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Blue Bay Beach

blue bay beach

Blue Bay Beach is a tourist spot in East Java. Precisely located in Banyuwangi. Blue Egg Beach is also known as Blue Bay.

This tourist attraction is famous for its underwater beauty. What is the attraction of this East Java Blue Bay Beach? Check out the following information.

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Blue Bay Beach Attractions

1. Underwater Beauty

One of the main attractions of Blue Bay is none other than its stunning underwater beauty. In fact, this location is one of the best snorkeling spots in Banyuwangi, because the underwater beauty has not been widely exposed and is still so beautiful and natural.

The clear blue sea water, hence the name Blue Bay, makes snorkeling activities even more enjoyable. With clear and clean water like this, visitors can easily see the marine life around while snorkeling. In addition, the marine life here is also very diverse and beautiful.

So that many visitors choose to do diving in order to get a closer look at the underwater charm of the Blue Bay Beach, East Java. The location of Blue Bay itself is in a bay, thus adding to the convenience of tourists to do snorkeling and diving activities, because the coral reefs are still good and the waves tend to be calm.

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2. Fishing Spot

If you like hunting fish, don't forget to bring fishing equipment when visiting Teluk Biru Beach. Because this one bay is often used as a gathering place for fish, so this location is also used as a fishing spot by some tourists who have this hobby.

In fact, not a few fishermen who manage to bring big catches from the sea every day. That proves that Blue Bay is indeed often used as a place for fish to gather. In addition, you can also see the pearl breeding place there.

3. Enter the Alas Purwo National Park Area

Blue Bay Beach East Java or Blue Bay is indeed not as popular as its brother, namely Green Bay which is also in Banyuwangi. However, this one bay turns out to be part of the Alas Purwo National Park area. So, when you climb Kanano around the location, the Alas Purwo forest can be seen clearly from there.

What makes it still not as popular as Green Bay is because of its location which is quite difficult to reach. Blue Bay does have a fairly hidden location, which is behind the Sembulungan Peninsula. However, that is the main attraction of this one destination. This is what makes it often referred to as a hidden paradise by tourists.

4. Free Admission

If you go on holiday to Blue Bay, you don't need to pay an entrance ticket because you can enjoy your holiday here for free. However, to get to Teluk Biru Beach, East Java itself, the only way is to rent a fishing boat and depart from Harbor Muncar. So you will only incur costs to cross.

For your information, you can convey to the fishermen there to be delivered to Selanggrong or Senggrong when renting a boat. Because local residents are more familiar with this destination by that name, instead of Blue Bay Beach. Later you will be directly delivered to your destination and enjoy various activities there.

The charm of natural tourism in Indonesia is endless. No wonder if in Banyuwangi there are also quite a lot of hidden paradises, one of which is a blue watery beach that has the charm of this underwater beauty. Apart from enjoying the stunning underwater panorama and the surrounding nature, there are lots of interesting activities that can be done here.

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