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Musti Adil Bajo Ship By Tracing West Flores Tourism Paradise

Labuhan Bajo—yes, when you mention the name of this one archipelago, your imagination will immediately focus on the natural beauty of East Nusa Tenggara which is second to none in Indonesia and even the world.

This designation is no exaggeration, because as an archipelago, almost all the islands in it are interesting tourist attractions. There are at least 3 main islands in this archipelago which are prima donna for national and even international tourism.

The three are Kelor Island, Rinca Island and Padar Island. What exactly is interesting in these three islands? If you want to find answers that are not only satisfying, but also memorable, try visiting these three islands using the Musti Adil Ship.

The ship must be fair, Labuan Bajo

Gotravela Indonesia provides a special price for those of you who want to experience cruising with mini cruises, Musti Adil Ships.

The price of the Musti Adil Bajo Ship

Prices are based on rental/boat following the day & number of participants. Valid for all markets, domestic and overseas!

Remarks 1-4 Pax
Full day 12.500K
2D1Women 12.600K
3D2Women 16.050K
4D3Women 21.850K


Remarks 5-8 Pax
Full day 12.500K
2D1Women 14.350K
3D2Women 19.650K
4D3Women 25.900K


Remarks 9-12 Pax
Full day 12.500K
2D1Women 16.150K
3D2Women 21.850K
4D3Women 30.400K



  • Private boat rental Musti Adil Bajo Ship in Labuan Bajo
  • Pick & Drop Airport/Hotels
  • Boat with air-conditioned rooms – 2 cabin room with fourth bed & 2 cabin based on twin share
  • Meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and snacks per designated package – full day will only serve lunch
  • Drinking water, tea and coffee


  • Entrace fee for National Komodo Park – IDR 150,000/person for local or domestic tourist or IDR 350,000/person for international tourist
  • Documentation & Drones
  • Snorkeling equipment(s)
  • Ranger fees/tips
  • Guide fees/tips

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KLM Specification Musti Adil Bajo Ship

  • Length : 16.50 m
  • Width : 4.40 m
  • Main engine: Mitsubishi 6D15

KLM Specification Musti Adil Bajo Ship

Aseknya, by ordering rent a boat in Labuan Bajo together with Gotravela Indonesia, travela will certainly get a cheaper price than having to order directly from the ship. Asek isn't it?!

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Mainstay Bajo Destinations

Visit to Moringa Island will take you on an exciting and romantic experience thanks to its unique natural scenery. This island has the main attraction in the form of a sloping beach with clean white sand.

Interestingly, this island also offers the charm of steep hills that can be used as an alternative for adrenaline-pumping tours.
Then, on Rinca Island, you will be invited to take a closer look at Komodo. Yes, Rinca is an island that also has many Komodo habitats apart from its main paradise, Komodo Island. Of course, in this place you will get an unforgettable experience witnessing firsthand the ancient reptiles that still exist in their natural habitat.

Boat Trekking Tour Musti Adil Bajo Ship

Well, for those of you who like marine tourism as well as trekking, Padar Island is the answer. On this island, you can find 3 beaches with different sand colors, ranging from pink or pink sand beaches, white to black sand beaches.

Especially for tracking lovers, on this island you can also channel your desire to climb in a 20-30 minute climb to the top. This light trekking will take you to the view of Padar Island from a height with a colorful coastal landscape that is connected with turquoise sea water.

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Ideal 12 Participants

Made in 2020, the Mata Adil Ship is practically new, so it is still in very good condition for sailing. Having a length of 16,5 meters and a width of 4,4 meters, this ship is not too big, but also not too narrow to be used to explore the beauty of the beautiful islands in the Labuhan Bajo area and its surroundings. The ship, which is equipped with 2 bathrooms and 5 cabins, can accommodate up to 12 passengers.

In order to pamper its guests, Musti Adil Ship is equipped with a sun deck. In this place, you can be satisfied sunbathing or just relaxing along the cruise from one island to another. Of course, the sun deck provides flexibility for you as well to enjoy the scenery along the cruise.

More than that, through the sun deck, you can capture travel documents in the form of photos or videos with a charming landscape without being obstructed by the ship's walls.

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Conclusion Musti Adil Bajo Ship

Interestingly, Musti Adil Ship is also equipped with outdoor dining. That way, you will not miss any interesting moments along the cruise, even while dining. For those of you who do an overnight tour, outdoor dining will certainly provide an unforgettable experience of a romantic dinner, not on land but on the water.

Hayo….. must be curious right, want to feel the sensation of a cruise ship-style vacation, but low budget?! What are you waiting for, order Musti Adil Ship tickets right now, remember, the cheapest prices are ONLY ON GOTRAVELA INDONESIA!


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