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The Magnificence of Stonehenge Merapi Jogja

Stonehenge Merapi Yogyakarta

If you visit Jogja, it's a good idea to prepare a list of tourist destinations that you will visit, one of which is Stonehenge Merapi Jogja. This tourist attraction is very similar to Stonehenge in England! Like what? Let's read more

Stonehenge Yogyakarta
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What is Stonehenge?

Stonehege Merapi Jogja is an arrangement of stones that is deliberately made in such a way as to resemble Stonehenge in England. The arrangement of stones that have historical value and cultural heritage, especially in Yogyakarta City.

Stonehenge be interesting because it is included in one of the wonders of the world. Until now, stonhenge is still an attraction for archaeological researchers and is still the object of cultural research to explore the history of intangible cultural values.

The shape and arrangement of Stonehenge Merapi Jogja is similar to the original. The expanse of green grass makes its beauty seem more natural.

Mount Merapi is still declared active. However, the natural beauty around Mount Merapi remains an attraction for you to visit. Although Stonehenge Merapi is considered a new natural tourist destination, visitors will feel the charming atmosphere of the slopes of Mount Merapi.

From the air temperature, the view of Mount Merapi which stands firmly in the north and the road uphill along the Kaliurang road. Therefore, visitors will get to experience the natural charm that is around Mount Merapi.

Photo Tips For You

From all sides, Stonehenge Merapi tourism has many interesting angles to be used as photo spots. This is because the Stonehenge Merapi building provides a unique and different experience from other tourist destinations in Yogyakarta.

The photo spot that can be a mainstay of visitors is with a background of stone arrangement resembling Stonehenge in England. Blue wide sky stylishly sitting around stones, green grass background in style high angle, picnic style with the provisions that you put on the mat and landscape photos from a distance so you can see a circular arrangement of stones.

While the style for pre-wedding photos can use the theme of bronze and neolithic photos. However, if you mix and match with a modern style, the photo spots at Stonehenge Merapi Jogja are still suitable.

Photo by widyalokawisata

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Location of Stonehenge Merapi Jogja

Stonehenge Merapi Jogja is located in the village of Kepuharjo, Cangkringan District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region Province. To get to the location, your visitors can use a private car or use car rental services in Yogyakarta. You will go through the following route:

Yogyakarta city to the north towards JL. Kaliurang, until the fork in the direction of the intersection with the sign Kaliadem / cangkringan follow the road to the right. Then you will meet another fork to Golf Merapi or The Lost World Castle, around Merapi Golf Stonehenge Merapi Jogja is located in a nearby location.

Visiting Hours

This tourist destination is open to the public. You can visit it every day from 07:00 – 18:00 WIB.

Tourist facilities at Stonehenge Merapi

You don't need to worry if you visit Stonehenge Merapi Jogja because there are facilities in the form of toilets and parking lots. Not only attractive photo spots, but also the safety and comfort of visitors. Your equipment is guaranteed to be safe while visiting the place.

Entrance ticket

As of 2021, the entrance ticket for Stonehenge Merapi Jogja is as follows;

Per person : IDR 10.000,00

Motorcycle Parking : IDR 2.000,00

Car Parking : IDR 5.000,00

For Pre-Wedding Photos: IDR 150.000,00

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This tour is indeed worth trying. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of nature, of course it can also be for relaxation. Nature is good for calming our hearts and minds. So, you will get a lot from traveling at Stonehenge Merapi Jogja.

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