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Kedung Pedut Waterfall

Kulon Progo Kedung Pedut Waterfall

Kedung Pedut Kulon Progo Waterfall in Yogyakarta it has a lot of beauty. Maybe some of you still feel unfamiliar with the name of this one, but the natural charm it has will be able to bewitch and fascinate you.

What is the beauty of this one waterfall? You can also listen to the full review.

Kedung Pedut Waterfall
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Peeking At His Attraction

Being in this tourist location, you will also be greeted with the unique color of the water in the waterfall. Because, this destination offers two beautiful colors, green and white, which will amaze you. In this one place, you will also find a naturally formed swimming pool.

The water that comes from the swimming pool comes from a waterfall that is not far from this area.

In addition, the color of the water seen at this location occurs due to the influence of the river bedrock that dissolves slowly. This of course will change the color of the water as you see when visiting this one location.

At the Kedung Pedut Kulon Progo Waterfall location, you will not only find one pond. but also there is a small pond around it and forms like a ladder.

To see the beauty of this tour, you can go up to the viewing post and the beauty of the waterfall will amaze you.

Route Location and Address of Kedung Pedut Waterfall

If you want to visit this tourist spot, you can just come to the Kembang Hamlet area, Jatimulyo Village, Girimulyo District, Kulonprogo.

If you depart from downtown Jogja, then you can also head to the west of the Demak Ijo Ring Road intersection.

Then you can take directions to Godean until you reach the Godean Market. Follow the straight path until you find Kenteng Market.

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You can walk to the incline menoreh. Next, take the direction to Goa Kiskendo and later you will find a T-junction. Here you can walk about 4 km to Grojogan Mudal and turn left, follow to the waterfall.

Find other interesting things:

Entrance ticket

When talking about Kedung Pedut Kulon Progo Waterfall, entering this tourist area you will not be charged an expensive price. Because to be able to enjoy this beauty, you will only be charged an entrance fee of around 3 thousand rupiah. The price will definitely be very cheap and friendly on the pocket.

In addition, you will also be charged a parking fee for motorized vehicles, which is around 3 thousand rupiahs for motorbikes and about 5 thousand rupiahs for cars. With this price you can enjoy all the facilities at the location of this waterfall. Of course it will be an experience worth it.

Bamboo Bridge

There are several facilities that you can later find here. Among them are prayer rooms, toilets, bathrooms to several food stalls for those of you who are hungry.

Here, you will also be able to find bridge made of bamboo. You can also find some cool photo spots at this one Kedung Pedut Kulon Progo Waterfall.

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On vacation to Kulon Progo, then you also need to take the time to visit this one destination. because here you will be presented with a very charming and amazing beauty.

This natural tourism of Kedung Pedut Waterfall is indeed one of the best locations for those of you who want to unwind.

Kedung Pedut Waterfall Kulon Progo


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