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Riung National Park 17Islands

Riung and 17 Islands National Park

Riung 17 Island National Park is one of the tourist attractions on the north coast of Flores Island.

The number 17 is taken from the date of Indonesian Independence to make it easier to remember.

This place is very suitable for those of you who want a holiday in an atmosphere that is not too crowded with visitors.

So, what's in this place? Let's discuss more below.

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If you want to go on holiday to Flores Island, don't forget to visit Riung 17Pulau National Park. This tourist spot may still sound strange to your ears because it is famous Flores Island tourism is object Komodo Island tour or also Weekuri Lake.


In this place, you can enjoy the enchanting scenic beauty because it turns out that this place is also a mainstay tourist attraction on the island of Flores, NTT.

Such a beautiful view can be seen from the many groups of small islands which are very interesting to visit. This is one of the attractions for domestic and foreign tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

As the name suggests, the 17 Islands National Park has a row of 17 islands.

The islands are Borong Island, Dua Island, Kolong Island, Lainjawa Island, Table Island, Bampa Island, Tiga Island, Copper Island, Ontoloe Island, Pau Island, Besar Island, Taor Island, Sui Island, Wire Island, Halima Island, Pulau Patta, and Rutong Island.

Route to Riung and 17 Islands National Park

The location of Riung 17Pulau National Park is in Riung District. More precisely, in Ngada Regency, which is approximately 72 km to the north of Bajawa. If you want to visit there, the route you can use is via SOA District which is close to Ngada City Airport.

However, if you want to use a closer route, you can fly to Kupang and take an ATR plane with the destination Kupang – Bajawa.

The path you will take when heading to Riung 17 Island National Park is quite good, but there are still some parts that are damaged. You also have to be ready to go through winding roads up and down which are quite a test of adrenaline.

You can also use a motorbike or car if you want to visit this place. The journey will take approximately 2 hours if you go through the center of Bajawa City.

If you don't want to use a private vehicle, you can use the Damri bus in the Bajawa – Riung direction.

Apart from that, you can also visit it by boat. If you use the Surabaya - Ende route, then you can use the Mbay - Riung travel service with a distance of 4 hours.

Riung Island Jet Boat

Also find other interesting things:

Tourist Attraction Operational Hours

If you want to visit Riung 17Pulau National Park, you can come at any time because this tourist attraction is open 24 hours. There are no counters that require you to pay for entry tickets so you can save money for other purposes.

Riung Tourism Activities and 17 Islands National Park

There are many activities that you can do in Riung 17Pulau National Park, including:

  1. snorkeling

For those of you who like playing with water, don't miss the opportunity to snorkel. You must try this spot because the underwater beauty of Riung and the 17 Islands National Park is very stunning.

Moreover, the sea conditions are conducive with calm waves, which will make you enjoy the view of marine flora and fauna more comfortably. There, you can find snorkeling equipment rental packages as well as fishermen's boats.

  1. Watching the Hanging Bats

One thing that is unique about Ontoloe Island is the amazing view of bats flying and hanging in the trees. Like most animals Nocturnal, Bats rest during the day in the trees and at night they will scatter in search of food.

  1. Grilled fish barbecue

After snorkeling and enjoying the underwater beauty, your energy will definitely be drained and you will feel hungry. As a solution, you can enjoy grilled fish barbeque as a stomach booster.

The combination of a beautiful beach atmosphere with delicious grilled fish will definitely taste perfect. Apart from that, the fish served is fresh fish which you can order from fishermen around Riung and the 17 Islands National Park.

Riung National Park 17Islands

Available Public Facilities

The facilities provided by this tourist attraction are quite complete, including the following:

1. Lodging

If you want to spend the night in this place, don't worry because there are several homestays that you can rent. The number of Homestays available is not large enough because this place is still relatively empty of visitors.

Recommended Homestays are Nirvana Bungalow, Bintang Homestay and Pondok SDV. This place is far from the crowds so you can comfortably enjoy the tranquility of the beach.

2. Restaurant

The number of food stalls is still quite limited and not very busy, but the food menu offered by the restaurants is very varied. You can choose the dishes you like or even try foods you've never tried before.

Tips for Traveling on Riung Island

For travelers who want to visit Riung and the 17 Islands National Park, there are several tips that you should pay attention to. Here we provide some tips for you:

1. Come during the dry season around April to October. This is the best time because when the rainy season arrives, your holiday activities will be disrupted. You cannot enjoy snorkeling, swimming or grilling fish on the beach.

2. It is recommended that you stay overnight so you can see the enchanting beauty of the sunrise emerging from behind the cluster of small islands. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience. Apart from that, in the morning you can freely see the very beautiful underwater floor.

3. For those of you who intend to stay overnight, don't forget to bring mosquito repellent lotion because in this place there are many mosquitoes at night.

4. Adjust the clothes you bring and wear. It is recommended that you bring light clothing made from material that absorbs sweat. The temperature during the day is very hot because it is located on the coast.

Also, you cannot use the fan during the day due to limited electricity. In this area, electricity is only on in the afternoon until the morning.

5. With limited electricity, make sure your electronic devices are fully charged when the electricity is on. Don't forget to bring energy reserves with the help of a Powerbank so that you can still use electronic equipment.

6. The only provider with a network in Riung and 17Pulau National Park is Telkomsel. Therefore, to keep your communication smooth, bring a Telkomsel sim card.

New Normal Order on Riung Island

Riung National Park 17Islands

It turns out that the Riung tourist attraction and the 17 Islands National Park are very interesting. You can schedule a visit to this island with your beloved friends and family.

Looking at the description of its natural beauty, it seems that being there a few hours will feel very less. It is better to stay there so that you will feel satisfied enjoying its natural beauty.

Covid-19 Pandemic

However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, this tourist attraction was closed for several months. This is an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19. But, you dont have to worry. Because this tourist attraction reopened in July 2020.

The ceremonial event for the reopening of this tourist attraction was led directly by the Regent of Ngada. Of course, implementing this new normal order requires awareness from all parties. Both from the tourism sector and also tourists or visitors.

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So for those of you who want to go on holiday to this place soon, don't forget to always apply health protocols. So that you always avoid the possibilities that could cause you to contract Covid-19. Happy holiday.


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