Komodo Island Sailing Trip

Komodo Island Sailing Trip

It's no secret, if eastern Indonesia has amazing natural charm and wealth. Not only Bali, but also the east side again. Yes, Komodo Island is an island full of blessings. Not only has a coastal panorama that makes you chuckle, but also has endemic fauna that is second to none in the world. Is the Komodo, the only giant ancient reptile that still exists in the world. This animal also only lives in Labuan Bajo, precisely on Rinca Island, Padar Island and Rinca Island. Travel buddy can see directly the pattern of the jumbo reptile in its natural habitat with sailing trip Komodo Island with Gotravela Indonesia.

Labuan Bajo Phinisi Ship

As a tourism service provider in Bali, Lombok, to Labuan Bajo, Gotravela Indonesia strives to provide a complete and complete accommodation service. Not only for service land tours, but also 'water tours'. One of these 'water tours' is with sailing trip Komodo Island is supported by a variety of mini cruises with the Phinisi model. There are many tour boat providers preparing Phinisi as a mini cruise ship to get around Labuan Bajo. Some of these names include Mata Komodo, Samara I and II, Neomi Cruise, MV Cajoma III, Vinca Voyage and KLM Riley.

For information, Phinisi is a type of traditional Bugis boat. This boat has 7 sails which become the 'main force' to control the speed on the sea or ocean. However, in this modern era, phinisi ships that function as cruise ships in Labuan Bajo have used engine power for their operations. However, the phinisi ship for this cruise does not lose its original feature, namely the sail. Hmmmm ... imagine not fun and serene sailing trip Komodo Island with the pride of this archipelago?!

Cataraman and Yacht

Sailing trip Komodo Island by boat Phinisi will give the impression of ethnic and traditional. However, if Travel buddy If you want to get the experience of cruising on a modern luxury yacht, you can try renting a catamaran or yacht. Cataramaran is a term for a ship that has two hulls. Because of the double hull or body, this ship also has a looser deck. Even so, this ship only carried a few people, approximately 8 people. With its exclusivity, it's no wonder that the catamaran is often called a floating five-star hotel.

Well, there are several choices of ships that can be used for: sailing trip Komodo island. Travel buddy just choose whether you prefer to use the Phinisi boat, catamaran or yacht? Of course, whatever the choice, Travel buddy you can directly book a boat rental to go around Komodo Island in Gotravela Indonesia. Just press the WhatsApp button on this site and feel the ease of ordering like chatting with friends. Happy traveling happy sailing! We look forward to attending Travel buddy on Komodo Island, soon! (y)

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