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Bantimurung National Park | Exotic Tourism in South Sulawesi

Bantimurung National Park

Bantimurung National Park

Bantimurung It was designated as a nature conservation area in 2004. This park with an area of ​​around 43.770 hectares is located in Bantimurung District, Maros, South Sulawesi.

The location of this tourist attraction is in Maros and Pangkep Regencies. This park is not far from the provincial capital, Makassar.

So, if you come here, you can taste a variety Makassar typical snacks and at the same time make it a souvenir.

Bantimurung National Park

This National Park is not only intended as a sanctuary for special animals. However, its natural beauty and charm make this place worthy of being a tourist spot for anyone who wants to visit.

Waterfalls, caves, limestone hills, wild and natural animals are perfect tourist attractions to enjoy.

Bantimurung National Park has various unique features and characteristics that cannot be found anywhere else.

This park is like a hidden paradise that has incomparable beauty. Karst, caves with charming stalactites and stalagmites, hundreds of species of butterflies and much more beauty.

Hidden Charm in Makassar

Makassar National Park is open every day from 06.00 to 18.00. Ticket price Rp. 25.000 per person.

This ticket price includes entrance tickets to the caves and bathing places there. Tourists are also allowed to use all available facilities.

The following are various tourist destinations that you can find in the Bantimurung National Park area.

1. Bantimurung Tourism Area

This tourist area has indeed been opened to the public and has become a leading tourist destination in Maros Regency. Here, you can see various kinds of natural beauty such as waterfalls, rivers flowing between steep cliffs, clear lakes and so on.

You will also be treated to a very eye-pleasing view, namely hundreds of species of butterflies flying freely. There are around 250 species of butterflies that live in this area. That's why this place is called The Kingdom of Butterflies.

2. Leang-leang Prehistoric Area

Leang-leang is a village in Maros which is still included in the Bantimurung National Park area. There are the largest karst mountains in the world which are thousands of years old.

In this area, you will find 286 caves with more than 30 prehistoric caves. That is why the Leang-leang area is more famous for its culture and prehistoric life.

On the cave walls, you can find paintings of human palms, deer and various artifacts. This image of a palm is allegedly the palm of an ancient human. It is located in Pettakere Cave.

3. Pattunuang Tourism Area

Pattunuang tourism is also still included in the Bantimurung National Park area. Here, you can challenge your adrenaline by doing various kinds of thrilling activities such as rock climbing, going through caves, along rivers and so on.

This tourist area also provides views of various types of plants and wild animals that still live in their habitat.

Species of animals and plants here are rare and difficult to find. This tourist area is perfect for those of you who like to explore new things in the universe.

4. Leang Pute Vertical Cave

If you are a person who likes challenging activities, maybe now is the time to try the deepest vertical cave in Indonesia. Leang Pute is not an ordinary cave.

This cave is not horizontal like caves in general. This cave is like a very, very deep well with walls filled with sharp rocks.

With a depth of 260 – 270 meters, this cave is quite tense when viewed from the mouth of the cave. To explore this cave, you don't just need courage.

You must equip yourself with stamina, expertise, equipment and solid team support. However, when you are able to conquer this cave, you will feel a sense of pride that cannot be expressed in words.

This cave is very exotic and interesting in its way. It was a very difficult struggle to conquer this place.

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5. Karaenta Animal Watch Area

Karaenta is a natural laboratory that provides various kinds of science and knowledge about nature and its surroundings.

The richness of flora and fauna in this place is really interesting to explore. There are many new things you can find, such as clusters of ebony wood which are now starting to become rare.

The area which is included in the Bantimurung National Park area has a special species called the Macaca Maura Primate.

This species is a unique and interesting group of black monkeys. These animals often put on shows and are used as spectacles by newcomers.

6. Bulusaraung Mountains Tourism Area

This place is a tourist village that is still very natural and has not been touched by modernization. The rural atmosphere is very beautiful, cool with friendly and smiling people.

If you are lucky, you might be able to enjoy the ceremonial offerings and traditional customs that are still carried out regularly.

In order to explore this place more deeply, you can continue to the top of Mount Bulusaraung which is at an altitude of 1353 meters above sea level.

You will find two hiking trails with nine rest posts. During the trip, you will encounter various kinds of wildlife such as birds, butterflies, civets and tarsiers.

7. Leang Lonrong Natural Bath

The most interesting thing about Bantimurung National Park is the natural bathing river that flows from the Leang Lonrong cave.

The cave under the cliff Karst It has a river that always flows throughout the year. The water is very clear, like a private swimming pool.

When you bathe here, you may be accompanied by tarsiers that appear in the gaps in the karst rocks.


That is the exoticism of Bantimurung National Park which is very enchanting and worth considering as a tourist attraction.

Don't get so hung up on the name of the National Park that all you can think of is wildlife.

There is still a lot of natural beauty that can be explored in this National Park. The seven places above are just some of the exoticism that can be concluded.

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