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Jayapura Tourist Destinations

jayapura tourist destination

Jayapura tourist destinations are interesting for us to discuss. Vacations to the eastern part of Indonesia are certainly very pleasant. There are several interesting tourist attractions in Jayapura. Curious about anything? Let's discuss.

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Hi Travel Friends! Have you ever had a vacation to Jayapura, Papua? Papua has an extraordinary tourist charm. What tourist destinations in Jayapura are interesting for a vacation?

5 Tourist Attractions in Jayapura

Not only Raja Ampat. Papua also has many other interesting tourist attractions. Let's take a peek at tourist destinations in Eastern Indonesia, especially Jayapura.

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1. Lake of Love or Lake Imfote

Lake Love is at an altitude of 198 meters above sea level. This tourist spot is right in Atabar, Ebungfau District, Jayapura. Access roads to this tour can be passed by motorbike or car.

The distance between Imfote Lake or Love Lake is about 29,3 km from the city of Jayapura. The journey will take approximately 58 minutes.

If you pass the road to this lake, please be careful. Because the road that is passed is still in the form of hardened soil. The road condition is not paved. So after the rain it's usually muddy. You will see a lot of puddles. 

In addition to land routes, you can take a motorboat to cross Lake Sentani. Visitors can depart from Yahim Pier, then arrive at Putali Pier. Next, walk for 2,5 meters along an alternative road.

The local community named this Jayapura tourist destination Lake Imfote. But many young people call it Love Lake. That's because the shape of the lake resembles Love. Tourists are not allowed to swim here because there are lots of crocodiles.

2. Cylop Falls

Cylop Waterfall is suitable for you lovers of trekking. The road to the tourist attraction is quite steep. You need to hike for about 20 minutes. But the feeling of tiredness from walking will disappear when you arrive at the location. The beauty of the waterfall can amaze you.

Location of the Cyclop Waterfall in the Cyclop Mountains, Sentani. The distance is about 25 km from Jayapura.

3. Tablanusu Beach

If most beaches in Eastern Indonesia have white sand, it is different from this beach. Tablanusu Beach is covered in black coral.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful beaches, you can also add insight into history. There are many relics of the Allies during World War II here. You can see the cannon pad, the monument of the cross, and the former army landing.

4. Lake Sentani

Maybe you are already familiar with the name Danau Sentani, right? Lake Sentani is in Jayapura. This lake is below the slopes of the mountains of the Cycloops Nature Reserve.

This tourist destination in Jayapura is the largest lake in Papua. You can see the lake clearly from the top of the Cycloop mountain.

Here there are many endemic animals typical of Papua. In addition, this lake is also rich in biota diversity.

There are at least 30 species of freshwater fish. Such as Sentani Rainbow Fish, Red Rainbow Fish, Lake Sentani Cork Fish and Saw Sharks.

This lake is located in the district. Sentani, west of Jayapura City. You can come here by private vehicle or public transportation. If you go to Jayapura from the airport, you will definitely pass this lake.

You can do a variety of fun activities. Such as fishing, swimming, diving and water ski. You can also rent a small boat to get around the small islands.

5. Skow . Village

Skow Village, the Jayapura tourist destination, is on the Papua New Guinea border. In this village, you can cross the border without a passport.

But not far away, only a few meters from the border. You can go to the selfie spot where the background is Wutung Beach.

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Then, you can try the typical culinary dishes of Papua New Guinea. Some of the menus are sausages the size of cassava, lamb, geprek bananas and so on.

Here you can still transact using the Indonesian Rupiah or kina currency.

How? Are you interested in a vacation to Papua New Guinea, especially the Jayapura region? If so, the tourist attractions above can be your destination for a vacation in Jayapura.


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