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Sosro Beach Tour

sosro beach tour

Sosro Beach Tourism has the charm of beautiful scenery. Visitors can do many fun activities at Bali's Sosro Beach. Starting from playing in the water, playing in the sand, hunting photos and so on.

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Vacation to Bali will be so very fun. On the Island of the Gods, you can choose some beautiful tourist attractions. One of them is Sosro Beach.

Located in Karangasem, this beach is a favorite for tourists who want to enjoy nature. You don't need a lot of budget to come here. So if you need a vacation with a minimal budget, this beach is the perfect destination for you.

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Make no mistake. Even though it is a cheap tourist spot, the natural scenery is amazing. Your eyes will be spoiled by the expanse of a very beautiful blue ocean.

In addition, you can also enjoy the sunset at dusk. Many visitors who deliberately come in the afternoon. They want to see a beautiful orange sunset.

Sosro Beach Tourist Attractions

1. The Beauty of a Special Beach

If you are on vacation to Sosro Beach, you can enjoy the beauty of this beach. Of course this is very fun is not it. It is undeniable that many tourists are amazed by the beauty of the panorama.

Moreover, local residents are friendly to tourists. Visitors become more comfortable in this tour.

It is true that Karangasem is very famous for its beautiful beaches. Of the many beaches in this area, Sosro Beach tourism is one of them. Many are addicted to visiting this beach again.

2. Dazzling Rolls of Waves

Being on the beach while watching the waves is very pleasant. What's more, you will be exposed to a gentle breeze that makes you more comfortable.

Many admit that looking out at the wide sea with rolling waves makes the soul more peaceful.

Not just sitting on the beach. Here, visitors can also enjoy the swing provided. There is also a unique cafe that you can visit. Enjoy the treats at coffee while enjoying the view of the beach. Wow, so a very fun activity.

3. Serene Ocean View

Get a calm feeling when looking at the vast ocean. Although it looks simple, in fact a vacation like this can make the mind more fresh. Many places to relax can be found around the beach. In fact, not far from tourist sites you can find the Chocolate House.

Beach Location

Sosro Beach Tourism is in Subagan Village, Bali. You can go there easily. Use the Google Map application, by typing Sosro Beach. In addition to following the route instructions in the Google Map application, there is also a signpost.

If you are still confused, you can ask local residents. Don't worry, the people of Karangasem are famous for their hospitality. So you can ask them. But keep your manners, guys.

Oh yes, if you use a four-wheeled vehicle, stop at the Karangasem terminal. Cars or can not enter the beach area closer. So from the terminal you can use the available motorcycle taxis.

Fun Activities at the Beach

What are some fun activities you can do here? Of course you can play in the water on this Bali Sosro Beach tour. But still always be careful when playing in the water here.

Then, apart from playing in the water, you can play with the sand. Many children play with sand like making sand castles. You can also invite your baby to play in the sand on the beach.

Not to forget, don't forget to capture holiday moments by taking pictures. The beautiful scenery on this beach can be an instagrammable background. It's a shame if you missed it.

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Then, you can also ride a swing near the beach. This swing is also often used as a photo spot. Many visitors take pictures sitting on this swing.

This Sosro Beach Tour in Karangasem Bali can be the right choice for your vacation. You can bring your beloved family or friends.


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