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Budi Agung Komodo Ship with Complete Exploration of Komodo National Park

Being one of the wonders of the world, Komodo National Park is no doubt always crowded with domestic and foreign tourists. As the name suggests, this national park offers an amazing view of seeing ancient reptiles with Komodo dragons living in their natural habitat.

However, a picnic to Komodo National Park not only see the giant lizard, you know. There are many water sports spots to marine tourism and even trekking that is interesting to visit.


To get these various experiences in a series of tours, you can do a complete roaming of Komodo National Park with the Budi Agung Ship.

What's the fun of sailing with this ship? Stay on this page, because Gotravel Indonesia will invite you to feel the thrill of exploring Komodo National Park Labuhan Bajo on the Budi Agung Ship.


Prices are per ship. Valid for all markets, domestic and overseas!

Remarks 1-4 Pax
Full day 12.500K
2D1Women 12.600K
3D2Women 16.050K
4D3Women 21.850K


Remarks 5-8 Pax
Full day 12.500K
2D1Women 14.350K
3D2Women 19.650K
4D3Women 25.900K


Remarks 9-12 Pax
Full day 12.500K
2D1Women 16.150K
3D2Women 21.850K
4D3Women 30.400K



  • Private rental of the Budi Agung boat in Labuan Bajo
  • Pick & Drop Airport/Hotels
  • Boat with air-conditioned rooms – 1 cabin room with fourth bed & 4 cabin based on twin share
  • Meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snacks per designated package – full day will only serve lunch
  • Drinking water, tea and coffee


  • Entrace fee for National Komodo Park – IDR 150,000/person for local or domestic tourist or IDR 350,000/person for international tourist
  • Documentation & Drones
  • Snorkeling equipment(s)
  • Ranger fees/tips
  • Guide fees/tips

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Specifications of KLM Budi Agung

  • Length : 14.75 m
  • Width : 4.60 m
  • Main engine: Mitsubishi 6D15

Specifications of KLM Budi Agung

The advantage, by order ship charter in Labuan Bajo with us, travela will certainly get a lot of promo prices or compared to having to order directly from the ship. Great isn't it?!

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Created in 2017, The Budi Agung Ship is present as a regular boat that serves cruises to Komodo Labuhan Bajo National Park. With a length of 14,75 meters and a width of 4,6 meters, the Budi Agung Ship is capable of carrying up to 12 tourists.

5 Cabin

In order to provide the comfort of its guests, this ship is supported by 5 cabins and 2 bathrooms. In order to provide a complete experience to all its guests, Kapal Budi Agung presents an outdoor dining room. Thanks to this outdoor dining, tourists will still be able to enjoy the scenery throughout the cruise, even while enjoying a meal.

Hmm… you must have imagined how fun it would be to be able to eat deliciously in a restaurant style, not on land but in the waters plus accompanied by a coastal breeze?! Not to forget, the Budi Agung Ship is also equipped with a sun deck facility for sunbathing or just enjoying the view during the cruise outdoors.

In addition to the various facilities above, the Budi Agung Ship is also equipped with a unique wooden interior. Precisely thanks to this classic impression, a cruise to Komodo National Park Labuhan Bajo and its surroundings will not feel boring at all.

You feel like you're being transported on an ancient wooden ship from the past—even though it's actually a modern ship that relies on engines as its main power.

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Interesting Spots

Meanwhile, interesting spots that will be visited in this series of tours with the Budi Agung Ship include the following. Komodo Island is certainly a major tourist destination. In this place, you will be invited to see Komodo dragons live naturally in their natural habitat.

Another island that will also be visited to see the habitat of the ancient lizard is Rinca Island. Then, there is Kelor Island which offers the charm of clean white sand complete with steep hilly terrain which is suitable for trekking.

There's also Gili Lawa which is a tiny island without inhabitants. Like a private island, this island offers serenity and beauty of the sea landscape and hills combined with grasslands. Diving enthusiasts will also be pampered with the diversity of beautiful marine life.

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One place that certainly cannot be missed in the Komodo Labuhan Bajo National Park tour is Kanawa Island. Present as the hidden paradise of Komodo Island, Kanawa Island offers the charm of underwater beauty that is second to none.

Of course, there are many other spots that are no less interesting than some of the spots that have been discussed here. Don't let Gotravela Indonesia tell the story of this excitement, but come and be a witness who can also tell the beauty of these various tourist attractions.

So, come on, arrange your vacation now and book a complete Komodo National Park Tour ticket together Budi Agung ship only in Gotravela Indonesia. (y)


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