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20 Unique Tana Toraja Culinary Specials with High Taste

Toraja culinary lime

You can enjoy a variety of delicious and unique Tana Toraja specialties when traveling to South Sulawesi.

Tana Toraja is the name of a district in South Sulawesi Province with an area of ​​about 3.203 km² and inhabited by 268.588 people (2017 census).


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Tana Toraja This is one of the districts in Indonesia that still maintains its traditional culture closely.

Typical Tana Toraja Culinary

The community maintains a past lifestyle that is still maintained today. Traditions, language and literature, houses, carvings, art, music and dance, to culinary arts are still very natural until now.

Are you curious about this one district, especially with the typical culinary of Tanah Toraja which is said to be legendary! Let's look at the following culinary info, who knows in the future you will have the opportunity to stop by Tana Toraja.

List of Must-Try Typical Culinary

Although not as famous as Padang cuisine, Tama Toraja's culinary is no less tantalizing and addictive.

How not, every culinary specialty of Tanah Toraja is able to colonize the taste buds through the first bite.

Even when I heard the description alone, saliva seemed to flow wanting to taste it. Before getting more curious, here are the typical dishes from Tana Toraja that you must try:

1. Pantollo Pamarrasan

The first Tana Toraja culinary specialty is Pantollo Pamarrasan which is famous for its black spices.

This black spice is made from kluwak, the fruit of a tree that grows wild. Kluwek fruit is black with a distinctive bitter taste.

This taste is what makes Pantollo Pamarrasan different from other Indonesian specialties.

The main ingredient of Pantollo Pamarrasan is meat. Some use pork, buffalo, fish, or eel depending on the tastes of each family.

This food is generally processed spicy with a mixture of whole chilies to add to the taste sensation. You must try this food if you visit Tana Toraja, yes!

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2. Pantollo Duku (pork)

This typical Toraja cuisine uses the exact same spices as Pantollo Pamarassan.

Pantollo Duku

The basic ingredient used is pork which is added with lombok katokkon to increase the spicy sensation.

3. Pantollo Lendong

With the same basic seasoning, namely kluwak, Pantollo Lendong uses eel as the basic ingredient. This food is generally served when there is a traditional event or ceremony.

4. Pantollo Bale (fish)

With the same spices as Pantollo Lendong and Duku, Pantollo Bale uses fish as the main ingredient. The fish commonly used are carp or tuna.

5. Pantollo Duku Manuk

If the typical Tana Toraja culinary, this one might be similar to the spicy Javanese shredded chicken, only using kluwek seasoning. The spicy taste makes it even more delicious.

6. Pa'piong

tana toraja culinary pa'piong

This food is cooked in an unusual way using bamboo.

Then serve it with bulunangko or mayana vegetables, pa'piong is generally made from chicken meat mixed with herbs and spices.

7. Pa'piong Bo'bo Rice

This Pa'piong does not use chicken or pork as the basic ingredients, but uses rice.

Rice that has been washed clean will be mixed with various kinds of spices such as scallions, lemongrass stalks, pepper, shallots, and garlic.

Papiong Bobo Rice

When all the spices have been blended, the rice mixture is put into the bamboo that has been previously covered with banana leaves.

This bamboo is burned by traditional methods so as to produce the right maturity.

8. Pa'piong Burak

Pa'piong burak is different from pork pa'piong even though it uses the same basic ingredients, namely pork.

Using additional young banana stems or young bamboo stems mixed with shallots, garlic, pepper, lemongrass, and young coconut.

This mixture is then burned on the stove until cooked perfectly.

9. RW Pa'tong

This typical Toraja cuisine is indeed quite extreme when you hear it. RW pa'tong is processed dog meat with a variety of traditional spices to produce a spicy, distinctive and delicious taste.

RW Patong

Unfortunately, not many provide this food menu because the price is quite expensive.

10. Pa'lawa

This one food is made from chicken meat with simple spices that are processed in such a way as to become a delicious meal. It tastes spicy and savory so it is often used as a side dish.

11. Tu'tuk Utan

tutuk utan

This special dish is made from all kinds of ground vegetables. Usually the vegetables used are cassava leaves cooked with pork to dry.

12. Tu'tuk Pepper Katokkon

Tana Toraja's signature dish is actually a kind of chili sauce. Made from the hottest chili in Tana Toraja, Tu'tuk pepper katokkon will give you a delicious sensation when you eat, especially for you lovers of spicy dishes.

13. Koteng or Suso

Koteng is a food in the form of processed snails. The snails that have been collected from the rice fields are washed and then sautéed using spices and given a little gravy.

14. Trees

Pokon has a shape that is very similar to lontong in Javanese cuisine. However, the materials and packaging are completely different.

Pokon is made from black sticky rice mixed with grated coconut and then wrapped like rice cake using bamboo leaves.

This food is generally served in the afternoon as a companion to tea or coffee.

15. Chalk

Toraja culinary lime

This one food is quite typical and is widely known as a souvenir from Tana Toraja.

Made from various vegetables such as long beans, kale, banana ontong, and pink pumpkin, also included milkfish, fried anchovies, and sago.

It tastes fresh, savory and spicy typical of Tana Toraja.

16. Pangrarang (satay)

The shape is the same as satay in other places, except that the pangrarang uses salt only when burning the meat.

The seasoning for the meal is only knead chili and lime juice only, but the taste is very appetizing.

17. Deppa Tori

Deppa Tori, typical Toraja food

This food is a typical pastry that is usually a typical souvenir. The ingredients are only rice flour, sugar and some other ingredients.

18. Dangkot Beef Kotte Duck

This Tana Toraja specialty dish is made from duck meat which is processed with special spices. It tastes very delicious, which is a combination of savory, salty, and spicy flavors. We guarantee you will be blown away by its unique taste.

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19. Ballo (wine)

Ballo is the result of drinking from the palm tree or commonly known as palm wine. This drink contains alcohol and can be quite intoxicating.

Drinking this Toraja tahah alcoholic beverage has indeed become a habit of serving adult men and local culture.

20. Toraja Coffee

Tana Toraja is one of the best coffee-producing regions in the world. Arabica coffee thrives with a unique taste.

toraja coffee

You should not miss tasting this famous Toraja coffee.


Those are 20 typical Tana Toraja culinary delights that absolutely should not be missed when you visit Sulawesi. Make sure to at least taste this unique culinary delight and add to the experience of trying the archipelago's culinary specialties.

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