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Green Canyon Cikahuripan River | West Bandung Water Tourism

Green Canyon Cikahuripan River

Are you curious about the Green Canyon Cikahuripan River? Come on, let's look at the ins and outs, so that your trip along the river is safe this weekend!

Green Canyon Cikahuripan River – In the Bandung area, the Cikahuripan River is one of the Hidden Gems. This tourist destination is also known as Green Canyon Cikahuripan because of its natural beauty.

The name Green Canyon itself refers to the name of a natural tourist spot in Colorado, United States. Due to the similarity of its tectonic shape in the form of rocky cliffs around the river, this tourist attraction is nicknamed Green Canyon Bandung.

You can relax while resting on your back on the water and admire the beauty of the towering cliffs using a float.

If you dare, you can jump from a rock that is around 2 to 3 meters high into the pool of water below. Apart from being tense, this action will make you fresh after tasting the refreshing river water. For complete information, continue reading our review below, Travela!

Green Canyon Cikahuripan River

This tour is very suitable for people who like walking. You can relax by following the route slowly, crossing the river, until you finally arrive at towering cliffs covered in greenish water.

The calm sound of gurgling water will accompany you during the short journey, equipped with views of rice fields and green trees, as well as the sound of birds chirping.

The Green Canyon Cikahuripan River is actually an ancient site and flows from the Citarum River. The flow of water stopped due to the construction of the Saguling Reservoir which began operating in 1986, and the river is currently only fed by rainwater, groundwater and water from cliffs.

The good news is, this eliminates quite a large amount of waste pollution in the Cikahuripan River which pollutes and has a bad impact on the Citarum River.

Of course, this is a breath of fresh air for travelers who want to vacation in a clean and refreshing place, where you don't have to worry about being contaminated by rubbish which is certainly detrimental to the environment and unhealthy for the body.

If you want to bring children or elderly people, the location conditions are quite safe. The beauty of the towering cliffs that line the Cikahuripan river flow will spoil the eyes of visitors.

The Green Canyon Cikahuripan River is home to two water sources that emerge from rock crevices. Local residents think the spring has healing properties. You can even drink the water straight away.

There are also rocks scattered along the river where tourists can relax while taking photos. But be careful not to slip because the rocks are slippery!

Apart from lying down and relaxing while looking at the beauty of nature, you can enjoy the clear river water. Because the flow is cut off due to the presence of the Saguling Reservoir, there is a place where you can swim and play in the water.

The depth of the river reaches four meters, but there are several areas where the water is very shallow because there are large rocks around it. However, for your own safety, you need to rent a life jacket and other equipment from the tour manager.

The uniqueness of the Cikahuripan River

1. Cikahuripan is an ancient site

The Green Canyon Cikahuripan River winds between exotic rocks and cliffs. This is an ancient place with lots of natural beauty.

Cikahuripan is an ancient site
Source: by exploredolan

This water flow, known as the Green Canyon Bandung, has towering cliffs. Features a clear and bluish river with varying depths.

This river has a depth ranging from an adult's ankle to more than 6 meters. You can choose the point where you want to swim and play in the water.

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2. Swim in very clear and beautiful water

The flow of this river used to be very fast and deep. However, the water flow entering this river decreased when the Saguling Dam was built.

Now it can even be used for swimming in some places. The Green Canyon Cikahuripan River is one of them, you can enjoy the natural beauty while swimming in this area.

However, you still have to be careful because when the rainy season arrives, the river here can suddenly flow rapidly, causing the water level to soar.

This could be a consideration factor for visiting here. Don't come during the rainy season if you want to swim in the river.

3. You can visit three different types of springs at the same time

Apart from its stunning cliffs, clean river flow, and charming water color, the Green Canyon Cikahuripan River has three springs that have different flavors.

You can ask local residents to show you the way to these three different springs. You can immediately taste it for yourself when you get there, proving the unique taste.

Mother's spring water tastes sweet, father's spring water tastes bitter, and finally well spring water tastes like mineral water in general. According to reports, in spring, the water will turn red once a month, similar to a woman's menstrual period.

In fact, the myth is that if visitors bathe there, their soul mate will soon come. If you're lucky, you might be able to shower there. Because people believe, this is the place of punishment for the gods and goddesses of heaven.

  1. Don't go alone

Lastly, if you visit the Green Canyon Cikahuripan River, local residents urge you not to go alone.

This is for your own safety, because we never know what will happen, you can keep an eye on each other if you go with friends or family.

Another reason is that when the Saguling Dam is opened it will cause the Cikahuripan River to overflow.

There are sirin which warns visitors that the reservoir will soon be opened. Considering that the place is still quite quiet and only a few people know about it.

Finally, if you plan to take part in diving activities, it is recommended that you rent a life jacket and other supporting equipment from this tour manager, all of which are available here.

The attraction of Green Canyon Cikahuripan

Apart from being able to experience the beauty of an unspoiled river, the Green Canyon Cikahuripan River has the following attractions.

1. Source of Holy Water

According to Niken Sari and Wahyuni ​​Indriani's Travel Writing (2019:4), the Cikahuripan water source is considered sacred by local residents.

Many people come to this water source to perform rituals, bringing wishes and hopes that they will quickly come true.

2. Activities

Visitors can swim in this river, because the water flow is not too strong and the depth is around 4 meters.

Visitors can explore the Cikahuripan River which is lined with unique cliffs and rocks using a float.

3. Facilities

Visitors can use rafts to explore the river without swimming, as well as renting life jackets, guides, parking lots, food stalls, bathrooms, prayer rooms and bicycle paths.

Entrance fees and opening hours of Green Canyon Cikahuripan

The entrance ticket price for this water tour is still fairly reasonable, namely IDR 15.000 per person. Visitors who bring their own vehicles will be charged a parking fee of IDR 10.000 for cars and IDR 5.000 for motorbikes.

The Green Canyon Cikahuripan River opens at 06.00 and closes at 18.00 WIB for people who want to explore the river in the morning.

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How to Get to Green Canyon Cikahuripan

This tourist destination is located in Cianjur Saguling, Saguling, District. Batujajar, West Bandung Regency, West Java. The fastest way to get there is as follows.

  • Visitors can take the road to the Saguling Reservoir which is located near the Cikahuripan River.
  • Visitors can take the toll road from Bandung to Padalarang, then exit at the Cikalong Cianjur Toll Gate and continue their journey to the Saguling Reservoir in the Cipatat area.

Green Canyon Cikahuripan is one of the natural tourist destinations in Bandung. Visitors can feel the freshness of the river from natural springs in addition to its unique atmosphere.

So, do you want to visit here immediately to relieve fatigue? Hopefully the information and tips above can be useful so that your holiday at the Green Canyon Cikahuripan River is a pleasant and safe moment. Happy holiday!


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