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Cimory Dairyland Prigen

Cimory Dairyland Prigen

Cimory Dairyland Prigen is an educational tourist spot that is suitable to go with family. This tourist spot, located in Pasuruan, East Java, belongs to one of the largest yogurt-producing companies in Indonesia. Especially if it wasn't Cimory.

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The Cimory Dairyland Prigen tourist attraction was built in 2019. With a variety of interesting activities that can be done, this place is a favorite choice for tourists.

They mostly travel with family because this tourist spot is suitable for children.

Interesting experiences and additional insights about the process of milking cows can be found here. Kids will definitely love it.

They can also see cows here. In addition, there is also a water park. Children can play with water to their heart's content. Of course it's not boring.

Fun Activities at Cimory Dairyland Prigen

1. Milking and Making Yogurt

The main attraction of Cimory Dairyland Prigen is that visitors can make yogurt starting from the process of milking the cows directly. Children will be entertained by this fun educational activity.

2. Feeding Rabbits and Sheep

It turns out that not only cows are here. However, there are other animals such as sheep and rabbits. Tourists are allowed to feed the animals grass. This activity is very fun. Make no mistake, the animals are tame so the children will not be afraid. Oh, there are donkeys, geese and ponies too.

3. Play in the Water at the Waterpark

The excitement of playing water in the waterpark is always a target. Coming to Cimory Dairyland Prigen without playing in the water will certainly feel incomplete.

Once satisfied playing with the cute animals that exist, the tourists can enjoy a fairly complete water rides. There is a swimming pool, slide and fountain.

In order to take care of their children, parents are allowed to accompany their children at the waterpark.

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4. Enjoy Culinary

After playing water, usually the stomach feels rumbling. You can stop at the Dairy Restaurant.

There are various variations of the menu here ranging from western to typical Indonesian food. This restaurant is very clean. The design is also unique and the place is spacious.

5. Shop for Special Souvenirs

Don't forget to buy souvenirs for your family at home. At the Dairy Shop, there are various choices of souvenirs such as milk, yogurt, dolls, key chains and various other items.

6. Take pictures at Lulu Museum

As a memento, let's take pictures at the Lulu museum. There are various very cool 3D art images as photo backgrounds. You can take as many photos as you want to get the best photos, you can upload them on social media or just as personal documentation.

Location Cimory Dairyland

The Cimory Dairyland family educational tourism object is located on Jln Raya Prigen No 8, Plembon, Pigen, Pasuruan, East Java. From downtown Pasuruan, this tourist spot is about 1,7 km. You can use a motorbike or a car.

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Travel Tips in Cimory Prigen

To make your vacation even more enjoyable, there are a few things to consider if you want to travel to Cimory Dairyland with your family.

  1. It's best to bring a hat to protect your head from the hot sun. Most of the rides are outdoors.
  2. The air at Cimory Prigen is cold, so bring a jacket or sweater.
  3. Don't forget to bring a change of clothes because there is a waterpark.
  4. Come on a day other than the weekend if you want to avoid traffic jams. Usually weekend visitors more than on weekdays. The ticket price is also cheaper on weekdays, which is Rp. 20.000 per person. While on weekdays the ticket is Rp. 30.000 per person. In addition, there is also a canal ticket depending on what package is taken.

Wow, it's definitely fun to vacation in Cimory Dairyland Prigen this. Not just a vacation, but your little one can also get valuable insights and experiences.


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