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The Enchantment of Mantar Hill Tourism

Mantar Hill tourist attraction

The charm of Bukit Mantar tourism impresses anyone. Stunning natural beauty with soothing views. Even at the Bukit Mantar tourist attraction, you can see the sunrise from the top.

Mantar hill tourism charm
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The hill is one of the favorite destinations for nature lovers. The view from the top of the hill is so stunning. In Sumbawa, there is Mantar Hill that you can go to.

Mantar Hill is a tourist attraction that is always crowded with tourists.

Anyone who sees the charm of this tourist attraction will surely be amazed. Many tourists feel at home spending their time on this hill.

Not only the charm of natural beauty is the attraction of this evidence. However, the friendly locals make many tourists feel comfortable.

No wonder so many people come here every weekend.

The height of the hill is at 600 meters above sea level. Because the position of this hill is at an altitude, so you can see such a beautiful view. The view is like a land above the clouds.

Mantar Hill Tourist Attraction

1. The Land Above the Clouds

Bukit Mantar is called the land above the wan. That's because of the position of the top of the hill that is at an altitude.

If you come here in the morning, you can see the charm of the sunrise.

Then in the afternoon you can watch the charm of the sunset with a beautiful orange color.

The charm of the clouds that you can see is also the main attraction. Taking pictures with white clouds in the background will be a beautiful photo. Especially when there is a moment of sunrise or sunset.

2. Green Valley Expanse

The view of the eye is not only spoiled by the charm of the white clouds as well. But, from the top of this hill you will see a stretch of green hill.

Not only that, Travela friends can also see the charm of the island of Lombok and the peak of Mount Rinjani. Wow, what a beautiful sight isn't it.

5. Paragliding

In Bukit Mantar there are also extreme sports that test the adrenaline hormone. The name of this sport is Bukit Mantar.

Even here, paragliding events have been held both at the local and international level.

If you are lucky, you can see paragliding athletes practicing. Those of you who are curious about the sensation of paragliding can also try this sport.

There are paragliding equipment rentals here. Don't worry, you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor. So you can fly safely.

4. The Charm of the Beauty of Sunset

Another attraction not to be missed. The charm of the sunset at Bukit Mantar is so addictive to anyone who sees it.

Come in the afternoon to see the charm of this beautiful sunset. You will see the beauty of the orange sun. This sun will slowly disappear behind the mountains.

5. As a Filming Location

Did you know that Bukit Mantar was the shooting location for Serdadu Kumbang? This film tells the story of three children with poor conditions. They always strive vigorously to pursue their goals.

The film, which was produced by Ari Sihasale, took a shooting location in Bukit Mantar.

No wonder this location was chosen as a shooting location. Because, this location has the attraction of enchanting natural beauty.

Even local residents also have a unique culture. Most of the residents work as distillers emas.

Tourist sites

The location of Bukit Mantar is in Mantar Village, Poto Tano District, West Sumbawa Regency, NTB.

No need to worry. This hill is an easy hill to climb. You will be guided by an experienced guide when going up the hill.

If you are a novice climber, it will take you longer. But that's okay. The most important thing is that you can reach the top of the hill safely and safely.

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That is the charm of Bukit Mantar tourism in Sumbawa. Wow, how beautiful nature is. How about it, are you interested in going there?

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