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10 List of the Best Coffee Producing Regions from Aceh to Wamena!

Indonesia's best coffee producing region

Are you curious about the best coffee producing areas in Indonesia? Starting from Aceh to Wamena, check out Travela's complete list!

Best Coffee Producing Area – Many people consider coffee to be a drink that must be consumed.

Coffee has been proven to increase concentration and make you more enthusiastic when working. But did Travela know that coffee plants cannot grow carelessly?

The growth of coffee plants is greatly influenced by the surrounding environment which includes climate, altitude, rainfall and wind conditions. As a result, coffee plants thrive in tropical climates like those in Indonesia.

Initially the Dutch imported coffee beans to Indonesia, especially in Kedawung, and it turned out that Indonesian coffee plants were very popular in Europe. Finally, the coffee beans are sent to other areas in Indonesia to be used.

If you are looking for the best coffee producing areas in Indonesia, check out the list below!

Best Coffee Producing Area

1. Aceh

You must be familiar with this Special City. Aceh's specialty coffee is famous throughout the world, and coffee consumption is a major tradition here. Gayo Coffee is famous for its origins in the Gayo area.

This variety of Arabica coffee has a sour taste, light body or thickness, and has a distinctive aroma. Unexpectedly, Gayo coffee was once declared the best Arabica coffee in the world.

2. Lampung

Apart from Aceh, Lampung, especially West Lampung, is one of the best and largest coffee producing areas in Indonesia. Coffee beans grow at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level.

Robusta is a popular type of coffee that has fine coffee grounds and a unique aroma. Coffee beans are processed dry so that they provide very strong quality.

This coffee smells of chocolate and cinnamon. After sipping it, Travela will feel a spicy aftertaste that is slightly sweet like caramel and slightly bitter like chocolate.

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3. Toraja

If we talk about the best coffee producing areas in Indonesia, Toraja is the right choice. These coffee beans come from the highlands around 1400 meters above sea level in South Sulawesi and offer a delicious taste.

The best coffee producing area is Toraja
Source: freepik

Apart from that, what differentiates this coffee is that when you drink it, it leaves a bitter sensation on the tip of your tongue, it's not too sour, the body is heavy, and the aroma is earthy.

This coffee has a spice-like character. Nonetheless, the remainder of Aaftertaste soft and very addictive.

4. Flowers

Flores, unlike the best coffee producing areas in Indonesia, is located between the two climates of tropical Indonesia and subtropical Australia.

Flores coffee beans grow in Ngada Regency, a mountainous area with volcanic soil. Flores produces two popular types of coffee, Bajawa and Manggarai.

Bajawa Coffee is Arabica coffee with balanced acidity and a sweet taste reminiscent of caramel and chocolate. Hazelnut, medium to strong body, floral aroma.

Meanwhile, Manggarai Arabica coffee has a delicious taste and resembles bitter beans. Flores coffee beans are famous throughout the world for their high quality, this is due to selective harvesting methods.

When picking coffee beans, producers immediately group them based on their condition, dry, semi-dry, or light dry.

5. Kintamani

Bali is famous not only for its tourist attraction, but because of Kintamani coffee which comes from the slopes of Mount Batur.

This land is productive because it contains volcanics from volcanoes. This coffee plantation is next to fruit trees, so the taste is distinctive, sour and fresh.

6. Bengkulu

A year before the pandemic, Bengkulu was the area that produced the best and most coffee. In fact, it Accounts for 70% of export Commodities.

Bengkulu has very extensive coffee plantations, approximately 95 hectares, which are dominated by Robusta coffee plants and the rest are Arabica.

7. Mandailing

Mandailing, which is located on Sumatra Island, is one of the best coffee producing areas in Indonesia. Coffee plantations in Mandailing have existed since the Dutch colonial era and continue to exist today.

In contrast to Gayo coffee which has a sour taste, Mandailing coffee is characterized by a sweet taste with a low acidity level. The aroma is distinctive, like the fragrance of fruit and flowers.

