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16 Typical Bangka Belitung Culinary

typical culinary of Bangka Belitung

Bangka Belitung's typical culinary delights are dominated by sea fish or seafood, see the complete list below!

Every region in Indonesia has its own culture. Not only are they different cultures, but they each have their own special foods. Likewise, the Bangka Belitung area has its own culinary delights. So, do you know what the typical culinary delights of Bangka Belitung are?

Bangka Belitung is an island that has amazing beach views. The surrounding beaches will amaze you, as will the culinary tourism.

You can taste various unique culinary delights in Bangka Belitung. Some of these culinary delights are even easy to find in big cities in Indonesia.

Recommendations for Typical Bangka Belitung Culinary

So, on this occasion, we will recommend typical Bangka Belitung culinary delights.

1. Bangka Belitung Noodles

Who doesn't know noodles, especially as many people like this noodle. This noodle dish turns out to be one of the traditional foods of Bangka Belitung. Bangka Belitung Noodles is one of the typical culinary delights of Bangka Belitung.

Recommendations for typical Bangka Belitung culinary delights

The soup is specially produced, according to the taste of Bangka Belitung, which differentiates Bangka noodles from noodles from other regions. Apart from that, these noodles are usually topped with chicken, beef and even seafood.

2. Koba Noodles

It turns out that Koba noodles are another popular Bangka Belitung noodle. Have you heard of these noodles before? This noodle is quite unique, especially the soup, because it is made from mackerel fish stock.

Mackerel fish is boiled and then finely pounded to make it. The mashed mackerel fish is then boiled again with traditional Bangka Belitung spices. Such as cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander and other spices.

3. Lakso Bangka Belitung

Apart from the 2 noodles mentioned previously, it turns out there is another Bangka Belitung noodle which has the famous name, namely Lakso.

Do you understand how to make lakso? Lakso is wheat noodles which are then mixed with rice flour and sago flour. What makes this dish even more unique is its white color.

This Lakso Noodle is very delicious even though it is white. Furthermore, this food sauce is produced from fish stock combined with various kinds of spices such as turmeric, shallots, coriander, candlenuts, and so on. So, this dish is very suitable to eat when it rains.

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4. Pantiaw Bangka Belitung

So, for those of you kwetiau lovers, it turns out that in Bangka Belitung there is a food that is very similar to kwetiau. Even though it has a similar taste to kwetiau, the presentation is different from pantiaw.

Pantiaw is a food similar to kwetiau. Pantiaw itself is divided into 2 types, namely pantiaw which is made from rice flour and pantiaw which is made from wheat flour. The color of pantiaw is almost identical to milk white.

5. Berego Bangka Belitung

Apart from food similar to kwetiau, it turns out there is a food similar to lontong opor in Bangka Belitung, namely Berego.

When visiting Bangka Belitung, don't miss the local culinary delights. Even though it looks like lontong, this food is actually made from sago flour and rice flour.

Apart from that, the sauce on this food is very typical of Bangka Belitung which is famous for its marine ingredients. Don't be surprised, this food's sauce comes from fish curry.

6. Bangka Belitung Gonggong Snail

try Gonggong Snail if you want to try unique food. Bangka Belitung culinary delights are unique, because the main ingredient is snails.

In fact, this food is often found in Bangka Belitung. Apart from that, this food is cooked by boiling or frying. It will be even more delicious if served with chili sauce.

7. Yellow Pepper

If you like eating fish, you have to try this typical Bangka Belitung culinary delight. This food has a distinctive taste because it is usually cooked with fish or seafood from Bangka Belitung as the main ingredient.

This food is considered one of the Bangka Belitung foods which is made from sea fish. In fact, these foods are widely available. Because Bangka Belitung is located near the sea, Bangka Belitung food is famous for its seafood products.

8. Belacan Belitung

Apart from soupy food, Belacan food is a traditional Bangka Belitung food. It turns out that this culinary delight can not only be tasted in Bangka Belitung, but can be used as a souvenir.

The aroma and taste of this food is amazing. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are hunting for this dish, are you one of them?

9. Rusip Bangka Belitung

Apart from Lempah Kuning, another traditional soup from Bangka Belitung is Rusip. Have you tasted it or cooked it at home? Apart from that, this food is different from Belacan.

According to the Central Bangka Regional Government website, this Bangka Belitung Traditional Food is a type of chili sauce produced from anchovies which are then fermented with salt, palm sugar water and rice crust water.

10. Bangka Belitung Gangan Soup

Gangan soup is another typical Bangka Belitung culinary dish. You shouldn't miss this food if you visit Bangka Belitung. Moreover, the aroma and taste of this soup is very suitable to arouse the taste buds. Plus, it goes well with rice.

The main ingredients of this food are Mackerel Fish, Turmeric, Galangal, Shallots, Garlic, Chilies, and various spices. This food will be even more delicious if it is made spicy or changed according to your wishes.

11. Bong Li Piang Bangka Belitung

As stated previously, certain Bangka Belitung people are of Chinese descent.

Therefore, sometimes various foods appear that are a combination of Indonesia and China, one of which is Bong Li Piang.

Coconut milk, pineapple, Javanese sugar and wheat flour are used to make this typical Bangka Belitung culinary delight. If you visit Bangka, you won't be satisfied if you don't try this food.

12. Papaya Sweet Potato Leaf Rujak

Who hasn't heard of rujak? You could even claim that this food has a very different taste, especially because it is popular among women.

Sweet potato leaf salad is a popular salad in Bangka Belitung. This rujak is served with papaya flowers besides sweet potato leaves. When you eat this food, it will look unique because the rujak ingredients are leaves, not fruit.

13. Kricu Bangka Belitung

Kricu made from squid eggs is a typical Bangka Belitung food that can be used as a souvenir or other snack.

This food has a texture similar to dry cakes in general, namely crunchy. This cake has a savory taste with a slight sweet taste.

14. Lempok Cempedak

One of the most popular culinary delights among travelers is Lempok Cempedak which is a traditional food from Bangka Belitung.

The reason is, this food can be used as a souvenir or snack at home. Lempok or dodol, as the name suggests, is made from cempedak fruit which has a delicious taste and chewy texture.

15. Martabak Bangka

Some of you must be familiar with this culinary delight. Yes, Bangka martabak can be found in almost every city in Indonesia. This dish is very popular and has a delicious taste.

Martabak Bangka is known as Hok Lo Pan on Bangka Island, which means "Hok Lo People's Cake". This culinary delight was discovered by the Hakka (Khek) people in Bangka.

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16. Lingkung Sambal

Apart from Rusip, sambelingkung is one of the typical Bangka Belitung culinary delights that you can take home as a souvenir.

This food has a texture similar to beef floss, but the ingredients come from various types of fish, including small shark, parang fish, mackerel fish and mayong fish.

All fish are made by boiling and mashing. Once everything is smooth, sauteed with various spices. This dish goes well with hot rice and can be used as a filling for sandwiches.

Above are some recommendations for typical Bangka Belitung culinary delights. If you visit this island, you must try some of the dishes above, OK?


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