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Nyang Nyang Beach Pecatu

Nyang Nyang Beach Pecatu

Want to go to the beach but don't want a crowded atmosphere? Pecatu Nyang Nyang Beach can be your choice.

This beach with its exotic beauty that is not inferior to other beaches in Bali is hidden in the South of the Island of the Gods.

Are you someone who likes challenges? You have to go to this beach. Megawhy? Continue reading this article to find the answer yes.

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The Island of the Gods always anesthetizes visitors with its beach tours scattered in every area. Each beach that is there each provides a different beauty and all of them always cause a sense of longing to come to visit again.

Badung Regency is one of the areas that has many lists of beach tourism. For example, Jimbaran Beach, Canggu Beach, Bingin Beach, New Kuta Beach, and many more.

One of the beaches in Badung Regency is Nyang Nyang Pecatu Beach. This beach, located in Pecatu Village, has been named one of the best beaches in the world and a must-visit in 2018 by CNN international travel.

Location of Nyang Nyang Beach in Pecatu

Pecatu's Nyang Nyang Beach is not so crowded and not yet famous when compared to other beaches. The beach in the South Kuta area has not yet entered the digital map.

This proves that this beach is still rarely known by tourists. In addition, Pecatu Nyang Nyang Beach is still classified as a new tourist location so this beach is not too familiar to tourists.

This beach is before Uluwatu Temple and access to Pecatu Nyang Nyang Beach is quite difficult because the location of the beach is under a cliff and if you really want to go to the beach, visitors have to go down stairs whose slope is quite extreme.

About Nyang Nyang Beach

Although the road to this beach is difficult, the tiredness will pay off with the views that you will get on this beach. This beach has a golden yellow rough texture. The view of the cliffs is very beautiful combined with high rolling waves.

The location of this beach is a surfer's paradise because the beach is directly opposite the Indian Ocean. This causes the waves of Nyang Nyang Beach to be very suitable for surfing.

Because of its location facing the Indian Ocean, this beach is not suitable for those of you who want to swim, especially for visitors who are not surfers.

Nyang Nyang Beach

But even so you can still do other activities that are no less fun such as playing in the sand, sunbathing, or just relaxing enjoying the beauty of the beach.

If you want to visit Pecatu's Nyang Nyang Beach, the best time to go there is from May to October. More precisely when it is not the rainy season.

Rain makes access to the beach more difficult and dangerous because the stairs will be slippery in the rain.

The Other Side of Nyang Nyang Beach

If you are satisfied with enjoying the beauty of Nyang Nyang Pecatu Beach, visitors can still do a challenging activity, namely paragliding.

Paragliding on the Hill Peninsula will make you see very beautiful scenery, such as cliffs and beach views from the air. If you go paragliding in the afternoon, you will see a beautiful sunset.

Route to the Beach

You can reach this hidden beach by 3 routes. If you are in the area near Gunung Payung Beach, you can go to Jalan Dharmawangsa towards Ungasan before going to the Uluwatu Pecatu highway.

After that take the left to Jalan Batu Nunggalan and not far you will find on the side of the road the entrance to the beach.

The next route choice is from the direction of Morabito Beach. If you are on Morabito Beach or close to the area, you can head to Bingin Beach road and continue to the Uluwatu Pecatu highway, then take the road to Batu Nunggalan and arrive at Nyang Nyang Pecatu Beach.

The last route you can use if you just landed at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and want to go straight to the beach. You can go through Dharmawangsa road towards Ungasan then enter Toya Ning road 1. Then head to Uluwatu Pecatu highway then take Batu Nunggalan road to reach the beach location.

Development of Beach Facilities by Local Traditional Villages

The tourist attraction of Nyang Nyang Pecatu Beach, which is still relatively new, is indeed still lacking in facilities for visitors. Meanwhile, the potential for coastal tourism is very large if it is developed.

Therefore, the Pecatu Indigenous Bandesa began to organize this new tourist attraction. The Pecatu Traditional Village has also communicated to a number of parties in designing the beach arrangement so that it is really mature.

However, facilities such as toilets and changing rooms after playing in the water began to be prepared by the Pecatu Traditional Village. The road to the beach has also been concreted. So, you don't have to worry about coming to visit Nyang Nyang Beach.

That's a little review about Nyang Nyang Beach which has hidden beauty. May be useful.


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