Anti Mainstream Bali Beach

Anti Mainstream Bali Beach

In this anti-mainstream Bali beach article, we wrote it so that it could be a recommendation for travelers when visiting the island of the gods.

One of the reasons this beach is still rarely known to many people offers views & exotic white sand beauty.

Although some people may be familiar, especially the local Balinese community.


Diah Paracintya

Spvr Tour Operator at Go travela. She loves to travel and write topics on potential destinations in the archipelago.

However, it is possible that other foreign tourists still rarely get this information.

Come on.. explore the anti-mainstream beach Bali Island this beloved

Anti Mainstream Beach

Indonesia, an archipelagic country, is a paradise on earth and is rich in culture, minerals, culture and natural beauty that is incomparable.

Saved tourism potential ranging from west to eastern Indonesia travel and especially the island of Bali which has been worldwide.

The Island of the Gods is one of the favorite tourist destinations for the people of Indonesia and also foreign tourists.

Given the natural beauty in Bali, especially the beaches, which can make anyone always yearn for a return visit to Bali.

There are lots of exotic beaches in Bali, but you also need to know some anti-mainstream beaches in Bali that you must visit.

7 Exotic Beaches of Bali

Rows of Anti Mainstream Bali Beaches That Present Exotic Views

1. Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach, Hidden Beach With Steep Access

Diamond beach is a beach located in Nusa Penida Bali. This beach is being hits right now. Previously, visitors could only enjoy the beauty of the beach through the cliffs on the hill.

Diamond Beach Anti Mainstream 'nusa penida Bali'

But now you can walk and enjoy the lips of Diamond Beach. The location is hidden and still empty of visitors.

Make sure you have enough energy to get through the stairs on the steep hillside.

But after arriving, your tiredness will automatically disappear seeing white sand with refreshing waves.

To go to the location diamond beach Travel friends can get our offer for fast boat tickets for Sanur Nusa Penida and continue with nusa penida motorbike rental or also car rental if you don't want to bother.


2. Tegal Wangi Beach

Tegal Wangi Beach is a beach with steep coral cliffs

The next anti-mainstream beach in Bali is Tegal Wangi Beach which is famous for its steep coral cliffs.

Tegal Wangi beach cliffs

Likewise, the waves crashing hard against the shoreline. Tourists who visit will usually relax on a cliff and watch the beautiful sunset in the afternoon.

3. Balangan Beach

Balangan is a quiet beach far from the crowds

For those of you who want a calm relaxed atmosphere, then you must come to Balangan Beach.

balangan beach looking for 'Anti Mainstream Bali beach serenity'

The location is quite far from the bustling center of Bali. Not a few tourists choose anti-mainstream beaches in order to have a vacation that is far from the noise and calming.

4. Geger Beach

Quiet Beach Suitable for Jetskiing

Similar to Balangan Beach, Geger Beach is also still not many tourists who visit.

Shocking beach suitable for jet skiing

However, on this beach you can test adrenaline with playing jet ski. Then in the afternoon you can enjoy the sunset.

5. Pageh stone

Batu Pageh Beach With 300 Stairs To See Its Beauty

The hidden anti-mainstream beach in Bali is Batu Pageh Beach or better known as green bowl beach.

To reach the beach, you have to go down 300 steps to be able to see the beach behind the cliff.

This beach still feels quiet and is perfect for spending time with maximum tranquility.

To explore the anti-mainstream beach of the Island of the Gods, it will be easier to use an automatic motorbike. Come on, get it cheap motorbike rental in bali with us.

6. Tungel bias

Tungel Bias Beach Becomes a Charming Beach with Big Waves

From Denpasar to Bias Tungel Beach it is about 53 km. From Padang Bai Harbor, you have to go through 500 m trekking to get to Bias Tungel beach.

Even though you are tired, you can see a very beautiful sea with white sand, and rows of coconut trees.

However, be careful because the waves on this beach are quite big. It would be better if you relax on the beach or look for your photography object.

7. Gunung Payung Beach

Gunung Payung Beach Surrounded by Green Hills

Located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

Gunung Payung Beach Anti mainstream Bali island
Gunung Payung Beach

This anti-mainstream beach in Bali is classified as hidden and you have to go down 283 stairs to get to the beach.

This is a photo when my gottravel team was exploring the beach of Mount Umbrella.

You will not only see the beautiful sea, but also the green hills and the atmosphere is still very calm.

You will feel at home for a long time on this beach.

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So, which beach will you visit? Make sure with us Go Travela Indonesia prepare yourself well.

To go to some of these anti-mainstream Bali beaches which are no less exotic than other popular beaches in Bali.

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