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Waibalun Island, East Flores

Waibalun Island

Waibalun Island, East Flores is one of the stunning tourist destinations in Larantuka.

The scenery is beautiful surrounded by a large island. There is even something unique on this island where visitors can find a statue of Jesus.

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The Enchanting Beauty of Waibalun Island, Flores

Waibalun Island is an island that is always targeted by tourists because of its stunning natural beauty. The island is surrounded by Adonara Island, Flores Island and Solor Island.

From this island, visitors can also enjoy the beauty of Mount Ile Mandiri which stands firmly. Because of that, this island is so extraordinary with all the beauty it has. From all directions, the scenery is so beautiful.

In addition to having a beautiful scenic charm, Waibalun Island has a large pier which is very suitable as a photo spot.

There is a cement ladder that can be used by tourists to climb to the top of the island of Waibalun. So that the natural scenery can be clearer.

If it comes during the rainy season, the scenery around Waibalun Island, East Flores will be beautiful because of the many green plants. On the other hand, if you come during the dry season, the island is dry without any greenery.

Visitors will also meet some animals such as monkeys. These wild monkeys are usually fed by several groups of residents. Especially in the dry season, many monkeys are starving due to lack of food in the wild.

One uniqueness that became the icon of this Waibalun Island tourist spot is the presence of a tall Jesus statue. In fact, this statue is quite large in size. There's the lamb and the cross too.

Location of Waibalun Island

Waibalun Island is located in the south of Larantuka City. It is named Waibalun Island because it is located in Waibalun Village, Larantuka District, East Flores Regency, NTT.

Distance from Harbor Larantuka is quite close, namely about 5 km. while from Asdp Waibalun Ferry Harbor it is around 200 meters. The location is really strategic, isn't it?

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How to Get to Tourist Locations

To get to tourist attractions, you can use local fishermen's transportation. The cost that needs to be spent is around Rp. 250.000 by traveling about 15 minutes. Before arriving at Waibalun Island, you can go around first to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery around. You can take pictures to your heart's content.

Once you arrive at the pier, there are many fishing boats that you can rent. They are ready to take you to Waibalun Island, East Flores which is so beautiful.

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Statue of Jesus on Waibalun Island

The thing that attracts the attention of tourists is the statue of Jesus. This 13 meter high statue was built right on the top of Waibalun Island. From across the island, this statue can be seen clearly.

This Jesus statue was built complete with a sheep being carried on the left. Then his right hand holds a stick. Then there are still several statues of sheep surrounding it.

Then, there's also courtyard built on this island. The courtyard, which is called the Garden of Praying Jesus the Good Shepherd, serves as a place of prayer.

Besides being crowded with tourists who want to enjoy the natural charm of Waibalun Island, this island is also often visited to perform religious ceremonies. Waibalun parishioners often come to pray. Especially during the Semana Santa Celebration, which is to pray as an expression of gratitude to the Lord Jesus.

That's the charm of the beauty of the island of Waibalun, East Flores. Beautiful island with stunning natural scenery around. How about it, are you interested in taking a vacation to this beautiful island? Let's plan your vacation! Hope it's fun.


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