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Jogja Sari Park

Yogyakarta Sari Garden

While in this beautiful city, Taman Sari Jogja is one of the tourist destinations that you must visit. This beautiful building full of history has its own slick panorama.

For those of you who like instagramable tours, be sure to stop by this location while you're in Jogja. Here's a full peek about this one destination.

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Address and Route to Taman Sari

If you have the opportunity to visit Jogja and want to come to this one place, then you just come to Jalan Tamanan, Patehan Keraton, Jogja City.

For convenience, the location itself is to the west of the Yogyakarta Palace. Getting here only takes about 15 minutes from the palace.

In addition, if you visit Taman Sari Jogja without bringing a private vehicle, there is no need to worry.

Because there are lots of public transportation that you can use, ranging from online motorcycle taxis, Trans Jogja buses and rickshaws. However, if you use a private vehicle, you only need to drive west from the center of the south square. Precisely through Patehan Lor street.

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Admission Ticket and Opening Hours

In addition, when discussing the entrance ticket and opening hours of Taman Sari Jogja, you can come every day. But keep in mind if this tour is not open for a long time.

But you can only visit it from 8 am to 2 pm local time only. for that, if you want to come here, you should visit starting in the morning so that it is longer.

As for the entrance ticket from this one tour, it is quite affordable. The reason is, you only need to pay which is around 13 thousand rupiah per person.

Plus, the price includes the cost of the tour guide. With fairly complete facilities, you can also vacation here even though it is an old date.

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Beauty and Attraction You Can Find Here

Setting foot in this one location, you will immediately be greeted with a bathing pool in Taman Sari Jogja.

Here, you will find three bathing pools that have three different names and also different functions. The pool is a pennant pamuncar which serves for the king's concubine.

Then, there is also the Kawitan banner, which is for the king's daughters and sons and the Panguras pennant which is a pool for the king. The pool is decorated with fountain ornaments, which has the shape of a dragon's head and also pots around it.

Plus pots in each corner of the pool, you'll also find a place to light incense and light it when the royals are bathing.

Uniquely, at Taman Sari Jogja you will also find the Gumilang Well. But this well is not an ordinary well, but a mosque that is underground.

In addition, the Gumuling Well in Taman Sari Jogja also has a function, namely as a bunker protection for the Sultan and his family in the event of a dangerous attack.

While in this tourist spot, you will feel at home because the architectural building is very interesting. Because of this neat building, it is not surprising that many people come to take pictures.

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Some even use it as a location for pre-wedding pictures. For that, when in Jogja make sure to stop by and visit this one tour.


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