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Dcastello Floratourism Building

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The Dcastello Florawisata building could be your choice for a holiday. At the Florawisata Dcastello tourist attraction there are many rides Pinteresting game. As well as attractiveness Uthe garden that is Bcharming castle building.

flora d'castello bangunan building
Photo by Florawisata_dcastello

August 17 is the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. On this date, you can come on holiday at Florawisata Dcastello. There's an interesting promotion here.

Dcastello Florawisata Building tourist attraction Held a promotion on August 17th. This promotion is in the form of free admission.

This was revealed on the Instagram account Florawisata_dcastello. The management deliberately provides free entrance tickets as an Independence Day promo. Wow, isn't that interesting?

But there are a prerequisite. This free entry ticket promo applies to tourists named AGUS.

Apart from the special promo for visitors named Agus, there are also other promos. Anyone born on August 17 also gets free admission.

The condition for getting free entry tickets is simply to show your identity card. This attractive promotion is valid only on August 17 2022.

Dcastello Florawisata's Hit Tourist Attractions

Judging from the building, the Dcastello Florawisata Building is an Instagrammable tourist spot. The concept of this tourist attraction in Subang is a flower garden.

This tourist attraction is new. Opened in December 2021. There are many interesting spots here to pamper visitors.

One of the attractions of the Florawisata D'castello tourist attraction is the castle building. This building is like in a fairy tale.

Turkish and Dutch architectural style building design. Around the building, there are shady trees.

The paint color of this building is also very attractive. Many people take photos in front of the building as a background. The resulting photos are truly Instagrammable.

Apart from the castle building, there is also a unique bridge. Its name is Hand Bridge.

The bridge was built with a Golden color design. Then at the edges red flowers grow so it looks more attractive.

Every visitor can walk across the bridge. Don't forget to take photos on this bridge. Dcastello Floratourism Building.

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Giant Mickey Mouse

Florawisata D'castello has many spots. In addition to the castle building and unique bridge, there are other spots. For example the Giant Mickey Mouse, cage buildings, and flower terraces.

This tourist spot is suitable for all ages. Good for children and adults. Exciting and challenging rides are also available.

You can enjoy the Ontang-anting rides, Balloon Palace, Playground, Trampoline, Carousels and Mini Trains.

Location of Florawisata D'castello

The Dcastello Florawisata Building tourist destination is on Jalan Palasari Dua-Babakan Gunung No 16, Ciater, Subang, West Java.

Tourist locations are strategic. This place is on the provincial road between Subang and Bandung.

The air here is so fresh. While on the way, you will see very beautiful scenery. Of course it makes the holiday even more memorable.

If you come here via the Subang toll road, you need to travel 30 km. This tour is open every day from 08.00-17.00 WIB. However, weekends are open longer. Weekend opening hours from 08.00 to 18.00 WIB.

Dcastello Florawisata Building Facilities

Florawisata D'castello has several supporting facilities. A weekend getaway to this place will be very memorable.

You can invite your beloved family to this place. The many rides are a special attraction. Many people enjoy vacationing in this place.

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When you arrive at the location, you will find a fairly large parking area. Then, the management also provides an information center to help visitors.

There are many Instagrammable photo spots here. Then, there are general supporting facilities such as toilets and prayer rooms.

To please your little ones, there are interesting rides. Not only that, there is also a flower garden and outbound area. Wow, that's amazing, isn't it? When can you visit the Dcastello Florawisata Building?


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