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20 Free Vacation Spots in Bali

Free Bali Vacation Spots

Everyone wants to be able to visit a free vacation spot in Bali which is famous for its stunning scenery.

There are so many tourist attractions in Bali that you can visit with your family and friends. Let's look at free Bali holiday spots that can be a reference for your tourist destinations:

Bali Island Tour
Photo via Adriana Maria

1. Musi Village Waterfall Tour

Tourism in the Musi village waterfall is not very well known to domestic and foreign tourists. But you will find amazing views there. You will find a waterfall that is on two cliffs and flows into a pond.

2. Pasah Uwug Tour

The location of this sea is in Nusa Penida. You will see a geological appearance that is there is an arch in the rock cliff that was once a cave. You can enjoy swimming in this natural pool. Or a photo background that will be very good for those of you who like to take pictures.

3. Angel's Billabong.

This tour is a natural pool tour. You can swim in the crystal clear water of the pool. You can see to the bottom of the pool because of the clarity of the water. This tourist location is in the village of Bunga Mekar, Banjar Sumpang, Nusa Penida.

4. Waterblowing in Nusa Dua

The amazing spout of sea water will be an exciting sight if you can stop by this tour. Precisely in the area of ​​Nusa Dua, Badung. The burst of sea water comes from high-speed waves from the Indian Ocean. The waves hit the gap between the cliffs, causing a burst of sea water.

5. Travel Tegallalang

Here you will see the expanse of rice fields that are beautiful and soothing to the eyes. If you are looking for inspiration, then this place is the right place. If you want to just drink or have coffee, then there is a cafe there. There is also an art display gallery.

6. Travel Hot water bath 

If you want to take a hot bath then you can stop by Banjar, Lovina beach area. With a water temperature of 37°C and an area that has many trees, it makes the atmosphere very beautiful and creates a relaxing effect for anyone who is there.

7. Travel in Tamblingan Lake

In this lake you can breathe fresh air with beautiful views. You can also walk through the rainforest with its flora and fauna.

For those who like fishing, then by renting a boat, you can go fishing and along the lake. Tamblingan Tourism Lake this is in Mundak village in Banjar district.

8. Giant Parrot Tree

The next free Bali holiday spot is the Giant Bayan Tree. The parrot tree there is estimated to be 700 years old. The height of this tree is 85 meters and has become maze. Previously, this tree was believed to be a place for residents to hide from Dutch attacks.

Or also known as a hiding place. If you want to try climbing this tree you can do it by climbing the tree roots and holding on to the roots.

Check this later, guys:

9. Witnessing the Charm Suluban Beach

In tourist spots Suluban Beach Here you will see Suluban cave. From this cave you can even penetrate the view to the ocean. This cave is the road to the beach which is adjacent to Uluwatu Temple.

10. Craft Village Tour 

Located in Celuk Village, precisely on Celuk Street, Gianyar. So Prapen, is a well-known workshop in this village. You can also shop for well-known silver. Prapen is indeed known as a village that produces silver crafts that have been passed down for centuries.

11. Shopping at the Bazaar in the hipster area 

The name of this place is Love Anchor. You can follow Batu Bolong road to get there. There is also a small market which is great for taking photos. Many lamps decorate the existing small markets. There are cafes, shops and bars as well.

You can see the bazaar market on every Sunday. Rows of shops selling cool outlets. There are fashion products and others. But the price of souvenirs there is a little expensive. But you will not be disappointed with the variety of knick-knacks available there.

12. Climbing Mount Batur 

Pinggan Village, Mount Batur is a volcano that is the choice of many tourist destinations. Located in the District Kintamani.

Mount Batur trekking

Watch the sunrise from the top and the fresh air from the top of the mountain, the perfect healing choice! Let's get Mount Batur trekking promo with gottravela!

The view of the mountain that appears from this village will be very beautiful to look at.

13. Belong Hill Tourism

You will find a green expanse as far as the eye can see. The combination of green grass and blue skies makes this tour even more exciting. To reach the height of the hill, you have to climb as high as 150 meters.

14. Enjoying Nature in Campuhan Ridge Walk

The next free Bali vacation spot is Campuhan Ridge Walk. Here you can find a stretch of footpath that passes through huts, rice fields and villas. 

It's very beautiful and will feel amazing. If you want to follow this beautiful route then you better do it in the morning. Because usually during the day the sun will be very hot.

15. Seeing the Charm Nyang Nyang Beach

Venues Nyang Nyang Beach It is surrounded by high cliffs so that the beach location becomes secluded. The white and soft sand makes the atmosphere calm even though the beach is quiet and not many visitors.

You can walk down the street near Uluwatu Temple. It's also easy for you to find stalls there. And after arriving at the location, you can cross 500 steps that directly lead to the beach.

16. Cheap shopping at Trendy Bazaar : Love Anchor

Of course, you already know that Canggu is the hipster area in Bali. Well, if you walk along Jalan Batu Bolong after sunset, you will find a small market that is definitely instagramable. The market looks very attractive with bright lights that are very beautiful.

Every Sunday this market will transform into a bazaar location with impromptu outlets. Of course the price will not drain your pocket really.

17. Playing in the Water Waterboom Nusa Dua

You are certainly not strange with waterboom. Well, indeed these four tours are very often found in big cities and are in demand from all ages. Especially children and toddlers. With the atmosphere of cool water with mountain air, the waterboom will be a suitable place to relax.

18. Play in Tegalwangi Beach

Tegal Wangi Beach is one of the unique nature in the city of Bali. You will be fascinated by the landscape that is there. When you soak in a natural pool where the water is direct sea water.

The panorama is also very interesting for a place to relieve the fatigue of daily activities. Soaking in it makes you like a Jacuzzi.

19. Enjoying the Exotic Beauty of the Kuta Sea

This tourist destination is a legendary tourist destination. Kuta Sea has long been known and has become an icon Bali tourism. Like sea conditions in general, Kuta sea also offers amazing views.

20. Turtle Conservation on Serangan Island

You can use this island as an alternative to travel for and relatives. There is a turtle conservation there. You can see the turtle eggs directly. Or style with the turtles on this island. Usually those who like animals will choose a tour to this place.

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So, those are 20 recommendations for free Bali vacation spots that can be your destination. Oh yeah, if you prefer a vacation near your home, here's a recommendation holiday ideas near home for you. Happy traveling do free tours on the island of Bali unforgettable...


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