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8 Most Interesting Unique Facts about Kelimutu Lake to Know!

Unique facts about Lake Kelimutu

Find out more unique facts about the most famous Kelimutu Lake in Indonesia, see in full below!

East Nusa Tenggara is known as one of the regions in Indonesia with a variety of interesting natural attractions, one of which is Lake Kelimutu. This lake is located in the Kelimutu area, Ende, Flores Island, and is a popular tourist spot for many visitors.

Kelimutu Lake is visited by many foreign tourists and local residents. The reason is, the lake on Mount Kelimutu has an amazing natural panorama. So, before visiting there, here are some unique facts about Lake Kelimutu!

Unique Facts about Lake Kelimutu

1. Steep cliffs and guard monkeys

Arriving at Lake Kelimutu, Travela will be treated to views of steep rock cliffs. Travela will be amazed by the figure of the cliff guard. A group of brown-haired cliff-protecting monkeys emerged from the branches of a tree at the edge of the cliff.

Travela should not look too long at the steepness of the cliff because it could threaten safety.

2. The beauty of the lakes "Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai" and "Tiwu Ata Polo".

After climbing about 15 cement steps, you can see two of the three Kelimutu lakes. The two lakes are "Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai" and "Tiwu Ata Polo".

the beauty of Kelimutu Flores Lake
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Tiwu Ata Polo Lake is on the right if the body faces there. This lake is completely black. Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai is the turquoise green lake on the left.

These two lakes are close to each other, only separated by a cliff which functions as a dividing wall. The dividing rock cliff is in the shape of a basin. As far as the eye can see, this lake is surrounded by rocky cliffs. Travela should know this unique fact about Lake Kelimutu, OK?

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3. Monument to Relieve Fatigue

The journey to the top of Kelimutu is tiring. Apart from the path being quite steep, the altitude causes the air to become thinner as you approach the peak. Travela can relax for a moment at the Kelimutu Peak Monument.

You could say that after visiting the third lake, the next stop is a monument surrounded by several stairs. Apart from sitting and chatting on the stairs, Travela can take photos and enjoy a cup of warm coffee, an extraordinary natural treat. This unique fact about Lake Kelimutu is interesting, isn't it?

4. It is called the 3 Color Lake

Lake Kelimutu consists of three lakes, Tiwu Ata Mbupu, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai, and Tiwu Ata Polo. Each of these three lakes has its own color. Kelimutu Lake is known as the Three Color Lake.

three-colored lake
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Meanwhile, Tiwu Ata Mbupu is a white lake which according to local residents is a gathering place for the spirits of their deceased parents. This lake has an area of ​​4,5 hectares.

Meanwhile, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai is a blue lake which, according to local residents, is a resting place for young souls who have died.

This lake is the largest of the three, with an area of ​​around 5,5 hectares. When viewed from above, this lake has a striking bluish moss green color.

Lastly, Tiwu Ata Polo is a red lake. Local residents believe that this lake is a gathering place for the spirits of people who died or committed crimes during their lifetime.

This lake is the smallest of the three, only about 4 hectares in size and 64 meters deep. The colors of the three lakes often change over time. According to several scientists, the color change is caused by the eruption of Mount Kelimutu which continuously produces gas.

Meanwhile, some experts believe that the color change is caused by the refraction of light on the crater walls. They also Indicate that microorganisms that live in the crater of Lake Kelimutu can influence color changes. So, this unique fact about Lake Kelimutu is very interesting to know, isn't it?

5. Combining Western culture with Eastern customs

Friendly concept Combining cultures from all over the world with Indonesian traditions. The group dance follows foreign culture, but the lesehan event follows Indonesian culture.

The atmosphere is very busy, there are people of all ages and heights here. Experience a friendly and family atmosphere. Everyone greets and smiles when they meet face to face.

Foreign and Indonesian tourists are quite enthusiastic about participating in this festival. In fact, many foreign tourists wore local traditional clothing such as sarongs and "Lawo Lambu" tops, just like the native Ende Lio people who took part in the celebration.

6. Tiwu Ata Mbupu, center for the gathering of spirits

Tiwu Ata Mbupu is one of the objects at the top of Kelimutu. This stunning turquoise green lake is located apart from the others. This lake is a gathering place for the spirits of deceased parents.

It is stated that these categories are determined by a person's actions in life. If someone dies in old age and has done a lot of good deeds during his life, then he will enter the lake "Tiwu Ata Mbupu".

If someone dies at a young age or is unmarried and has done a lot of good deeds during his life, then he will enter the lake "Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai".

Meanwhile, if someone dies, whether young or old, but often commits bad deeds, then they will gather at the "Tiwu Ata Polo" lake.

7. Includes Volcanic Lake

Meanwhile, Kelimutu Lake in Flores is a volcanic lake. This is because the lake was formed as a result of a volcanic event which created a crater or basin at the top of the volcano.

Yes, this lake is located at the peak of Mount Kelimutu, an active volcano with a height of 1.639 meters above sea level. For your information, this mountain and lake are part of the Kelimutu National Park which covers an area of ​​5.356,5 hectares.

This National Park is home to 100 different animal species. There are something unique on Flores Island, such as the Turuwara Bird, Uta Onga, and Gerugiwa. Meanwhile, the flora in the National Park includes Pine, Kesambi, Kodal, Kesi, Edelweiss Eternal Flowers and other plants.

Travela needs to know that the term Kelimutu comes from the regional language and is a mixture of the words "Keli" and "Mutu". The word "keli" means mountain, while "mutu" means boiling.

8. Kelimutu Lake Traditional Event

Every year, the Lio tribe, the original inhabitants of the area, hold a traditional celebration known as "Pati Ka Du'a Bapu Ata Mata". The Lio tribe holds this event to honor their ancestors.

At this celebration, various foods will be served to the ancestors as thanksgiving for the blessings bestowed in the previous year, as well as as an expression of prayer for simple blessings in the coming year.

Meat, rice, and betel are the offerings commonly prepared. The Lio tribe will perform the gawi dance as a form of gratitude.

This event takes place by circling Lake Tiwu Ata Polo until you reach the stone offering altar. All food offerings must be placed on this altar.

This unique fact about Lake Kelimutu provides deep insight into its diverse history and natural beauty.

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The Right Time to Visit Kelimutu Lake

Travela, the best time to visit Lake Kelimutu is before dawn. Because Lake Kelimutu is the best place to see the sunrise. The morning panorama of Kelimutu Lake is very famous throughout the world.

Therefore, it is best for Travela to spend the night in Moni Village to capture the sunrise. If Travela wants to visit Kelimutu Lake from Moni Village, you have to leave at around 03.30 WIB.

From the top of Lake Kelimutu, Travela can enjoy a panoramic view of the natural beauty of Moni Village. Those are the unique facts about Lake Kelimutu that Travela needs to know, how are you interested in visiting during your next holiday?


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