Celebrate Indonesian Independence Denpasar Students Hold Parade

Celebrate Indonesian Independence

Quoted from Antaranews (15/8/2022), celebrate the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, students at Denpasar hold a decorated bicycle parade. More than 10 schools, both elementary and middle schools in the capital of Bali Province, were sent to take part in the decorated bicycle parade. The parade participants gathered at Puputan Badung Square, last Saturday (13/8/2022).

Celebrate the Independence and Anniversary of the Province of Bali

Apart from being part of the splendor of celebrating Indonesia's independence, a parade of decorated bicycles for students was also held to celebrate the Anniversary of the Province of Bali. "There are 77 participants, this is to celebrate the Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day as well as the Anniversary of the Province of Bali.

The route is around the city of Denpasar, not far away because the children bring decorative bicycles," said Endradatt, Head of the Bike Joint Secretariat as the organizer.

The route for the ornamental bicycle parade to celebrate the independence of the Republic of Indonesia took the route from Puputan Badung Square to Hasanuddin Street, Thamrin Street, Gajah Mada Street and back again in front of the Bali Museum.

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Instill Nationalism in Children

He said that the decorative bicycle parade and bicycle decoration competition were held to instill nationalism in elementary and junior high school students as the next generation of the nation.

Apart from the bicycle parade for students, on Sunday (14/8) community bicycles also carried out a series to the Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day in collaboration with the Denpasar City Government to carry it out night rides from the afternoon by old bicycle. 

As for this parade activity, it is planned to be held again every year to celebrate RI's independence.

"It is very important for these brothers and sisters to interpret independence, so that they understand that it is not easy to get independence. One of them with this parade, also to hone creativity, get children to bike and love the environment, "he explained.

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Enthusiastic kids

Meanwhile, the students who took part in the parade said they were happy. One of them is Bayu Sanjaya (10), a grade 5 student at SDN 28 Dangin Puri.

Since before the parade, he and 4 of his friends decorated their bicycles with the theme of Indonesian independence. “Decorating from yesterday, filled with flags, corn paper, ribbon decorations, Balinese weaving.

This is the first time, so I'm happy, I want it to be held again next year because it's entertaining and rarely available,” said the boy happily. Another student, Fahreza Sandi (11) also admitted that he did not feel tired even though he had to ride a bicycle quite a distance. In fact, he is optimistic that his decorative bicycle will be the best.

On the other hand, Ni Gustu Ayu Paryanti (29), a companion from SDN 28 Dangin Puri said that the decorated bicycle parade to celebrate the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, had gained students' enthusiasm.

Such was his enthusiasm, his party was forced to only represent grade 5 and 6 students, while students who were younger were told to take part only in the following year. "So we first considered grade 5 and grade 6, because managing them was easier, so we said we would let the lower class be next year. The enthusiasm of all the children, thank you for this event, they are excited to join," he said. (y)

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