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14 North Bali Tourist Attractions, Suitable for Healing

North Bali tourist attractions

Did you know that there are many places Bali tourism North? If you want to visit anti-mainstream tourism, you can enjoy the beauty of northern Bali. In general, tourists vacation in Kuta, Canggu, Ubud, Kintamani and Uluwatu.

What are the tourist destinations in North Bali? We have compiled a list of recommendations for North Bali tourist attractions that are no less beautiful than South Bali.

North Bali Tourism Recommendations

Below are several recommendations for North Bali tourist attractions that you can include in your itinerary when holidaying on the Island of the Gods.

1. Mount Wanagiri

Not only does Ubud provide unique photo spots such as sky swings and bird cages, but North Bali has similar attractions. Visit Wanagiri Peak in Buleleng which is commonly known as Wanagiri Hidden Hill.

This North Bali tourist destination, which can be reached in approximately 2 hours from Denpasar, offers a variety of interesting photo spots, including the Titanic boat, bird cages and sky swings from a height with a panoramic view of Lake Buyan.

Don't miss the beauty of Ulun Danu Buyan Temple or Love Waterfall, both of which are located near Wanagiri Peak.

2. Bali Handara Gate

Next is the North Bali tourist spot which is now popular among selfie enthusiasts. Bali Handara Gate is a large gate with typical Balinese decorations.

This gate is famous because if you take a picture in front of it, you can see beautiful green hills. To visit this place, you have to buy tickets starting from IDR 20.000.

3. Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall Bali

North Bali tourist attractions are famous for their spectacular natural objects, such as a series of beautiful waterfalls.

North Bali tourist attractions

Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall in Buleleng is one of the must-visit waterfalls in North Bali.

The layered flow of water in this Bali waterfall is the main attraction. No need to worry about trekking because the waterfall can be reached on foot only 500 meters from the parking lot.

4. Bali Treetop Adventure Park

This tourist attraction is suitable for families with children. You can take your little ones to rides that are close to the natural environment.

You can visit and enjoy various exciting rides. Of course, with the safety standards set, you don't need to worry about falling while trying out the rides.

When visiting this tourist spot, you will feel like Tarzan which keeps hanging around. Climbing cables in the trees is very exciting and fun.

The entrance fee to this place is around Rp. 300.000 for adults and Rp. 200.000 for children.

5. Brahmavihara Arama

Brahmavihara Arama is a place of worship for the Balinese people, and is the next tourist attraction in North Bali that you can visit.

Brahma Arama Vihara which was completed in 1969, it is the largest monastery in Bali. There are various kinds of buildings in this monastery. When entering the Vihara area, you will see a fairly large Buddha statue in the middle of a pond filled with lotus.

Due to its tranquility and beauty, this place is ideal for meditation. It is not surprising that this monastery is often used to train and shape noble and noble behavior. To visit here, the entrance ticket is free.

6. Krishna Funtastic Land

Apart from natural tourist attractions, North Bali has modern tourist attractions that are no less interesting, such as Krisna Funtastic Land in Denpasar. This tourist destination is very suitable for visiting and relaxing with your beloved family.

Krisna Funtastic Land offers a spacious room with 16 different types of games. This tourist attraction is open from 4 pm to 10 pm.

7. Bedugul Botanical Gardens

Bedugul is one of the natural tourist destinations in the northwest region of Bali. This botanical garden is interesting because it combines the concepts of conservation, nature tourism, education, research and ecological impact.

When visiting, you will see various rare flora, as well as trees that are more than a hundred years old. To help visitors reach the botanical garden area, management provides various services such as shuttle buses, scooters and golf carts.

The melodious chirping of birds will accompany you as you explore the Botanical Gardens in Bedugul.

8. Mount Batur

After Mount Agung which is still active, this is one of the highest and oldest mountains in Bali.

Many people choose this peak because of its stunning natural beauty. Due to the many directions, the trekking route on this mountain is considered safe and not too challenging.

the charm of lake batur bali

When you reach the top, you will be treated to a beautiful natural panorama, especially just before dawn. This peak is a must visit for tourists who like hiking.

9. Buyan Lake

This other lake, which is the twin of Lake Tamblingan, has views that are no less enchanting and beautiful.

Yes, it's called Lake Buyan, just as beautiful as its neighboring Lake Tamblingan. These two lakes happen to be located in the same place.

Therefore, you can enjoy amazing views from 2 lake locations at once. Camping at Buyan Lake is a fun way to spend time with friends.

10. Sekumpul Waterfalls

Plunge sekumpul is one of the waterfalls in north Bali that you can visit. Sekumpul Waterfall, as the name suggests, is a collection of waterfalls in 1 spot, with a total of 7 waterfalls.

The place is about 300 meters through the forest from the counter door. But don't worry, there are several stairs that will help you get to this waterfall easily. This North Bali tourist attraction is highly recommended.

11. Aling-Aling Waterfall

It cannot be denied that waterfalls in North Bali provide several waterfalls at one point at the same time. This view is found at the waterfall Aling-Aling.

There are 2 waterfalls that can be seen at once, with views of towering cliffs and lush forests. At Aling-Aling Waterfall, you can swim and play in the water.

It is recommended that you bring provisions if you plan to visit here because there are not many stalls in this area.

12. Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

A trip to the north of Bali would not be complete without stopping at Ulun Danu Bratan Temple. For your information, Ulun Danu Bratan Temple is a Hindu temple and a tourist destination because it is surrounded by Beratan Lake and hills, so it becomes an attraction in itself.

You can explore 5 temple complexes and admire the beauty of the Buddhist stupas. Apart from that, there are other facilities that can make your holiday even more enjoyable, such as water duck rides, canoes and speedboats. This North Bali tourist attraction is highly recommended.

Let's read about other destinations:

13. Air Sanih Natural Pool

Take the time to explore the Air Sanih Natural Pool if you visit Lovina Beach. Unexpectedly, the water is very clean considering its location close to the beach.

The natural views of the sea and the shady atmosphere under the trees are very cool. The entrance fee for this tourist attraction is Rp. 5000 for children and IDR 10.000 for adults.

14. Banjar Hot Springs

Apart from Penalahan Hot Springs, Banjar Hot Springs are also famous.

This hot spring is located in Buleleng Regency, North Bali. Banjar Hot Springs is a popular tourist spot to refresh the mind.

These hot springs have been around for centuries. Apart from being able to relax in the warm water in the swimming pool, you will be treated to a unique fountain. In one of the pools, for example, there is a shower decorated with a dragon's head.

There are 3 pools at Banjar Hot Springs, each of which has a different area, length and depth. Apart from that, there are adequate facilities such as changing rooms, snack stands, souvenir shops, and so on.

If you are bored with tourism in Denpasar or southern Bali, consider visiting the tourist attractions in North Bali that we recommend.


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