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Bali Catamaran Rent Aneecha Catamaran

Bali Catamaran Boat Rental or commonly called a catamaran ship charter is the best solution for those of you who have a small group and prioritize the privacy of the comfort of exploring the Bali sea.

The most comfortable vacation is with your partner or family to a romantic place like the island of the gods, Bali.

Bali Island is a very beautiful place, especially the water area and its cultural attractions.

For water tourism we provide offers ranging from Aquatics, fast boat ticket to Rent a Catamaran in Bali.

Let's go on vacation with luxury and private facilities with a catamaran cruise ship.

Let's listen to the podcast below:

Bali Catamaran Rentals

Catamaran type boats on the island of Bali are currently starting to be popular for rent.

Apart from being comfortable and luxurious. Affordable rental prices are also the reason and become the main target for tourists who enjoy the beauty of the archipelago's oceans.

This type of luxury catamaran is also commonly used for private charters, wedding events, hanging out with colleagues, family groups to parties and meetings.

Aneecha wedding Bali Catamaran Boat Rentals

To see the advantages of a catamaran rental in Bali, you can check out the vlog & review below!

Product Specification Aneecha Sailing Catamaran Kapal

Imagine how comfortable and enjoyable it is to sit at the end of the boat with your partner while enjoying the atmosphere of the waters and the jumping of small fish.

You can enjoy the waters in Bali with a boat charter at the Bali Aneecha Sailing Catamaran.

The motto of the Aneecha Sailing Catamaran company is

Explore the coast of Bali with luxury and comfort. Presenting an incomparable sea adventure, while exploring every inch of your precious moments.

Aneecha Sailing Catamaran
Bali Catamaran Rentals

The shape is so elegant with the interior furniture that is quite complete and luxurious will make anyone who rides it reluctant to get off.

During a boat charter trip in Bali. You will get exclusive service with 5 experienced and friendly Aneecha crew.

Aneecha Catamaran Specifications:

  • Length : 25 mtr/80 ft
  • Width: 14 mtr / 46 ft
  • Draft : 8m / 2'7″
  • Power : 2 x 200 hp YAMAHA
  • Crews: 5 crews
  • Passengers: max. 45 persons
  • Cabins : 4
  • Toilets: 2
  • Safety : Comply w/ISM-code
  • Tender : 2 x dinghy RUB

This ship was built by the expert Martin Moore & sons Ltd in 2012 which was previously known as Luxury Catamaran 79.

Inside, there are interiors that are needed by tenants such as a lounge, toilet, kitchen and an open deck section, cabin to the bar party area.

The capacity of the Bali Catamaran Rental is sufficient to accommodate a maximum of 35 people, not including the boat team.

The bedroom section is also equipped with a complete interior such as electricity, desk, wardrobe and others.

The cabin section is for those who want to conduct business in privacy or have a warm conversation with family.

Anyway, when you board the Catamaran Rental Aneecha Catamaran Bali you will not be disappointed because you pay a predetermined price.

The shape of the Aneecha Sailing Catamaran?

Catamarans usually have smaller hulls and have double hulls.

Draft (hull depth from the water surface) which is shallower than monohulls of comparable lengths have less hydrodynamic resistance than monohulls.

The form of boat rental in Bali Aneecha Sailing Catamaran
The shape of the Aneecha Catamaran ship front side

Due to the wider position of the catamaran above the water it reduces the tilting motion caused by the waves.

The form of the boat charter in Bali Aneecha is quite attractive to tourists, starting from the sails that grow to a magnificent stand with the best quality materials.

Very safe for sailing all day long. You can lie down on the front screen while enjoying the beautiful Balinese sky.

The front of the Aneecha Catamaran Bali Rental has a boat captain who will steer the boat so you can just sit back and enjoy the beauty of Bali's waters.

The Captain of the Aneecha Catamaran Bali

Entering the Aneecha Catamaran Bali Rental ship, there are several cabins that you can use to rest while doing business with colleagues.

Aneecha Catamaran Bali

In this cabin there are refrigerator facilities, tables, chairs. For the top there are several interiors for the comfort of enjoying the sun, or the bedroom.

From the top of this ship you will see the condition of the sea of ​​​​Bali widely and further. If the air feels hot, you can press the cover button and lie down on the top deck of the ship.

The speed of Bali catamaran rental can be arranged not to be too fast or slow because there are captains & crew who take turns to arrange.

Publish Rate & Daily Operate?

If you want to sail, join the sharing group with the Aneecha Sailing Catamaran ship, you can choose this package

Daily 2 Island Cruises Packages

Sailing Every day | High season (April – October)
Low season (Nov – March)
Operate : Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 08.00 – 17.30.

If you want to be picked up, you will be served by a crew at the port at 07.00 – 08.00.

Public 2 Island brochure for boat rental in Bali

While the promo price from gotravela for the 2 Islands package is

Gotravela 2 Island Cruises Packages Offer
Child (5-12 Years Old)600.0000
Infant < 5 YrsFree

Previously, you could take care of or confirm the Bali Catamaran Rental, letters and administration from the Aneecha Sailing Catamaran ship.

For more details, you can check the link price button

Price of Aneecha Sailing Catamaran Charters

If you want Aneecha Catamaran Bali Rentals just provide a budget of approximately Rp. 20 million – Rp. 40 million in a day.

For Charter Publish the rate, you can see the direct offer from Aneecha Catamaran as follows

Public rates Rent Aneecha Catamaran Bali

We, the Bali Catamaran Rental service provider, provide flexibility in the form of rental such as wanting to rent a FIT (couple) or a GIT group (group).

It is ideal for groups: community crowd, employed gathering, birthday party, company incentive, wedding venue, anniversary event and etc.

Sailing without dependence from the day of booking, the ship will come to pick up according to the charterer's area, and we will arrange your comfort during your sailing trip.

More Photo's can see this Album

anecha 01

If you want to take a honeymoon package, we will arrange the conditions for you Bali Boat Rental according to the concept of a newlywed couple.

How to Rent a Boat Aneecha Sailing Catamaran

For boat charters in Bali Aneecha Sailing Catamaran, you must book and fill out the go travela Indonesia booking form to check availability & secure booking.

infographic How to Order Gotravel

Fill in this form such as charterer's name, email, mobile number, sailing date, number of boarding members, sailing area destination, booking details and others.

Filling out the form is only a sign of the initial booking, not including the official confirmation of the booking.

If you have made a payment, the order cannot be canceled.

For more details you can check in our link How to order and there are conditions that you must comply with such as:

  • The tenants of Aneecha Catamaran Bali Rental must adjust to the schedule of the ship that will sail because we have to arrange and check the condition of the ship during the rental trip.
  • For the payment method, the tenant must shuttle a 50% DP at the beginning as a sign of completion. Payment when going to board the ship min. 7 days before departure.
  • If you want to cancel the Bali Catamaran Rental, the down payment will be forfeited, while for the payment method in full, we will try to negotiate a refund to the prospective charterer according to the provisions.
  • Make sure the proof of payment is stored properly by the tenant so that there is no schedule omission between the two parties
  • We also provide good insurance for the charterer so that the safety of the charterer is the responsibility of the Aneecha Sailing Catamaran ship service.
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Vacationing with a Bali Catamaran Boat Rental is the dream of a newly married couple, don't miss the latest promo from Aneecha Sailing Catamaran with Go Travela Indonesia.

Happy Sailing

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