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Tourist Attractions Around Bromo | 15 Mount Bromo Crater Destinations

tourist attractions around Bromo

Tourist attractions around Bromo are one of the popular destinations, there are many amazing spots that you can explore, check out more details here!

A holiday to Bromo will certainly be more exciting by riding in a Jeep. One of the symbols of tourism in Bromo is the sensation of climbing a mountain with a powerful vehicle to the sunrise destination.

Usually tourists take a walk in the desert after seeing the sunrise. There is no doubt about the attractiveness of Mount Bromo, it is even famous abroad.

Mount Bromo is divided into 4 districts, namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Malang District.

Latest List of Tourist Attractions Around Bromo

The following is information about tourist attractions around Bromo, see the complete list below.

1. Mount Bromo

Bromo is Malang's main tourist attraction, it would be a shame if you didn't climb this mountain, to get to the top of Mount Bromo you have to go through a path filled with sand and climb 250 steps.

Mount Bromo

The beauty of the Tenger Caldera can be seen from high peaks in East Java such as Mount Bromo, Mount Watangan, Kursi and Mount Widodaren.

2. Bromo Crater

One of Malang's most popular tourist attractions is Bromo Crater. The enchanting beauty of the Bromo crater can be seen up close. This tourist spot around Bromo is approximately 2 kilometers from the parking area.

3. Whispering Sand

Mount Bromo

Because the Bromo Malang tourist area is relatively large, tourists can easily find the best photo spots.

Apart from that, you can enjoy other activities on this whispering sand, such as riding a dirt bike or horseback riding. The location is to the east of Mount Bromo.

4. Pura Luhur Poten

This tourist spot around Bromo is unique, whereas in the past Bromo Malang Tourism was filled with natural beauty, now there is a center of worship, namely Pura Luhur Poten.

Bromo Tengger Kasada Ceremony

This temple functions as a place of worship for Hindus in the area. When the Nyepi holiday arrives, this place is often crowded with local residents who want to pray.

The Bromo Tengger National Park area is usually closed for the convenience of local residents who want to pray at this temple.

Other interesting tours:

5. Mount Widodaren

The peak of the newest Bromo Malang tourist attraction is at an altitude of 2.614 meters above sea level. According to several local residents, the peak of Mount Widodaren is often used for meditation by members of the indigenous Tengger tribe.

6. Savanna Grasslands

This tourist attraction around Bromo, which is located in the Jemplang Valley, is a shame to miss. If you are riding a motorbike, the best way to get here is via Malang or Lumajang. Bromo Malang tourism is very suitable for a weekend getaway.

7. Madakaripura Waterfall

Madakaripura Waterfall is one of the Bromo Malang tourist attractions that must be visited. Every visitor must follow the route and sometimes cross the river to reach the Bromo tourist attraction.

The perfectly curved walls of the waterfall are part of the National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru this is a conservation area.

8. Bromo Teletubbies Hill

Teletubbies Hill is the newest tourist attraction in Bromo Malang which is a shame to miss. This tourist spot around Bromo is an ideal photo spot, apart from being able to appreciate the beauty of Mount Bromo with its rows of green hills.

This Bromo tour package will allow tourists to see beautiful expanses of green grass, the grass here is very well maintained and looks very good, if you are in the Bromo Tengger area, don't forget to stop by here.

9. B29 Argosari

B29 Argosari is a popular camping spot in Bromo. This Bromo Malang tourist destination is still not well known to many tourists, it is the highest point in the Mount Bromo tourist area, exceeding Penanjakan 1.

So don't be surprised if the tourist attractions around Bromo have very cool air with stunning views, coupled with the characteristic expanse of highland vegetation, making this tourist destination a shame to miss.

10. Kingkong Hill

The next tourist attraction in Bromo Malang is Kingkong Hill. So Kingkong Hill is a popular place to admire the beauty of the sunrise on Bromo, its location is only about 2,5 kilometers from Penanjakan 1.

Even though it is the place of choice to see the sunrise, this destination is quite popular with tourists. To see the beauty of the sunrise, you have to be willing to jostle with other visitors who want to see the beauty in the morning.

11. Hill of Love

Apart from watching the beauty of the sunrise, visitors to Bukit Cinta can also look at the rows of hills that surround it. In the morning, you can enjoy the beauty of the valley and hills which are still shrouded in mist.

Even though it is a bit hot, you can see the green mountains with rows of hills that look beautiful and charming during the day. Bukit Cinta is still located next to Bukit Kingkong.

12. Ngadas Village

Tengger tribe live in a beautiful settlement in the Bromo area. Even though we have now entered the modern era, the people of Tengger Ngadas Village still carry out their customs. You can walk around and see how local people go about their daily routines.

13. Ngadisari Village

Apart from Ngadas Village, another interesting village to visit while on holiday in the Bromo area is Ngadisari Village.

Nagdisari Village is the same as Ngadas Village, which is where the Tengger Tribe people live. You can take a walk in the village to see the natural scenery around the plantations and hills in the Bromo area.

14. Mentigen Hill

The next tourist attraction around Bromo is Mentigen Hill, which is one of the hills in the Mount Bromo area which is no less stunning than Teletubbies Hill.

On Mentigen Hill you can watch the sun rise in the morning, with views that are no less beautiful than Penanjakan 1 or Bukit Cinta. Around Mentigen Hill there are hotels and inns which are often used by tourists as a place to rest.

If you stay close to Mentigen Hill, you can enjoy the sunrise by walking to Mentigen Hill. Mentigen Hill can be reached by vehicle in about 15 minutes from the entrance gate of the tourist attraction, which is approximately 1 km away.

If the weather is clear, you can enjoy a perfect view of the sunrise. Mentigen Hill is not as high as Penanjakan Hill 1 or Penanjakan Hill 2, but from here you can see Mount Batok and Mount Bromo which appear parallel.

For those who don't like crowds, Mentigen Hill could be the right choice to watch the sunrise, because the conditions are not as busy as other sunrise destinations.

The observation route is still a path covered with cantigi trees and ferns, so the atmosphere is very natural.

Let's read about other destinations:

15. Hillside Bromo

Maybe this is the newest place in Bromo which has recently gone viral on social media. Yes, this is a cafe near Mount Bromo, namely around Teletubbies Hill.

This contemporary cafe has the most beautiful spot, with 360 degree views of the savanna and Teletubbies Hill, it's really amazing to take photos from the Hillside Bromo cafe.

Vacationing and being one with nature has always been a favorite destination for all groups. Interested in visiting the tourist attractions around Bromo above? Create your itinerary now!


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