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Baluran National Park Location and Protected Animals

baluran national park

Baluran National Park is one of the national parks in Indonesia which is located in the Banyuputih area, Situbondo, East Java, Indonesia.

This popular tourist attraction in Banyuwangi is nicknamed "Little Africa in Java" because the beauty of the savanna in Baluran National Park, especially in the dry season, is no less than an African safari.

Baluran National Park, which was established in 1980, has an area of ​​250 km2 and includes ecosystems other than savanna grasslands. Baluran National Park, apart from having perfect natural beauty, is also home to various wild animals, including protected animals such as the Javan Banteng, Ajag, Leopard, Mouse Deer and Fishing Cat.

Not only animals, vegetation is able to adapt to very dry conditions when the dry season arrives. Widoro bukol trees, neem plants, and pilang trees are some examples of typical Baluran vegetation.

History of Baluran National Park

The beauty of Baluran National Park has attracted attention long before it was designated as a national park, namely since the reign of the Dutch East Indies.

KW Dammerman, Director of the Bogor Botanical Gardens at that time, proposed that Baluran be designated as a protected forest in 1930. Several years earlier, a Dutch hunter named AH.Loedeboer who visited Baluran felt that the Baluran area was very important for the conservation of wild animals, especially large mammals.

The Baluran area there was designated as a Wildlife Reserve based on the GB proclamation in 1987, at the direction of the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies No.9 dated 25 September 1937 Stbl. No. 544.

Baluran's status as a Reserve Wildlife Reserve was maintained after Indonesian independence by the Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia with Decree Number SK/II/1962 dated 11 May 1962.

Baluran was only designated as a national park on March 6 1980, to coincide with World Conservation Strategy Day.

Baluran National Park location


Baluran National Park is in the Forest/Garden Area, Sumberwaru, Kec. Banyuputih, Situbondo Regency, East Java.

Baluran National Park Ticket

The entrance ticket for local tourists is Rp. 16.000 on weekdays and Rp. 18.500 during weekends. Meanwhile, foreign tourists pay Rp. 165.000 weekdays and Rp. 240.000 on weekends. On weekdays and holidays, the car parking fee is IDR 5.000.

Tourist Destinations Around Baluran

Instead of wondering what you can do while on holiday in Baluran, here is information about interesting places in this tourist destination:

1. Japanese Cave

Tourists can visit this historical cave in Baluran National Park. One of the attractions of Baluran National Park is the Japanese Cave. This cave is a historical landmark and the entrance to the National Park. Many visitors flock to this East Java tourist attraction because it offers more than just beautiful views.

In 1980, this national park was officially designated as a historical tourist destination, especially the Japanese Cave. The presence of this cave is an important piece of evidence of Japanese colonization in the area. It measures 12 square meters and was used as an ammunition storage area and a defensive fort for the Japanese army.

2. Bama Waters

Bama beach is not only beautiful for watching the sunset, but is one of the best places for snorkeling because of its suitable waters.

Bama Beach now has 300 meters of white sand and views of mangrove vegetation. With the waters of Bama beach with its underwater beauty, everything feels even more complete.

Snorkeling lovers don't need to rent a boat to take part in this activity, because you can swim directly into the sea for a distance of 100 to 200 meters to enjoy the underwater views, especially the coral expanses. You will not only find coral, but various types of fish and aquatic animals.

3. Bilik Sijile Beach

Have you heard about Bilik Sijile Beach? Even though almost everyone doesn't know about Bilik Sijile Beach, the natural beauty around it deserves a thumbs up. Many people are starting to be interested in visiting, because they are attracted by the natural beauty of the beach.

Apart from the calm waves, this beach has stunning sunset views. Apart from the orange sky, watching the sunset with a clean beach atmosphere is even more exciting, coupled with the view of Mount Baluran.

Other interesting tours:

4. Balanan Beach

Baluran National Park is a popular tourist destination because of the many beaches it has.

Balanan Beach is one of the beaches included in this National Park. This beach is located not far from Bama Beach and can be reached by walking 3 kilometers to the west.

5. Pandeyan Beach

The next place you must visit if you go to Baluran National Park is Pandeyan Beach.

Indeed, Bilik Sijile Beach remains the best place to watch the sunset, but Pandeyan Beach is no less perfect, because it offers views of the evening sky and sunrise.

6. Evergreen Forest

The Evergreen Forest in this national park is a must-visit, because the entry fee is cheap. The path that looks like a green tunnel can be used to explore forest areas. Padang Savana can be reached via this route.

If you have entered, you will enjoy green views while in the Evergreen Forest. Many tropical trees serve as safe havens for many species of animals.

This forest offers stunning views, especially if you visit between January and February. It was proven that there were swarms of butterflies in puddles throughout the forest.

7. Savana Bekol

The next place is Savana Bekol, you can now explore it after passing through the pine forest in Baluran National Park which stretches for kilometers. You could say that Savana Bekol is the main attraction of this tourist destination.

Raisa, a singer, chose Padang Savana Bekol as the backdrop for the video clip she published because of Savana Bekol's appeal. You can take pictures of natural views when visiting Padang Savana, such as large trees in the middle of grasslands, mountainous backgrounds and wildlife which make the place even more photogenic.

8. Viewing Tower

You will be disappointed if you visit Baluran National Park but don't stop at the Viewing Tower, because this beautiful place allows you to admire the grasslands from a height, not to mention the viewing tower which was created specifically for that purpose.

Allows tourists to observe all the species that exist in the Bekol Savana. There are several wildlife sightings that can be seen, such as partridges, Deer, deer, peacocks, wild buffalo and wild bull. You will even be treated to views such as wild deer running around in groups. Some of these animals are threatened with extinction.

9. Bama Mangrove Pier

Not only is the stretch of white sand still clean, Bama Baluran Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations, this is because there is another spot, namely the Bama Mangrove Pier. Usually visitors like to take photos while on the pier.

Bama Mangrove Pier is located about 100 meters south of the beach, to get to the pier you have to pass through the mangrove forest first.

Let's read about other destinations:

10. Monsoon Forest

Lastly is the Season Forest, which is a type of forest found in Baluran National Park. “This season's forest is in season.” During the dry season, all the plants there become grasslands and shrubs.

On the other hand, the forest will be green again during the rainy season, therefore, tourists can plan their visit to enjoy the unique view of the Monsoon Forest in the dry season or fresh in the rainy season.

It is not surprising that Baluran National Park is one of the best natural tourist attractions in Indonesia, considering its diversity and beauty. Want to see the beauty that Baluran has to offer?

You can plan a trip to Baluran National Park to spend your year-end holidays!


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