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Bena Bajawa Traditional Village Enchantment of Megalithic Time Alley

Bena 1 Traditional Village

Bena Bajawa Traditional Village

The Enchantment of the Megalithic Time Alley of Bena Traditional Village

Of course you know that before modern times like this, humans experienced the megalithic age or the stone age. Believe it or not, until now a lot of evidence has been found leading to that era.

One of the places in Flores eastern Indonesia which will take you on a megalithic time journey is a traditional village of Bena, Bajawa. For more details, you can listen to the following reviews and make this village your tourist destination.

Time Hall in Bena Village

The eastern region of Indonesia never disappoints when it comes to unique and impressive things. Surrounded by vast oceans and green hills like never satisfied to be explored. Until the traditional villages also do not escape giving valuable moments for the visitors.

For those of you who happen to be stopping on the island of Flores, it's a good idea to explore the time tunnel of Bena village which will make you feel the megalithic era.

Megalithic Village Bena On Flores
Village Bena on Flores

This village, which is located at the foot of Mount Inerie, still adheres to the customs and habits of the megalithic era. You can feel firsthand one of the eras that humans have gone through that you may have seen through the internet or books.

Visitors can visit by paying an official levy in advance. Later you will get a headband that must be worn and is a condition of entry.

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History of the 9 Bena Tribes

Bena Traditional Village, Bajawa is inhabited by nine tribes namely the Bena tribe, Deru Lalulewa, Dizi Azi, Ago, Khopa, Ngada, Wahto, Dizi and Deru Solamae. When you enter this village, it's like you are entering a time gate that will take you to the era of thousands of years ago.

How not, traditional house buildings with tassel roofs and terraced villages will be the first sight you see.

Each tribe will live on different steps, the house is built opposite the neat arrangement. This village is the oldest village in Flores because it is estimated that it has existed since 1.200 years ago.

The name Bena was given by the natives who first occupied this area. Until now the Bena tribe is considered the founder or the oldest tribe, and you can meet them on the steps in the middle of this village.

The charm of this village is also visible from the architecture of the existing buildings. The community uses a pile of mountain stones combined with wood and alang alang roof. This naturalness will take you to the megalithic era.

Exploring to other parts, you will find Ngadu and Bhaga in the central courtyard of this village. These two buildings certainly have their own meaning for the traditional village of Bena, Bajawa.

Interesting Activities You Can Do

Not just walking and enjoying the beauty of Bena village, you can also do many other activities. The villagers until now have a traditional weaving habit.

You can make this bena weaving as a souvenir when you visit this traditional village.

Moreover, the woven fabric that is produced is very natural with materials from nature. Even the coloring by using plant roots.

Mama Bena spins Ngada's typical weaving
Mama Bena spins Ngada's typical weaving
Weaving Bena Ethnic Megalithic Village
Bena Ethnic Megalithic Weaving

Because Bena village is located on the slopes of a mountain which has low temperatures, this village produces quality coffee. The coffee produced is Arabica which has a slightly rough texture.

Arabica Coffee Village Bena
Drying Arabica Coffee Village Bena

For coffee lovers, it is mandatory to try this coffee, especially if you drink it while enjoying the beauty of Mount Inerie. Make sure you bring a capable camera to capture those unforgettable moments.

Not only weaving and enjoying coffee, you also interact with the surrounding community. Moreover, the people of Bena Traditional Village, Bajawa still maintain their traditions by living without contact with technology.

UNESCO World Heritage

Until this village was nominated as a world heritage by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO since 1995 ago. The naturalness of this village is certainly still maintained which of course this interaction experience becomes a memorable experience.

Not infrequently some foreign tourists spend the night in order to get to know more closely the lives of the people of this village. Bena village can also be historical evidence because the indigenous people in Flores are still alive and will continue to be preserved.

Access to Bena Village

To get to this location you can use the air route, you can go directly to several airports such as Komodo Airport and Bajawa Soa Airport or other names, Turelelo-Soa Airport.

Access to Bena village, can be done not only by air. You can use the land route with rent a car in flores and also the sea route with a variety of route choices. The access road is quite steep so you need a strong vehicle to reach the village.

You can use private vehicles and also available motorcycle taxis to take tourists to the traditional village of Bena, Bajawa.

After you finish visiting this village, you can continue your journey to Komodo Island or Labuan Bajo. To make it easier for you, it would be better if you rent a bajo car or also Bajo boat rental for sailing tour.

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