gear stick with your left hand while driving a car.

Luckily, in Bali you can rent an automatic scooter that doesn't need to shift the clutch. The gas motor is very easy for you to control just by turning your right hand.

One of the best tips for riding a motorcycle.

Bring a raincoat and don't drink alcohol

Sounds trivial, but bringing a raincoat is important for riding a motorcycle in Bali. Because Bali has a tropical climate, rain can fall anytime, especially when the rainy season arrives—yeah like only your heart that can't be controlled will fall in love with who and where.

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Indonesia does not have specific rules regarding drunk driving. However, if you drink and your balance is shaky, then the risk of an accident is very high. Therefore, do not drink alcohol before and while riding a motorbike in Bali.

Here are some tips for riding a motorcycle in Bali for tourists. May be useful! Don't forget to contact Gotravela Indonesia and get the convenience of a motorbike rental in Bali. (y)


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