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Limited International Flights to Indonesia, Menparekraf Coordination with Ministry of Transportation

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Quoted from second travel (29/9/2022), limited international flights to Indonesia have an impact on the difficulty of foreign tourists traveling in this country. In response to this, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Manparekraf) Sandiaga Uno immediately took swift steps. This is done in coordination with the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub).

'Poke' the Ministry of Transportation and Airlines

Not only 'poking' the Ministry of Transportation, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy also coordinates with domestic and foreign airlines to immediately overcome the problem of limited international flights to Indonesia. "Regarding the addition of the frequency of international airline flights to Indonesia, we continue to coordinate with the Ministry of Transportation and domestic and foreign airline companies," he said in the Weekly Press with Sandiaga, Wednesday (28/9/2022).

Addition of quota

The results of this coordination indicate that there will soon be overseas flights from a number of airlines. "And there are indications that we will add direct international flights, including Malaysia Airlines which will open or have opened Kuala Lumpur-Pekanbaru, Jeju Air from South Korea to Manado and also Garuda from Japan to Bali 3 times a week starting November 22, 2020. There will be AirAsia later with the Padang-Kuala Lumpur route in October 2022," he said further.

Limited international flights to Indonesia need to be addressed immediately considering the holiday season is about to start. "We will continue to push for additional flight frequencies to increase as we enter the end of the year, the holiday period. This means that to get more affordable ticket prices, of course, we have to add more flights, we have to increase the slot time," he continued.

The increase in international flights to Indonesia is expected to increase the availability of seats, which in the end is expected to become cheaper tickets. "What we hope we can present is that I am optimistic that this increasing number of flights will increase the number of available seats and hopefully the prices will be more affordable," he explained further.

The need for airports to be prepared

In order to support the smooth running of domestic and international flights, according to Sandiaga, it is necessary to prepare airports properly. "Earlier I landed and waited for almost 15 minutes because I was queuing, it turns out that the seat reservations in September 2022 had reached almost 3 million seats at Soekarno Hatta. Soeta Airport is one of the greatest and we need to prepare airports in Indonesia to accommodate traditional and international flights," he explained.

Meanwhile, in the midst of his statement regarding the foreign flight, Sandiaga also mentioned the plan to waiver visas to Russia. "Regarding the discussion of direct flights, the last three months between Moscow andDenpasar. And we are now waiting for finalization with several airlines that will start through charter flights. This is also related to their offer for visa free for Indonesian tourists to visit and vacation in Moscow,” he concluded. (y)

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