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Jitu Eye Waterfall

sharp eye waterfall

Mata Jitu Waterfall is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Sumbawa. This Sumbawa Waterfall Eye Destination provides an atmosphere that is still very natural.

Photo by @vonnykullit

Want to take a vacation in Sumbawa's natural attractions that are still natural? Just come to Mata Jitu Waterfall. Many people come to this tourist attraction to unwind. This waterfall was viral on social media. This makes many people feel curious to come.

If you are looking for a reference for a fun vacation spot, let's take a vacation to Mata Jitu Waterfall.

The natural panorama around the waterfall is very instagrammable. The natural atmosphere is so calming that it can make the mind fresh. This place is perfect for enjoying unspoiled nature.

Mata Jitu Waterfall Address

Where is Mata Jitu Waterfall located? This waterfall is in the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Precisely in Labuan Aji, Badas, Sumbawa.

This waterfall tourist attraction is so famous in Sumbawa. Because it is popular, many visitors also spend their holiday weekends here.

Moreover, this tourist spot has gone viral on social media. This makes more and more people aware of its existence.

If you want to travel to this waterfall, you can take a boat from the Sumbawa pier.

Opening hours

You can come to this waterfall at any time because it is open 24 hours non-stop. If you don't want to be exposed to the heat of the sun, you can come here in the morning or evening.

But we recommend to come in the morning. If you come here in the afternoon, you can stay late so the atmosphere is pitch black. Of course this is so uncomfortable.  

Tourist Facilities

When you travel to Sumbawa, you will see an incredibly beautiful natural charm. Likewise when you go to Mata Jitu Waterfall. Along the way you will see charming scenery.

Not so many facilities to be found. The management does not provide complete facilities. But don't worry. Although the facilities are still limited, you can enjoy the natural charm of this waterfall. So your vacation will still be exciting and fun.

Tourist Spots in Waterfalls

A vacation to Mata Jitu Waterfall is so interesting. You will get an exciting and fun holiday experience.

One of the activities you can do is play in the water. Yes, at the waterfall don't forget to play in the water. So you must bring a change of clothes. If you play in a waterfall, chances are your clothes will get wet.

Satisfied playing water around the waterfall, you can hunt photos in the surrounding environment. Find many instagenic spots that can be your background for taking pictures.

If you want to do camping, there are recommended camping locations. You can enjoy nature up close. The atmosphere at night in the open certainly gives its own sensation. This sensation is perfect for those of you who like challenges.

Visiting Tips

If you want to come to Mata Jitu Waterfall Sumbawa, you can pay attention to the following tips.

First, try to come to the waterfall in the morning when weather bright. If you come to the waterfall during the rainy season, the road will be slippery.

Then, you should invite friends or family if you want to travel to the waterfall. Avoid coming alone.

Don't forget to bring a camera to capture every holiday moment. But if your cellphone has a good enough camera, please use your cellphone, Travela friend.

Let's read too

And the most important thing is to always keep the environment beautiful and clean. Let's preserve every tourist spot in Indonesia so that it is in good condition.


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