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Dompu Sumbawa Tourism | 10 Recommendations You Must Visit

Sumbawa Dompu Tourism Recommendations

Dompu Sumbawa Tourism

It's no exaggeration if dompu Sumbawa tourism in West Nusa Tenggara is called a paradise for nature lovers. The reason is, this province has a lot of areas that save extraordinary beauty.

You may be familiar with the beauty of Lombok Island Gili Trawangan and the three gili or too The Enchantment of Mount Rinjani. In addition, it turns out that if you continue your journey to the east, there is Dompu district which also offers amazing natural tourist destinations. Are you curious about Dompu Sumbawa tourism? Here is the complete information for you.


Dompu Wisata Tourist Destinations

Some Dompu Sumbawa tours in the form of waterfalls, mountains, beaches that you must visit, include:

1. Matompo Hill

Seeing the view from a height is always amazing. When visiting Dompu you can feel it by climbing Matompo Hill. No need to worry, the local community has installed wooden stairs that can make it easier for you to reach the top of this 100 meter high hill.

Matompo Hill

Matompo Hill has lush green grass. You can sit back there while enjoying the beautiful expanse of the open sea and Mount Pandora. The best time to visit Dompu NTB is in the afternoon, because at that time you will be presented with views of the typical orange sky of the sunset.

Interested in coming? The location of Matompo Hill is in Mbuju village, Kilo sub-district. You don't need to spend a dime for free or free entry tickets.


2. Mount Tambora

It's not legal to go to Dompu if you don't visit Mount Tambora. The reason is, this mountain with an altitude of 2.851 meters above sea level is an icon of Dompu Sumbawa tourist attractions. There are two hiking trails that you can pass, namely the route from Pancasila village and Doro Ncanga (Kwinda Toi). For those of you who are still beginners, you should choose the Pancasila path.


During the trip, it is guaranteed that you will not be too tired, because of the beautiful views of the coffee garden, ferns, and other shrubs.

However, don't forget to obey all the climbing rules, such as not pushing yourself when you're tired, keeping your words, not bringing too many supplies, not damaging or polluting, and so on.

Arriving at the top, you will be presented with the charm of a large, stunning crater. The crater is surrounded by a stretch of sand, complete with edelweiss flowers.


3. Waterfalls at Sori Oi Marai

After descending from Mount Tambora, take the time to visit Di Sori Oi Marai Waterfall which is at the foot of the mountain. The waterfall, which is nicknamed the Angel Falls, is flanked by shady hills.


Then, from the cliff as high as 25 meters, the waterfall is so heavy that it never dries up even in the dry season. Underneath there is a clear and cold river that flows to residential areas. You can swim or just play in the river.

For those of you who want to enter the Dompu Sumbawa tourist destination, you have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 5.000 for adults and children.


4. Panca Saneo Waterfall

Panca Saneo Waterfall

Waterfalls seem to be the mainstay of Dompu Sumbawa NTB tourist attractions. Because this district has many waterfalls with different advantages, one of which is Panca Saneo Waterfall.

The first time you come, you will be amazed by the 75 meter high cliff. The flow of water is quite heavy, clear and cold.

Being directly under it will give its own sensation.

In addition, the scenery around the cliff is no less beautiful. Shady trees infested with various birds. Don't forget to capture the moment.

The location of Panca Saneo Waterfall is in the village of Sanea, Woja sub-district.

There is no entrance fee to this waterfall. However, there is a parking levy that applies on weekends of IDR 10.000.

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5. Ncanga Tolu Waterfall

As the name implies, this waterfall has 3 branches with different volumes. Two branches next to each other and one branch a little further away. Each has a small pool underneath. You can swim there and feel how cold the Ncanga Tolu Waterfall is.

Ncanga Tolu Waterfall
Photo edited from lemboade12(dot)blogspot

Another attraction here is the presence of large stones along the river. The tourists usually take advantage of the stone to take pictures. The combination of rivers, large rocks, and shady trees at Ncanga Tolu Waterfall can indeed make your photos look instagrammable.

Want to immediately go to one of the attractions of Dompu Sumbawa? It is located in the village of Tembalae, Pajo district. The entry ticket price is quite cheap, which is IDR 5.000.


6. Lakey Beach

Are you a lover of surfing or surfing? Dompu offers Lakey Beach as the best place. Every day this beach is filled with local and foreign surfers who are targeting the ferocity of the waves with a sweeping direction to the left.

Lakey Beach is famous for 4 types of waves that have different characteristics, namely Periscope, Lakey Pipe, Cobble Stones, and Lakey Peak. Not surprisingly, this beach often hosts international surfing competitions.

Lakey waves Sumbawa
Lakey Beach Sumbawa

In addition to surfing, this beach is also the best place to see the beauty of the sunset and sunrise. You can imagine how nice it is to see the atmosphere of the orange sky by sitting relaxed on a stretch of soft white sand.

Location Lakey Beach is located in Jambu, Pajo. To enter this Dompu Sumbawa tour, you have to pay a ticket of Rp. 15.000.


7. Ria Beach

The next Dompu Sumbawa tourist destination that should not be missed is Ria Beach. The sea water is clear blue with calm waves, so you can swim safely. This beach with black sand has not been visited by many tourists.

Perfect for those of you who want to find a calm atmosphere. Meanwhile, for those of you who don't want to just sit back and relax, you can try various sand games with your family. Forget for a moment all the busyness with an exhilarating holiday in one of these Dompu Sumbawa tours.

The location of Ria Beach is in the village of Wira, Woja sub-district. While the entrance ticket price to pay is Rp. 15.000.

8. Satonda Island

Dompu Regency is indeed a paradise for small and beautiful islands, one of which is Satonda Island. To get here you need to cross by boat from Nangamiro port. Travel time is about 1 hour and the cost is IDR 25.000.

Satonda Island

Arriving on this island you will be greeted by a stretch of clean and enchanting white sand. While the beach is so clear with a variety of beautiful marine life in it. Starting from Labophyton sp . coral, Nephtea sp, hawksbill turtle, and various other ornamental fish.

Perfect for snorkeling lovers. Not only beach views, you can also witness the charm of Mount Satonda which is believed to be older than Mount Tambora.

The interesting thing in this place is the presence of several Kalibuda trees. The surrounding community believes that the tree can grant wishes by hanging whatever it has, then offering a prayer. No wonder, in this tree there are a lot of hanging objects, such as shoes, cigarette wrappers, and many more.

9. Nisa Pudu Island

No less beautiful than Satonda, there is Nisa Pudu Island which is also charming and attracts many tourists. The location is in Saleh Bay. The beach on this island has clear water with a turquoise green color. For those of you who want to snorkel or swim, you can go to the south which is more gentle and calm.

The attraction of Nisa Pudu Island is that at certain times you can see schools of sharks swimming to and fro. Guaranteed to be an unforgettable holiday experience.

10. Savanna Doro Ncanga

For those of you who want to enjoy a vacation in the savanna, you don't have to go far to Africa. In Dompu there is already a Padang Savana Doro Nganca which is no less amazing.

Here you can see the expanse of thriving meadows complete with several animals, including cows, buffalo, and horses. The air is so cool, because it is located at the foot of Mount Tambora.


The best time for a vacation to Padang Sava Doro Nganca is when the Tambora Enchantment Festival is held. Inside you can see a colossal dance performance that tells of the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815 ago.

This is the Dompu Sumbawa tourist destination that you can visit. All of them offer beauty that will make your holiday even more memorable.

Immediately invite family and relatives to go to the Dompu tour that has been described above. Because your visit is part of promoting domestic tourism, especially Dompu district, Sumbawa.


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