For this reason, Mandailing coffee is widely used as a house blend in coffee shops.

8. Sidikalang

Sidikalang is another area in Sumatra that produces the best coffee in Indonesia. The best Robusta coffee beans are grown in the Bukit Barisan area which has cool temperatures and good soil.

Generally the processing procedure is dry. It tastes like chocolate, with a slightly sweet taste and low acidity level, so it is safe for occasional consumption by people with stomach disorders.

Apart from that, Sidikalang coffee is known to have you aftertaste which lasts a long time, meaning the taste of the coffee will last a long time in the mouth. Unfortunately, coffee farmers in Sidikalang have started planting Arabica coffee beans instead of Robusta coffee beans, because of the large demand for Arabica coffee beans in the community.

9. Ijen

So far, the best coffee beans in Indonesia generally come from eastern Indonesia. This time we will discuss coffee beans that come from the island of Java. As the name suggests, this coffee is grown on the slopes of Mount Ijen-Raung in Bondowoso.

Ijen Raung Coffee is distinctive because it has a spicy taste and the taste of ginger can be inhaled by Travela when drinking it.

10. Wamena

Wamena, Papua, is one of the best and largest coffee producing areas in Indonesia. Coffee beans are cultivated naturally at an altitude of around 1.200 meters.

The taste of this coffee is light and the texture is smooth without dregs. This coffee has a light and smooth taste, a slightly sweet medium body, and a distinctive aroma.

Wamena Papuan Coffee leaves smoky aftertaste. Papua Wamena Coffee has a fragrant aroma and sensation floral, this is caused by clean planting conditions and the absence of chemicals or pesticides.

Indonesia is blessed with a geographical location that provides an ideal climate for coffee cultivation and production. As a result, most of the land in Indonesia is suitable for coffee plantations. Here are some of the most popular types of coffee in Indonesia. Check out the complete list below.

Types of Typical Indonesian Coffee

Luwak coffee from Indonesia
  • Sumatra: Sumatran coffee has the softest, thickest texture and most complex taste of all types of coffee in the world. Sumatran coffee is made with Robusta coffee beans.
  • Gayo: Gayo coffee is a type of Arabica coffee grown in the Gayo hills of Aceh. Gayo coffee is one of the best coffees in the world. Its main distinguishing feature is its strong aroma and does not leave a bitter taste in the mouth.
  • Toraja: Toraja coffee has a distinctive aroma, which is fragrant and not too sour. Toraja coffee usually produces floral and fruity flavors. This typical Indonesian coffee stands out for its strong and strong coffee taste you aftertaste which is slightly sour on the tongue.
  • Java: This is one of the best Indonesian coffees originating from Java Island. Javanese coffee has a faint spice aroma and is not too sour, so the taste is lighter than other types of coffee. Javanese coffee is divided into two world-famous variations, Jampit and Blawan.
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  • mongoose: Luwak coffee is famous for its special taste. Luwak will only eat the most delicious and ripe coffee. Civets will not digest coffee beans which will be excreted in their feces. The coffee beans will then be washed and processed into ready-to-drink coffee. Coffee beans that have gone through the digestion process are considered to have a distinctive and delicious taste. Considering the difficulty of the manufacturing process, it is not surprising that Luwak coffee is currently the most expensive type of coffee in the world.
  • Wamena Papuan Coffee: This coffee from eastern Indonesia has a light aroma and taste. Papuan coffee contains herbal and chocolate nuances, with a smoky aftertaste. The texture is smooth and has no dregs.
  • Kintamani Balinese Coffee: Balinese coffee has a distinctive but refreshing sour taste similar to orange. The taste is light, not too bitter, and does not leave a strong aftertaste.
  • Flores Bajawa Coffee: Flores Bajawa Coffee uses Arabica coffee which has a medium sour taste and light texture. This coffee has a sweet aroma and spicy taste with a slight herbal aroma.

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Of course, Indonesia is very proud of its ability to produce quality coffee that is world-famous. Do you know the best coffee producing areas? Which one will Travela choose?


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