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Bair Island is located in Southeast Maluku. It is undeniable that Eastern Indonesia is indeed so rich in exotic scenery like a hidden paradise.

If so far Raja Ampat has been a favorite destination in Indonesia, Eastern IndonesiaNow try to come to Bair Island, Southeast Maluku, which is no less beautiful. Curious what kind of charm?

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The Enchantment of Bair Island Tourism

1. Nicknamed the Raja Ampat of Maluku

Bair Island is one of the uninhabited islands in Tual, Southeast Maluku Regency. The location of this one island is right across from Kei Island, which is also one of the famous tours in the area.

Bair Island itself has the characteristics of two bays equipped with clear and greenish sea water. In addition, Bair Island also presents a cluster of cliffs that stand firmly and there is mangrove vegetation there.

All of these combinations present exotic views that are so beautiful to look at. No wonder this destination is often referred to as the twin of Raja Ampat, or the Raja Ampat of Maluku according to tourists.

2. Mangrove Forest

As already mentioned, Bair Island, Southeast Maluku, has mangrove vegetation that adorns its area. The existence of the mangrove forest is an attraction in itself, because its presence makes the air around it feel cooler. Even when you visit during the day though, the atmosphere here seems shady and beautiful.

It is said that the area around the mangrove forest is often used as a home for blacktip sharks. Where this blacktip shark is one of the most sought after fish in the Southeast Maluku area. In addition to the blacktip shark, there are also various other fish that are found living in the area, making exploring there even more exciting.

3. Dead Alley

On Bair Island, tourists can see an interesting spot called Lorong Mati. Although the name sounds scary, in fact the scenery that can be presented is quite the opposite. Because Lorong Mati displays a truly exotic charm when viewed.

Lorong Mati itself is two cliffs that are characteristic of Bair Island, Southeast Maluku. The two cliffs towered solidly, creating a narrow corner between them that looked like a passage.

If you want to pass through the aisle between these two cliffs, visitors are required to get wet. Because some ships do not fit through the cliff passage.

4. Snorkeling and Diving

It is not without reason why Bair Island is dubbed the twin of Raja Ampat. If Raja Ampat is famous for its underwater natural beauty, it is the same with this island in Southeast Maluku.

The natural charm of the underwater world here always manages to tempt tourists to do snorkeling and diving activities. The currents tend to be calm making activities such as snorkeling and diving more exciting.

Or you can also choose to just swim to enjoy the beauty of the ocean there. If you want something more challenging and adrenaline pumping, cliff 20 meters high that is there can be used to jump into the water.

5. Like a Private Island

Bair Island, Southeast Maluku, is an uninhabited island, so vacationing here is like relaxing on a private island. In fact, there are no inns or stalls in the area yet. The closest accommodation to this island is in Kei Kecil, so visitors can fill their stomachs and spend the night there after being satisfied playing on Bair Island.

If Raja Ampat is too mainstream for you, then visiting Bair Island in Southeast Maluku could be the right choice. This uninhabited island is a hidden paradise that is able to offer the charm of exotic tourism for you. So what are you waiting for ? Immediately plan your next vacation to Bair Island!

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