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KomodoKu Boat Rental Labuan Bajo

My Komodo Ship Labuan Bajo

The KomodoKu Labuan Bajo ship is one of the medium boat types rent a boat in Labuan Bajo this year, the best and must try when you want a sailing trip in the Komodo National Park.

Enjoying a trip with KomodoKu Labuan Bajo boat rental is the right decision for tourists who want to relax for a while.

The Bajo medium ship which has 3 cabins is equipped with good sailing safety standards.

Facilities on board pamper you, starting from bean bags, sun decks, cool boxes to air conditioning in each room, which is a priority for comfort.

Sailing my Komodo ship, Labuan Bajo

My Komodo Ship Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo Flores East Nusa Tenggara is one of the destinations that offers the best traveling sensation. The reason is, you will not only enjoy the natural scenery of the sea.

But also the culture of the local community to the animals that have existed since ancient times in Indonesia komodo national park.

Labuan Bajo, 'the perfect getaway' for local and world tourists.

giostanov gottravel

Not without our reasons go travela Indonesia present to you charter KomodoKu cruises Bajo increasingly in demand.

The reason is, exploring Labuan Bajo by cruise ship will give you unforgettable experiences.

Komodo Ku Labuan Bajo Boat Rental Prices

You can read the ship specifications, prices and itinerary by scrolling down. Please note that the rental price for komodoku is based on Rupiah (Indonesian Currency) per boat or rental per boat.

KomodoKu Boat Rental Prices

Remarks1 – 3 Pax
Full day10.000.000
Remarks4 – 6 Pax
Full day10.000.000
Remarks7 – 9 Pax
Full day10.000.000
Remarks10 – 11 Pax
Full day10.000.000

How To Book My Komodo

Please check the availability of your Komodoku Labuan Bajo ship first by sending a chat book to our whats-app.

Book Formats:

Phone number :
E-mail :
Ship name :
Departure date/time:
Number of people :
Number of children :
Trip Program:
Return date/time:
flight schedule :
No. Foot for Snorkeling:
Confirmed Price:
FB & IG Name:

By filling in these details
We have read the terms & conditions and Inclusive & exclude correctly

It is hoped that prospective customers will pay a down payment of 20% and book a boat rental 1 or 2 months before the trip.

The experience of sailing live on board with the Komodo Ku Labuan Bajo gives the impression of your best Komodo trip.

infographic How to Order Gotravel
Boat Specifications
  • Boat length: 19 meters
  • Width: 3,5 meters
  • Main engine: MITSUBISHI 6D14 Cylinder
  • Cruising speed: 6-9 knots
  • Dinghy: 5m with Yamaha 15hp
  • Safety equipment: Garmin MAP 585 GPS
  • Power supply: Yanmar TF115 . Generator
  • Total crew: 4
  • Total cabins: 3
  • Guest capacity: 11 people
  • Water supply: 5000L
  • SBB radio
  • Life jackets
  • Life buoys

Remarks cabin

Each cabin has air conditioning and 2 separate beds sharing.

Each of the 3 cabins is equipped with air conditioning and 2 shared bathrooms.

  1. Cabin: Double bed + single bed (3 Persons).
  2. Cabin: Double bed + Double bed (4 persons).
  3. Cabin: 4 x Single bunk beds (4 persons).

Facility: Bean bag, Sun deck, Dispenser, Cool box.

Sailing Sensation

Komodo cruise ship is a group company as well with Phinisi Lamborajo I & II and is a luxury marine transportation because of its classy facilities.

Likewise with the cruise service which is in the class of a five-star hotel.

Komodo Ku Bajo itinerary

The itinerary or travel program is divided into 3 programs, namely;

  1. 2 Days 1 Night / 2D1N
  2. 3 Days 2 Night / 3D2N
  3. 4 Days 3 Night / 4D3N

Include: Pick & drop hotel/airport, free flow mineral water, 3 x meals a day, snack tea/coffee time every afternoon, complete snorkeling equipment and a local guide.

Excludes: Flight ticket, hotel room in Bajo, entrance fee for Bajo tourist attraction, personal expenses, travel insurance, liquor or alcoholic drink and tipping guide/crew ship.

2 day

Moringa Island, Komodo Rinca Island, island bats, sunrise padar island, pink beach snorkeling, manta point and Takamakassar.

3 day

Moringa Island, Komodo Rinca Island, Kalong Island, Sunrise Padar Island, Pink Beach Snorkelling, Manta Point, Takamakassar, Sebayur or Siaba Island Snorkeling and Kanawa Island Snorkelling.

4 day

Moringa island, komodo rinca island, kalong island, sunrise padar island, pink beach snorkeling, manta point, takamakassar, sebayur or siaba island snorkeling, kanawa island snorkeling, manjarite snorkeling, angel island snorkeling and visit Rangko cave with crystal clear water.

Itinerary for my Komodo ship, Labuan Bajo

But what makes rent ship KomodoKu Labuan Bajo feels like a cruise in a mobile hotel, because this cruise combines the concept of hospitality with boat tours.

Komodo boat cabin, Labuan Bajo

Different from the usual hotels, cruise ships will offer an amazing panorama like the stretch of waters of Labuan Bajo.

Tourists will also get a different perspective of the area while on board.

Enjoy Marine Tourism

Maritime tourism is the main focus when act of traveling/ocean trip with the komodoku ship. Moreover, Labuan Bajo which has long been known as an underwater paradise by local and domestic tourists.

