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Date Museum Jakarta | 16 Most Recent Recommendations

date museum jakarta

Museum date activities in Jakarta can be an exciting and different date option. For those of you who live in Jakarta, it feels boring if you take your partner for a trip to the mall or cafe. Well, this choice of museums in Jakarta will make your romantic moments even more exciting.

Apart from seeing the works of famous artists, you can learn about different cultures and history. There is a museum with unique photo spots, where you can capture special moments with friends.

Recommended Museum Date Jakarta

Here are the recommendations for Jakarta's date museums that we recommend, see the complete list below:

1. Magic Art 3D Museum Jakarta

The 3D Magic Art Museum or known as the Kota Tua 3D Museum is one of the tourist attractions in West Jakarta. Magic Art 3D Museum Jakarta, which opened on December 7 2018, has an area of ​​2000 square meters.

This museum contains 3-dimensional illusion art paintings. Tourists can take as many photos as possible here thanks to the 3D paintings and Instagrammable photo spots. Not surprisingly, tourist interest in this 2-story museum is very large.

2. Fatahillah Museum

The Fatahillah Museum, which is located in the heart of Kota Tua, West Jakarta, seems like a must-visit when visiting Kota Tua. The structure of the Fatahillah Museum is similar to the structure of the Amsterdam Palace in the Netherlands, and was known as Stadhuis or City Hall during the Dutch colonial period.

You and your partner can learn a lot about the history of Jakarta, from the Sunda Kelapa era to Batavia and Jakarta. Apart from taking photos, visiting this museum can teach you many things!

3. Dia.lo.gue

The next recommended date museum in Jakarta is Dia.lo.gue which is located in South Jakarta. It's not just the name that is unique, but the place too!

This destination consists of a design studio, gallery, cafe and knick-knack shop. Dia.lo.gue is a must visit if you want to look for ideas or just chat with your partner.

4. Tiger Museum

The Macan Museum is a popular Jakarta date museum for many couples. The Museum Macan collection focuses on modern and contemporary art from Indonesia, Europe, America and Asia.

museum date jakarta 2024

Please remember that most of the exhibitions at the Macan Museum are temporary and change depending on the schedule. There is a Macan Museum Shop which sells literary works, handicrafts and unique souvenirs, which you can buy as souvenirs.

5. Bank Indonesia Museum

The Bank Indonesia Museum, as the name suggests, holds a collection of historic Numismatic objects and Bank Indonesia (BI) securities.

Traveling to the Jakarta museum at this museum is exciting because apart from being able to see historical objects, you can experience using the latest technology such as video mapping.

The Bank Indonesia Museum is famous for its gold pile model, which reflects gold ownership in Indonesia.

Let's meet:

6. Fine Arts & Ceramics Museum

The next recommended museum date in Jakarta is the Fine Arts & Ceramics Museum, close to the Bank Indonesia Museum.

This tourist spot is suitable as a date museum in Jakarta. There are nearly 500 superior works of art on display, ranging from sculptures, sketches, to painted batik.

Starting from the artwork "Regent of Cianjur" by Raden Saleh to the icon "Bride of the Revolution" by Hendra Gunawan, you can see everything here.

7. Textile Museum

Visit the Textile Museum to learn about the history of Indonesian fabrics! Unlike most museums that deal with artifacts, this museum in Jakarta is different.

More than 120 fabrics from various regions are on display, including batik, woven, contemporary and mixed fabrics. There is a collection of dyes and a collection of stamped batik motifs. There are various objects in the interior, such as furniture, covered in various batik themes.

8. Kite Museum

Want a museum date in Jakarta with your partner and make handicrafts? Then you should go to the Kite Museum. This museum holds a collection of nearly 600 kites produced from regional and foreign services.

The kites on display are small, measuring 2 cm, to large kites measuring 9 x 26 meters.

9. Moja Museum

This museum displays the unique Instagenic Roller Skating Rink concept. So, you can glide around the art installations.

Of course it is suitable for those of you who want to have a museum date in Jakarta with your partner. To avoid falling when using roller skates, make sure your partner is always by your side.

10. National Museum

The National Museum of Indonesia, located in the heart of Jakarta and next to the National Monument (Monas), displays beautiful architecture. In it there are many historical relics of Indonesia along with detailed information.

The National Museum is usually used for comparative studies, exhibitions and short holidays with your partner.

11. Puppet Museum

The next Jakarta date museum tourist attraction comes from the Old City area of ​​Jakarta. This museum, as its name suggests, holds a collection of wayang statues from Indonesia and the world.

You and your partner can learn the history and meaning of each wayang character. The interior design of the museum is very modern so it is not boring.

12. Salihara Museum

The Salihara Museum is a legendary museum in Jakarta. It contains pavilions, theaters and other interesting facilities.

What's even more interesting, the Salihara Museum often holds annual art events! The aim is to expose art to the public, including in the field of education.

13. Art:1 New Museum

The next list of museums in Jakarta is Art:1 New Museum, exhibiting installations by Indonesian and international artists from the 1940s to the present.

Based on its history, this museum was founded in 1983 with the name Mon Decor Art Gallery and is located in various places including Plaza Senayan, Wisma Mulia, and Grand Indonesia.

However, to accommodate large-scale exhibitions, the Art:1 New Museum was founded in 2011. This museum date activity in Jakarta involves viewing various collections of works of art by legendary and modern Indonesian artists.

14. Shophilia Museum Gallery

The next recommended date museum in Jakarta is the Shophilia Gallery Museum. Shophilia Gallery, unlike other museums and galleries, is only open on Sundays.

Paintings, artifacts, antiques and statues from European and American civilizations, as well as Chinese dynasty war clothing and pottery, are among the works of art on display. There are also reproductions of classic works by Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, and Paul Gauguin.

15. Essentials in Sarinah

Take your partner on a date to Atsiri in Sarinah if you like the aroma of Essential Oil. The recommended date museum in Jakarta this time is on Sarinah Floor 5.

Atsiri in Sarinah is a museum founded by the Tawangmangu essential oil teaching center, Rumah Atsiri. You and your partner can visit the museum area, which includes everything from aroma balls to essential plant exhibits.

There are areas video mapping with a play of colorful light that is suitable for unique photos with your partner.

Let's read about other destinations:

16. National Gallery

Art-loving couples should visit the National Gallery of Indonesia. This gallery, which is located near Gambir Station and Monas, is a place for permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Paintings, drawings, sculpture, pottery, photography and handicrafts are among the works on display. This Jakarta gallery houses more than 1.785 works by Indonesian and foreign artists such as Raden Saleh, Hendra Gunawan, Affandi, S. Sudjojono, and Basoeki Abdullah.

That's the recommendation for the Jakarta museum date, can't wait to go with your partner? Visit this weekend, guaranteed to be really exciting and unique!


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