By renting the KomodoKu Labuan Bajo boat, you can observe marine animals and coral rocks which are the habitat of flora and fauna.

There are not a few tourists who take the time to dive and snorkel to see firsthand the beauty of the underwater world.

If you pull over to the mainland, take the time to stop by Pink Beach, one of the most Instagramable tourist attractions.

Exploring the Magnificent Island Cluster

Another reason that makes charter KomodoKu Cruises Bajo attracts tourists because of the opportunity to explore its amazing group of islands.

Call it Padar Island with its hills in the middle of a blue ocean. The same is the case with Rinca Island which is the main destination to see Komodo dragons from a safe distance.

In addition, travelers who rent a Komodo dragon boat from Labuan Bajo will also explore and observe other beautiful islands, such as manjarite island, angel island and Kanawa Island which is no less beautiful with thousands of starfish.

Just say it Moringa Island and Kanawa Island which came later bucket list.

Observing local culture

It's not complete to vacation in Labuan Bajo without learning about the local culture of Flores.

After getting off the cruise ship, tourists can visit Wae Rebo Village, a village with a unique local culture.

Once you enter the area, you will be greeted by the triangular houses and the impressive life of its citizens.

If you want to enjoy a refreshing view, take the time to go to Rangko Cave or Crocodile Cave after chartering the KomodoKu Labuan Bajo boat. Tourists can swim in the salt water pool while relaxing.

Travel with maximum experience

Of the many choices, why charter KomodoKu Cruises Bajo is the best option for a Labuan Bajo vacation? By renting a KomodoKu cruise ship, you will get benefits and advantages such as:

  • Comfortable and relaxing trip

Exploring the Komodo Islands by driving a car or motorbike will not be able to be reached because it is Labuan Bajo which is an area of ​​​​waters and islands.

Likewise if you take a day trip package or one day sailing with open deck bajo Of course it will be very tired and tired.

Open-deck-Komodo-bajo Komodoku ship Labuan bajo

Meanwhile, by renting the KomodoKu Labuan Bajo boat, you will get classy facilities and pampering services throughout the trip. Just search spot the best, then admire the view of Labuan Bajo from the cruise ship.

  • Complete and luxurious facilities

What complete facilities are available? In addition to bedrooms that are equivalent to hotels, cruise ships usually provide restaurants and cafes, spas, shopping centers, cinema studios, to swimming pools.

Not infrequently the manager organizes events such as: ShowCase music to theater performances to entertain passengers.

Therefore, cruise ship tours are suitable for those of you who need a complete package.

  • Won't be bothered when packing

Then, renting the KomodoKu Labuan Bajo boat will lighten your load when packing nor unpacking.

The reason is, you don't need to unpack and tidy up the contents of the suitcase while in Komodo.

Tourists only need to take out the first day's luggage, then arrange it in the room before enjoying the trip.

Then, the new defaults are sorted out after a period of time charter KomodoKu Cruise Bajo ends.

  • Set the schedule as you wish

Some cruise ship tour managers do provide a schedule of activities. However, you can also choose the freedom to do other activities, whether on the deck of the boat or while visiting the island.

But still in coordinate and condition with the captain of the ship who definitely understands clearly the terrain and weather conditions as well as the distance.

Use the opportunity for impressive things. For example, visiting the Komodo village or admiring the beauty of marine tourism with snorkeling at manta point.

FAQ About KomodoKu Labuan Bajo Kapal

How much does the KomodoKu Bajo boat rental cost?

The KomodoKu rental price depends on the length of use and the number of participants, usually 2D/1N (Max. 3 paxs) at the price of IDR. 9.200.000 for more details can see the beginning of this article above.komodoku update price

Is there a promo price for the KomodoKu sailing trip?

Of course there are promos that we provide, especially during low season. To negotiate and the promo price, you can contact directly to Cs gotravel at +6281999565666

How to book KomodoKu?

How to order a komodoku ship, just chat WA to Cs gotravela by ensuring the availability of your booking min. 1 or 2 months before your birthday.

How about cancellation & payment?

For orders confirm paying a DP of 20% 1 month in advance and balance payments 3 days before H.

For cancellation method you can check at this link How to Order Gotravel – Cancellation.

What are the specifications of the KomodoKu boat?

Boat length: 19 meters, Width: 3,5 meters, Main engine: MITSUBISHI 6D14 Cylinder, Cruising speed: 6-9 knots, Dinghy: 5m with Yamaha 15hp, Safety equipment: GPS Garmin MAP 585, Power supply: Generator Yanmar TF115, Total crew: 4, Guest capacity: 11 peoples

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Conclusion My Komodo

Interested in experiencing a different holiday sensation with Komodoku Labuan Bajo? Using KomodoKu cruise ship rental services will make it easier for you from planning to implementation.

Various types of ships are prepared with varying rental rates, so you can adjust them according to the budget and facilities needed.

Before renting, you can first read the FAQ about KomodoKu boat rental. There is already a collection of information that can help you answer some questions.

If there is something that has not been explained in the FAQ, you can contact us Go Travela Indonesia – KomodoKu so you don't get confused when planning your next vacation.

If you liked this article, then please subscribe to us YouTube Channel to support us in presenting tourist videos. You can also find us on Instagram or direct to WhatsApp me to consult your travel plans.

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